British Newspapers Largely Mock Boris Johnson As He Resigns From 10 Downing Street

I recall when Boris Johnson, just about three years ago, won an overwhelmingly strong election for Prime Minister. An analyst was reported, in The Economist, as viewing the political landscape being one where the former London mayor might have 10 Downing Street for a decade or more. Conservatives might have a strong hand to play for a long time it was reasoned. That column is one I have not forgotten.

But something else was also brewing in the world that was hard to predict at the point when Johnson secured his personal victory. The excesses of the far-right were about to be checked. Donald Trump would be soundly defeated in 2020, and in France, Marine Le Pen this year was to be terribly scorned by the voters, yet again. After being told that autocratic actions from certain leaders and harsh conservatism were to be our fate on the world stage the winds altered direction to give renewed hope to those who still value democratic ideals.

The xenophobia, wild nationalism, and dangerous populism that is central to the manipulation of certain electoral demographics by the far-right have proven in three powerful cases not to be enough to either get a candidate elected or retain power.

Meanwhile, the work for democracy, as in this case by conservative MPs who placed country over party when ousting Johnson, show those toiling in the vineyard of liberty can create strange alliances. With many divergent groups looking with pleasure at what has transpired comes the British newspapers reporting the resignation of the uncouth and unbalanced pusher of Brexit, Boris Johnson.

This right-winger has been sidelined, something I have waited for since that issue of The Economist made a mental notecard.

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