President Biden Correct About Flag Issue In East Jerusalem

The Middle East trip by President Biden has included a conversation about a wide range of hot-button issues from the threat posed by Iran, global economic pressures from oil production quotas, and the need for movement among the different parties in the quest for Palestinian rights and security safeguards in a volatile area of the world.

It is a good week for the United States when our president can present the issues as the topic of the day, rather than being the topic of the day. It is good to have gravitas not only in the Oval Office and also when presented on the world stage.

Not only do the weighty conversations matter on such trips, or the policy moves and offers of assistance but so do the smaller messages and actions a president takes. The leader of the free world is not a trite phrase that no longer has meaning. The American president matters. That is why a serious person needs to always hold the office.

It was most appropriate, therefore, for the presidential motorcade, when entering East Jerusalem, to no longer bear the Israeli flags. Israeli sovereignty in the entirety of the city will need to be addressed if any meaningful and long-lasting peace accord is ever to be finalized between the two sides. While Israel has long enjoyed the land it seizes, does not mean the military conquests and occupations are geopolitically the best outcome for all the people in the region.

That Israel is not a fair player in the region has long been noted on this blog. The Biden administration has sought from the first days of the administration a reopening of the US consulate to the Palestinians. That office was previously located in western Jerusalem, but as is so typical of Isreal they have utterly refused to authorize the reopening. Diplomatic moves and creating structures for dialogue would further demand accountability from Israel, and that would be so much harder than just shooting and killing a journalist and continually undermining the dignity of the Palestinian people.

Israel, with its military might, has forgotten a truism about global affairs. Without a legitimate political process, there will be no peace. The simple, but meaningful act by President Biden of removing the Israeli flag when entering East Jerusalem underscores that fact.

3 thoughts on “President Biden Correct About Flag Issue In East Jerusalem

  1. Solly

    way to deflect from the pariah fist bump Deke. While he was on his knees making the crown prince feel good, SUJ made his human rights position clear, it’s expendable.

    1. Governing and international relations are always driven by realpolitik needs. That does not mean that this nation is not mindful of the need for human rights or the barbarity of the brutal murder of a journalist. Both topics I have never been reticent about addressing. But in the world when it comes to Russia and Iran, Shia-driven problems in the region require we find common links with those we may abhor on other levels, and in so doing solve or strive to solve other issues. The purity test is only good in wine tasting and dark chocolate.

  2. Solly

    The purity test is only good in wine tasting and dark chocolate. AND 4″X5″ PIECES OF CLOTH ON THE FRONT OF AN SUV. 🙂

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