Alex Wollet Is Modern-Day Hugh Sloan, Copies Of Clark Kent

With many tasks underway at my desk, this post is several days late. But given the nation’s amusement while watching ‘Clark Kent’ at the January 6th congressional committee hearing last week it appears this addition is still timely. What made some in the nation sit up and wonder if Superman’s bespectacled reporter alter ego had entered the political arena to make things right was when this image appeared on television screens.
Seated behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews, sporting a sleek navy suit and glasses was 23-year-old Alex Wollet, a medical school student from Ohio. He is currently doing a fellowship at The National Institutes of Health. When I saw him I instantly thought of Hugh Sloan. Who, my readers ask, is Hugh Sloan?
During the 1973 Senate Watergate Committee Hearings, which I started watching in chronological order during the pandemic, the former treasurer of the Richard Nixon re-election committee held forth for several days with inside information about the money at the heart of the sandal.  Chairman Sam Ervin and the fellow committee members all praised Sloan for his candor and assistance with the investigation. Why the connection came at once in my mind between Wollet, Sloan, and Clark Kent is clearly apparent. Who can ever claim the era of Richard Nixon was boring?

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