Why Does GOP Accept Candidates That Tell Bold-Face Lies?

Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, is at it again with his inability to be forthright.  Let me put that another.  He simply seems unable to be truthful.  Well, let me phrase that even more directly.  He lies. 

The latest collision with the truth by one of the four most absurd and horrible senate candidates the Republican Party has put forth for the 2022 mid-term elections concerns money that was supposedly donated to charities. (The other three states with dreadful GOP senate nominees are in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.)

Walker, a former football star, pledged that 15 percent of profits would go to charities, a promise the company said was part of its corporate charter.” For years, Mr. Walker’s company named four specific charities as beneficiaries of those donations, including the Boy Scouts of America and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.But there is scant evidence that Mr. Walker’s giving matched those promises. When The New York Times contacted those four charities, one declined to comment and the other three said they had no record or recollection of any gifts from the company in the last decade.

While human nature at times allows for fabrications and embellishments, and on a campaign trail when talking is a non-stop task, it is not hard to fathom how stretching of the truth might occur.  ‘I was an early supporter of that legislation or ‘You will always find me riding in a car made in America’.   But when it comes to Walker he seems to fail at telling the truth at every turn about the big events in his life when talking.

Walker, who is facing Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, in his first bid for public office, has been dogged by repeated instances in which he was found to have given misleading or outright false details about his life story. He falsely claimed to have graduated “in the top 1 percent” of his class at the University of Georgia, when in fact he had not graduated at all: He left the university after his junior year to play professional football. He also said he had “worked in law enforcement” when he had not.

His candidacy was never taken seriously by any politico, as there is no intellectual substance to Walker. Zero. Zilch. None.  It was almost as if the GOP needed a court jester and Walker was more than happy to play the role of national dupe.  Trump was won over because Walker said something nice about him and the followers of the cult leader said, ‘Well, sure, let’s make him a nominee for the senate!’  The bar is so very low for much of the modern Republican Party. Walker is proof of that fact.

I strongly suspect most Georgians want a credible and honest senator who has not had their brain punched about on a football field for many a year. I just know voters believe that a candidate should be able to honestly recall if he graduated from college.  Or how many illegitimate children call him ‘the one who sends the checks’.

2 thoughts on “Why Does GOP Accept Candidates That Tell Bold-Face Lies?

  1. Thomas

    Why do supposed christians support a chronic liar like Trump? it is almost like he freed them from the sin of lying. I know several used-to-be honest people who have undergone a transformation where they have also become constant liars. If lies can be used to their advantage, they think it is okay. I have witnessed this in high school age students, small town politicians, school board members, and church council members. The same can be said about just being an outright jerk to other people. All one needs to do is read twitter comments from someone like Ron Johnson. He is incapable of telling the truth and is constantly berating the other side. He posts nothing whatsoever which tells what he has done in his two terms as a US Senator.
    We may recover from the political slide we are on but the moral slide is what I am concerned with.

    1. I spoke with a school teacher from north of Dane County in 2018 who spoke of the middle school students she had taught for some years. She spoke especially about the boys who felt emboldened by the crass nature of the leader of the country, the ability, so they thought, to act out and say anything they wished. Unleashing the lowest common denominator from a position inside of the White House has serious consequences and everything from not acting faithfully–even after three marriages—and with port ‘star’–and the lies that were counted and listed by such news operations such as the Washington Post all prove why there is indeed a moral and ethical hole that has not yet started to close. Republicans and conservatives have opted for the most base and vile as a partisan playbook and mimic the most absurd and hateful person ever to have been placed on the national stage. Our Founders warned against a Trump-type danger to our nation in letters and a few in Federalist Papers. They feared unleashed and unbridled passions and a Trump-type who would and let me be blunt— disembowel democracy. Thanks for your comment, Thomas.

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