Prime Minister Liz Truss Getting Just Desserts, Conservative Tax Cuts Prove Loony

I very much disagreed with the scraping and clawing with absurd tax schemes employed by Liz Truss so to have the small array of eligible Conservative Party voters elect her to 10 Downing Street. She cheapened herself and undermined the integrity of the office she sought. The financial markets have already registered their strong disapproval of her antics. Her radical economic agenda has met the resounding rebuke of both the markets and mature pols as the Labor Party is planning its future success. Truss is now not only the laughingstock of Britain but surely even more troubling is even being scorned by the new King.

Her own party members commenting on this week’s meeting, where she attempted to assuage them concerning her lack of political skills and economic reasoning, stated her performance was “painful,’ while other words used to describe the session included ‘awful’, ‘funereal’ and ‘brutal’.

Earlier this year I stood with Rishi Sunak in his bid to become the next prime minister of Britain.  In my post about his credentials for the job, I wrote “Add into the mix this person does not wish to fall into the consequences of a cheap theatrical tax cut pledge knowing such action will further harm the British economy.

Then came the news of King Charles greeting Truss and how many viewed that interchange across the nation.

Meetings between the monarch and the prime minister remain a closely-guarded secret. This means that anything that is caught on camera when King Charles and Liz Truss meet is watched closely – and the King’s choice of greeting to the PM when he hosted her at Buckingham Palace last night was, err, particularly interesting.

King Charles muttered ‘Dear oh dear’ as he met the PM late last night. In a video clip released by the Palace, taken at the beginning of their weekly audience, the PM is heard to say: ‘Your Majesty, great to see you again.’

Charles, smiling, replies: ‘Back again? Dear oh dear.’

It was so bad that I believe Sheldon would say, “Can I get you a hot beverage?”

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