‘Told You So’ Also Used By New York Times As Rishi Sunak About To Be British Prime Minster

This summer and fall have been alive with fascinating political intrigue not only in our mid-term elections but perhaps even more so as the revolving door at 10 Downing Street will soon rotate again.

For the past six weeks, Mr. Sunak has been lying low as his economic predictions have played out at a dizzying speed. Investors balked at Ms. Truss’s widespread tax cuts and increased borrowing; the pound slumped; government borrowing costs soared; the mortgage market was upended; and the central bank had to intervene. After just 44 days as prime minister, Ms. Truss resigned last week with her economic agenda in tatters.

Mr. Sunak’s relatively gloomy attitude over the summer, warnings about inflation and strict adherence to fiscal conservatism may have cost him the opportunity to be named prime minister in September. But less than two months later, these same characteristics and accurate prognosis of the effects of Ms. Truss’s program have eased his pathway to Britain’s top job.

After Boris Johnson, the former prime minister, took himself out of the running on Sunday, Mr. Sunak has cemented his commanding lead in the contest.

Sunday evening The New York Times had their headline go to the same place that I took a Caffeinated Politics post on October 3rd.

Rishi Sunak has the very life story that Tories require if they are to make inroads into the diverse British society. Born to Indian parents who had left East Africa, attended excellent schools, and rose to a high position in the government showcases the fact all are welcome in the nation. And can lead the country.

Conservative leadership need not be grounded in the harsh racism and stale models of the past. The Tories made a colossal error in supporting Johnson and then the ludicrous Liz Truss and now must step high and higher to get past the detritus that resulted from their actions.

I have said it before this year, and do so again. The Tories can do no better at this time than embrace Rishi Sunak.

He is going into Monday’s crucial Tory deadline in a commanding position, hoovering up scores of MP nominations and seemingly the clear choice of the parliamentary party. His new-found supporters include several big Tory figures who might have been expected to back Boris Johnson–who fled the political contest Sunday knowing his bridges are burned. Many conservatives were reported saying about Johnson that he was a “guaranteed disaster.”

I have supported Sunak since Johnson resigned from 10 Downing Street. I can support a strong conservative when they are intelligent and reasoned. I need not agree on policy in all or even many instances, but instead see the larger mission as one about credibility in government, and when governing. Sunak meets and exceeds that level of competency.

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