Historic House Speaker Battle Makes Front Pages of Nation’s Newspapers

The front pages of newspapers from coast-to-coast underscore the drama and history that is playing out as Republicans take control of the House of Representatives. There is no way not to be caught up in the moment of history we are living.

2 thoughts on “Historic House Speaker Battle Makes Front Pages of Nation’s Newspapers

  1. Solly

    The house needs to change its procedures. Number one, the clerk should be able to gavel nominators out of order when they use their nominating speeches, like Kat Cammack who meandered through fentanyl ODs and border patrol and whined that the Dems were having too much fun watching them flounder. Then she asked, is this the party of Ronald Reagan. Um, no, you gave that away 7 years ago. The procedure should be that when the Repugs can’t produce a majority, a stovepipe belches black smoke from the rotunda. It could be fueled by dirty coal and oil, the Repugs biggest funders and a few bullshit pies leftover from the pie throwing contest in Sauk Prairie.

    1. I, too, was puzzled over the broad array of topics covered as if this were a campaign speech to the throngs. The GOP left Reagan far behind when they tossed aside the importance of alliances and any sense of decency, such as when they approved of crotch-grabbing by old men with bad hair.

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