Racism Displayed In Speaker McCarthy’s GOP House, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Ousted From Foreign Affairs

It was simply not the type of action a diverse electorate wishes to see play out in our nation. Once again, and in a stunning and stark demonstration of how far removed House conservatives are from becoming a governing majority in the nation, they removed in a bitter and acrimonious way, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, and Somali-born, from the Foreign Affairs Committee over her past comments about Israel.

The GOP tit-for-tat was only about a mile short of making sense as they sought retribution for the removal of Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona from committee assignments after they each endorsed violence against Democrats. Meanwhile, Omar took a strident stand for Palestinian rights in Israel. In the minds of GOP House brainiacs, it then seemed logical to remove a dark-skinned Muslim woman from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

It is stupefying, from a purely political perspective as elections in a presidential year approach to placate the vilest right-wingers who have proved their desire for nothing more than to be fed red meat. They got their treasured discourse and loud bombastic nonsense with bizarre nominees coast-to-coast in the mid-terms.  The red wave in 2022 was a pink—ish (Santos) trickle. So with the super-thin majority in the House, rather than create headlines that place policy in the driving seat for moderate and suburban voters to notice, they opt for out-right racism and open bigotry. Speaker McCarthy may feel a need for his own survival to play with the most irksome white males and social rejects of his caucus, but the nation has every right to call out his determination to ingratiate himself with the under-educated rubes in the hard-right Republican base.

We know that political base could not locate Somalia on a map any more than they could provide a library card and list their last ten loaned books. But they do know how to be vicious racists with their partisan rage, and well, that is all that counts for these types of conservatives. But, the mature ones within Republican Party should desire to be seen as at least somewhat interested in governing, rather than just prattle about with investigations and gotcha partisanship. Revenge may sound fun in 2023 for the GOP, but rejection of those tactics is the outcome in 2024 for wasting time when they had the gavel.

7 thoughts on “Racism Displayed In Speaker McCarthy’s GOP House, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Ousted From Foreign Affairs

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    The supply of RAYcism ever lags the demand; to close that gap, Lefty is pathetically reduced to its manufacture.

    And the laughable deflection of defending a demonstrably hateful, anti-Semetic, whom even the likes of SanFranNan called out?


    The Gotch

      1. A few years ago she, merely accused Israel-supporting lobbying firms of having undue influence in U.S. politics. She nailed the Israeli government for being exactly what they are. What Omar stated, is not anti-Semitic. It runs counter to Israeli policy for sure, but that is different from being against a group of people. I differ with Israel all the time, but never have I made statements, or do I feel in my soul, anti-Semitic in any way. I just don’t. I do have strong pro-Palestinian feelings and know that a homeland with full rights is essential for long-term peace. To pretend, as many do, that Israeli policy in the Middle East is sane or rational just because Israel desires it is misguided and costly. That has been proved over and over again.

      2. One more comment, as my foundation of support for Oamr is based on policy. The second column on this blog (July 2006) stated “Israel likes to tout they are the only democracy in the region. If that is so, then they need to act in a legal and process-oriented fashion and understand what they are doing to the region and to international relations far from their shores….The U.S. should force by economic means the Jewish state to bargain in good faith with the Palestinian President and work for a just settlement on issues that are left simmering and only lead to the events that confront us today. The Israeli occupation must end and those who think it is not a factor in the bloodshed today need to get a dose of reality.” The third column on this blog (July 2006) had these lines. “The policy of beating the Palestinians into some type of submission is so wrong and so old that the world needs to vocalize a strongly worded message of denunciation. Sadly, the world also needs some leadership since Washington is tied with AIPAC rope and as a result, has been neutered.” And we know that AIPAC rope is one of lot of political cash.

  2. stephen bledsoe

    this was not about racism, no matter what the liberal left says, it was about things she said about Israel, our ally, and the jews. she has a right to her opinon, BUT, she serves in congress, so what she says, reflects on the whole congress.

    1. So, with your deep concern that a member of Congress, “reflects on the whole congress”….what say you about the words from Marjorie Taylor Greene, who stated that Muslims don’t belong in government, 9/11 was an inside job. mass shootings at Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Las Vegas were staged, “Zionist supremacists” are secretly masterminding Muslim immigration to Europe in a scheme to outbreed white people, and that leading Democratic officials should be executed. Oh, yes, let us not forget that the wildfires in California were not natural….rather, the blazes had been started by PG&E, in conjunction with the Rothschilds, using a space laser, in order to clear room for a high-speed rail project. Yes…….I suspect crickets are soon to take over your keyboard.

      1. Stephen M Bledsoe

        to bad so sad, i will drink some moonshine and smoke a cigar and enjoy the liberals fume over jackass joe biden ruining his presidenty.

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