All-City Spelling Bee Makes Madison Smile, Thanks To Teachers, Parents

I aim to be timely on this blog. But even though a couple days late with this post, as I usually write in advance of the All-City Spelling Bee, I need to cheer on the students and applaud the winner.  One sentence in the Wisconsin State Journal story perfectly sums up the powerhouse performance of the victorious seventh grader. Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya swiftly defended his All-City Spelling Bee title the second time around, pushing past his fellow top-three finishers in less than 10 minutes Saturday. 

I have been following his yearly trek to this outcome over the years. He first landed on CP in 2019 when competing in the bee. As I wrote at the time, while I wished the very best for each and every participant there was just something so perfect about his gleeful expression and winning smile.  That was again evident this year as he held the trophy. Just a perfect example of the all-American kid who makes his school, his parents, and this city cheer.

Photo by Greg Dixon, Wisconsin State Jounral

I also want to call attention to two other fine students, Jay Jadhav and Molly Abel, who also will be advancing to the Badger State Spelling Bee on March 11.   It goes without saying there is genuine pride for each one of the students who stood on the stage and spelled words that most of us would flounder over.  Many of them were words not found in even the Sunday version of the New York Times crossword puzzle. Or are they used and those were the squares I left blank in frustration? (Another reason a pencil is used in this home for such undertakings.) One thing is most clear, however. That being when one has the skills of spelling as demonstrated Saturday by these young people, everyone is a winner in the real sense of the word.

I again give credit where it is due regarding these finely educated students. It is due to teachers who care about their classrooms and the arc of learning, knowing it always needs to keep bending towards educational success.  Additionally,  I say a deep thanks to the parents who obviously have instilled a love of reading in their children along with the desire to learn. Congratulations to all who stood up and made the city proud on the stage this weekend.

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