One Word Nation Needs To Say To Marjorie Taylor Greene Types

The absurdity of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her ilk in Congress does not get much attention here at Caffeinated Politics. While in some cases the IQ level of the elected one making a fact-less tweet or bombastic statement is seriously low, it needs noting that in other cases the wild outbursts are purely designed and used as crass cash-grabbing emails and letters so to elicit money from the easily swayed watching Fox ‘News” and other right-wing media. While Greene has mastered being completely amoral, ludicrous, and severely repugnant she is doubtless aware that other conservatives within the Republican Party are vying for her title. When Republican voters across the nation mimic and ape the elected buffoons, and do so in our midst, what might our reaction be to such wretched behavior?

I wrote a note late Tuesday night to a southeastern Wisconsin columnist and actual conservative, echoing his long-running concern that the GOP has lost its moorings.  The acceptance by the current base of the GOP for any conspiracy theory that can be pedaled (by the ones mentioned above suffering from low IQs or just plain base motives) ranging from election fraud to the mental capacity of our president underscores how adrift the party has become.  Fascist now in not only tone but substance, and ever searching for the next ludicrous headline-making statement, they are left at being nothing more than the next joke offered by late-night comics. These conservatives enjoy being at the basement level, but how should the majority of the nation respond to such crazy and unacceptable behavior, being mindful that in our youth when students acted so out of bounds they would have been ushered out of the classroom to sit alone in a separate location?

Sunday a cartoon was published in our local newspaper that dealt with this matter head-on, and after James read it, while we both sat and enjoyed the sun on our coffin porch, he handed it over to me while saying one word.  “Perfect”.  That was the only word needed.  The only way our nation can respond, too.

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