Indicted! (Some Thoughts)

On Thursday evening, after news of the charges against Donald Trump had been widely reported on all the news networks and across social media, the New York district attorney’s office confirmed that an indictment had been handed down. How to have the unprecedented surrender of a former president take place is being worked out. I note that there has never been a reason for such a playbook as no other ex-president, not even Richard Nixon, necessitated such planning as none needed to be indicted.

What we do know is that Trump will be forced to surrender. He will be fingerprinted, a mug shot taken, and he will be given a number like other criminals when arrested. For all his bombast and ginned-up rhetoric this is the last thing Trump wanted to happen to him. There is no upside, no honor to be gained, no wonderful memory to be passed down to the grandkids. Just solid proof of what I have said since the summer of 2015. Donald Trump is nothing more than white trash.

He slept with a porn actress, which is, I guess, gentler than calling Stormy Daniels a ‘lady-of-the-night’ as they termed it back in my youth.  Trump’s third wife surely considers the legal smackdown today concerning the $130,000 pay-off far preferable to her contracting a potential plethora of sexually transmitted diseases that could have followed the tryst.

The outlandish rhetoric from over-heated conservatives this evening is underscoring a growing concern. They may talk loudly but we know what is playing out underscores what they are saddling themselves with for 2024. Trump has led the Republican Party to defeats in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Here they go again! Meanwhile, the rest of us are mindful many of these same conservatives were lecturing us in 2020 about why the nation needed to be respectful of law and order. Well, that was not a lesson that took root within the GOP.

As a history buff, I was certainly stunned to see Trump impeached twice during his single term in office, and shaken to my core as was most of this nation when he cradled and fostered the mob to harm the actions of Congress when counting the Electoral College votes.  Now Trump makes history again as the first ex-president to be indicted by a grand jury.  Three more indictments are to come.  And they will follow in the weeks and months ahead.  I remind readers of the ponderous and methodical timetable regarding the investigation that we know as Watergate. That too, took years.

I care not at all what Trump’s base thinks, as they are the same demographic now as a year ago.  They get older but unlike wine, not better.  Certainly not smarter.  They deserve to see the power and necessity of the law land upon Trump.  The base needs to be reminded of what a functioning democracy does to those who break the law. 

As I go to posting time on CP I can only hope the late-night comics had not taped their shows before the indictment news was reported!

18 thoughts on “Indicted! (Some Thoughts)

    1. Mordecai The Red

      Wishing for the death of a political adversary makes you no better than those who did the same for Pence and Pelosi on January 6. And only slightly better than Putin, who has acted on his wishes.

      1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

        Wishing for the death of a political adversary

        Effortlessly embedded by INDOCTRICATED, overt expressions of Post-Modern-Neo-Lefty hatred are on the rise.

        Heretofore seething just below the surface, Lefty’s abandoned all pretense as it “evolves.”

        *UNITER Biden’s We The People/Just Not You People Fascist Speech (best thing since fitted sheets on THIS HERE BLOG )
        *Felknor’s rather…um…interesting approach to those who don’t think the way they ought.
        *A heavily moderated site which allows blatant hate speech.

        How’s The Gotch see it? You turn your back on anti-democratic, fascistic methods and support a situationally applied Rule Of LAW, then you forfeit any claim of support for Our Democracy!

        The Gotch

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    SanFranNan: “The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law,” […] No one is above the law, and EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL TO_PROVE_INNOCENCE (bolds/caps/italics mine)

    The reaction of a self-anointed history buff to an Idiot Savant/top ranking democrat (but The Gotch repeats himself) making a statement which is a staggering violation of THE bedrock principle of our legal system: Breathtakingly idiotic faux pas, or a Fascist Totalitarian Lefty (forgive the redundancy) just saying the quiet part out loud?

    Thank you in advance.

    The Gotch

    1. Peter Felknor

      OMG are you still at it?!?!

      I see also that you still share the annoying habit TFG has of referring to itself in the third person.

      1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

        Why would you justify the death penalty in this case, for ALLEGATIONS which AREN’T Capital Crimes, when in all other cases you’re against it? Be specific….VERY SPECIFIC.

        That’s a rhetorical question, because anyone so deeply mired in unmitigated hatred and manifest self-loathing, while embracing such a shockingly ignorant and perverse understanding of our legal system, would neither be able to present a lucid response nor would they possess the ethical core or moral compass to do so.

        Why? You’ve demonstrated a damning combination of Schrödinger’s Douchebag and Dunning Kruger Effect.

        THAT makes you both a phony AND a fraud.

        It gets worse.

        The kicker? You comically see yourself as part of a solution, yet your epically intolerant, illiberal, Post-Modern-Neo-Lefty backstop painfully indicates that you’re part of the problem…a HUGE part; something of which you’re blissfully unaware.

        To wit: “It Is Well To Remember That Any Man Who Denies Justice To Someone He Hates Prepares The Way For A Denial Of Justice To Someone He Loves.” ― Wendell L. Willkie

        The Gotch

        1. Thomas

          It is difficult to argue with someone who uses big words in a word salad so poorly written that their comments can not be understood. I suggest that you use the word “covfefe”. It is ironic that you accuse another commenter of having Dunning Kruger Effect.

          1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

            Your bravely self-confessed difficulty with big (?) words and inability to understand basic English appear to be a personal problem; The Gotch never thought he’d need to meter his comments to accommodate such a laughably uncomprehending addlepate.

            There a 4th grader near who might lend a hand…?

            The Gotch

  2. Terri Haps

    Looks like Cornelius Gotchberg was asking other commentators from the Ethics Alarms blog to come over to this blog and brigade the comment section.

      1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

        I always welcome educating conservatives.

        The last (only?) time you visited EA, you got yer @$$ embarrassingly handed to you in tiny pieces by the estimable Humble Talent; feel fortunate the site administrator Jack Marshall didn’t chime in, we’d have never heard from you again.

        To no one’s surprise, you haven’t been back since; curious, that….

        Anywho, that may be The Gotch’s fault (and he humbly begs your forgiveness) for not alerting you that HT, a formidable adversary on any subject (but you know that now, am I right?), don’t suffer no fools.

        As far as your selflessly kind-n-well intended offer of (heh!) educating, you have opportunity galore in your own backyard; a land office business with just Felknor alone (whose ignorance is positively breathtaking) beckons.

        After the better part of the year that’d require, you could branch out to the Idiot Savant/top ranking democrat SanFranNan, who’s in the same boat as Felknor.

        The Gotch

        1. I do not play in his sandbox, and for obvious reasons. That being, I write for an audience that lands at places like WisPolitics, Urban Milwaukee, and Cap Times. On Friday alone both Madison sites picked up my article on Dan Kelly. I have been blogging since 2006, have over 5 million hits, and enjoy my work. I do not chase others seeking a place to score hits or increase my name recognition. I fit nicely in my own niche. I advise the same for others who feel they have something to say about the times in which we live.

          Dan Kelly Would Be Harmful To Democracy, Must Not Be Elected To Court, Imposter Electoral College Ballots Our Proof

    1. Cornelius_Gotchberg


      Surely you jest; it was nothing more than an invitation, extended in good spirit, to provide some much needed perspective (and traffic) to a hyper-partisan echo chamber.

      The Gotch

  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg

    The Gotch was contemplating the image Terri Tattle-Tale Haps conjured up, then all-of-a-sudden-and-at-once, it came to him:

    The obsequiously unctuous Rifki from Midnight Express.

    The Gotch

  4. Also, Gotch, sometimes less is more. Know what I’m saying?

    I remember how you used to stink up the joint at the Cap Times and WSJ and (I think) Isthmus and the Blaska Policy Werks/Stately Blaska Manor. When I see you I just go elsewhere, because you are… so… freaking… BORING.

    Never has any man said so little with so much. Wait… Were you the Happy Man or the Happy Dog? Remember that guy? 😃

    But, like a bad tooth, you won’t go away. Until you’re yanked.

    Go get a job or something.

    1. Cornelius_Gotchberg

      The difference between LUV and Send?

      Send is (heh!) forever.

      “Less is more”; couldn’t agree…um…more! Though it’s painfully clear you should have embraced your own advice, because The Gotch (an admittedly acquired taste) would be embarrassed to post such incoherent drivel.

      Doesn’t seem to bother you much, though, am I right?

      Anywho, you claim to go elsewhere, yet here you are, following him around like a homeless mutt.

      OT ad hominem blather is the last refuge of a bespawling idiot, capisce?

      And you still haven’t answered fair inquiries about your shocking ignorance of Capital Crimes specifically, and jurisprudence generally.

      One may fairly assume you’re juuuuuust not up to it…

      The Gotch

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