What ALRC Is Hearing About Canopy Nightclub In Madison

The views from the community regarding Canopy Nightclub have not been coy about where they stand.   Such as this one submitted from a family on Jennifer Street.  The ALRC is holding a meeting tonight to further discuss–and I am most confident–correctly reject the application for this nightclub.

We once again oppose the application by Canopy Nightclub for an alcohol license. Throughout the process, proposed operator Austin Carl, has shown he is woefully unprepared to operate this type of business in this location. The previous business, Plan B, had far better management and they were unable to operate without imposing undue burdens on neighbors and were unresponsive much of the time.

A nightclub at this location is a bad fit for the neighborhood. It is hard to control the noise from patrons on a consistent basis. The previous operators were unwilling to invest the capital required to properly soundproof the building to reasonably reduce the impact of nightclub music on the neighborhood. That impact would be most nights of the week, likely from the hours of 9 – 2 am, year-round. This is when most people in a residential neighborhood sleep.

Austin Carl, through his various presentations to the city and the Marquette neighborhood, seems ill-equipped to address all the concerns that grew out of the previous nightclub operation and it would be likely that these issues would be raised again when his license would be up for renewal. Earlier this week Mr. Carl presented proposed improvements to his operation to the MNA monthly meeting which were not presented at a neighborhood committee meeting he attended only a week or two before. These proposed improvements have not been properly vetted by the neighborhood and we fear are meant to appease without any follow-through.

The neighborhood was exhausted by Plan B and the issues it has caused. The City is now well aware of the problems with this type of business at this location. Please do not authorize these problems to occur again.


Madison’s ALRC Undermines Common Sense–Mayor Soglin Needs To Veto Taco Bell Alcohol License

This week news was happening all over the world that would have been almost impossible to invent had it not occurred.  A coup in Zimbabwe seemed to not have fazed the one being deposed and one of the faces being talked about for a U.S. presidential run in 2020 was caught red-handed in a sleazy sex-groping pose. And in Madison the sappy Alcohol and Review Committee allowed for a Taco Bell on State Street to serve beer and wine!

The vote was 5-2 and proves what many have long stated about the ALRC–they are easily played and duped.  The problem, however. is without spine the ALRC makes more than their share of public messes which impacts the rest of us.

The drinking culture is not my main complaint–though the original application from the corporation desired for hard alcohol to be sold.  At a Taco Bell!  (That does say a lot about the ills of society.)  That request was dropped and in the end the location at 534 State Street will have to make due with what everyone knows is gross ‘food’ and alcohol sales of not more than 5%.  Yeah, the ALRC bought that promise too.  As I said, easily and embarrassingly played.

I must give credit to the two no votes on this matter and call out special attention to Alderman Paul Skidmore.   He noted what everyone should know as well as the fingers on their hands.  The number of beer-soaked and gin-stained drinking establishments on State Street have stretched the resources of this city.   There is a real problem when it comes to curtailing the outcome from drinkers who lift the bottles–the very drinks the ALRC encourages them to buy.

Taxpayers have every reason to question the lack of common sense from the actions of the ALRC.   Skidmore made clear police resources are an issue of more drinking on State Street and also the health impact on those misguided youth who seem to never know when to stop.

As this matter advances and the full council is sure to make a move that falls short of reasonableness, it then falls to Mayor Soglin to veto this idea.  The council always seems to have a beef with Soglin–especially with the likes of Marsha Rummel adding her disheveled thinking to whatever topic is making headlines.  So it is possible his veto will not prevail but at least he will have the platform for a time to allow the voices of so many in this city to be aired and heard.

And if you thought there was not enough space from which to buy your wine please note that this week the ALRC approved licenses for Total Wine, which will occupy about 25,000 square feet at West Towne Mall that formerly held Sears, as well as for Brennan’s Cellars.

Can we just admit many have their priorities really messed up?  And the ALRC plays to that dysfunctional element in society who use alcohol as a crutch?