Donald Trump And The Second ‘Gettysburg Address’, Or Is He More Akin To James Buchanan?

I received my booster shot on Tuesday and am feeling great. The only thing noted about the past 24 hours that is a bit different is my raving hunger. Homemade chicken and rice at midnight (and pickles!) are not usual.

It was this morning as I was finishing the leftovers for breakfast–minus pickles–that I first heard a most outlandish news story.

In his new memoir, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows compared former Donald Trump’s post-COVID hospitalization speech to the Gettysburg Address.

Meadows, whose book “The Chief’s Chief” was released on Tuesday, attempted to illustrate how Trump’s brief speech urging Americans not to fear the coronavirus reminded him of former President Abraham Lincoln’s magnum opus.

“Although the prose wasn’t quite as polished as the Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Abraham Lincoln after the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, it had the same compressed, forceful quality that had made President Lincoln’s words so effective at the time they were delivered,” Meadows wrote.

Had the news not been reported on NPR I would have thought the booster had caused a bit of mental confusion. When I did a quick online search I learned the booster was not the cause for my ‘hearing’ issue, as the information was, sadly, correct.

When one has no actual understanding of history, no grounding in substance and fact….well, this type of book happens. It was shockingly ignorant for Mark Meadows to have written such lines. And for an editor to let it slide. Or a publishing house to consent to roll it off the presses.

For those who do know history, the character and wisdom of President Abraham Lincoln, and the sacred nature of Gettysburg, will quickly grasp the utter insanity of what Meadows wrote. Likewise, we know that Meadows would have a far easier time connecting Trump to President James Buchanan.

Readers might say, ‘but was not it strongly rumored that Buchanan was gay’, while Trump is a known womanizer, even when married to his third wife? And we know from reading about the man who was in the office prior to Lincoln that he was always dignified. When was Trump ever accused of that?

So how, then, the comparisons?

The reason I consider it most fair to link these two is the air of sedition and treason that was rampant in both of their White Houses. Donald Trump was the center of the most dangerous attack on our nation’s foundation since the Civil War. We know from reading that Buchanan had fire-eaters in his cabinet who were fomenting succession. Trump had an array of wild-eyed and dangerous operatives pushing forward with undermining the results of a presidential election made by the people.

Had Meadows been, at any level, a reader of history he could have better found the analogy he was seeking for his book. James Buchanan.

Meanwhile for the bottom line.

“Donald Trump’s former chief of staff has been all over the news for all sorts of reasons, but his new book “The Chief’s Chief” is barely budging on the Amazon sales chart. At last check, the book is #1,436 on Amazon — a very disappointing start for a promising title that’s generating so much press” Per CNN’s Brain Stelter earlier this week.

And so it goes.

First Step Towards Pushing Marjorie Taylor Greene Back Under Her Rock

The House correctly voted to strip the bat-crap crazy member of congress from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, of her committee assignments following her countless racist or violent statements, which ranged from anti-Jewish blasts to wanting the hanging or assassination of prominent lawmakers in our country. She is no more fit to hold a committee assignment than she is fit to be allowed in polite society. She has proven herself to be totally reprehensible.

The racist hate-filled airhead was allowed eight minutes to muse on the House floor about her place in which she now resides in history books, a place very few members of congress ever find themselves. And during that time today she could not find the ability to exercise one single ‘I am sorry’.

What she instead did was try to spin her latest concoction that she had broke away from QAnon in 2018. But the rest of the nation, who has not drunk the Kool-Aid, have followed her racism and buffoonery on the national stage and know that her statements today do not match the facts. There are a series of posts she made in 2019 and other social media activity from that time, including liking a Facebook comment that endorsed shooting Speaker Pelosi in the head and suggesting in the same year that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been replaced with a body double. When she was not blatantly lying today she was trying to deflect, and blamed the media.

It needs to be noted that the Democrats in the House had to clean up the mess that the Republican Party leadership was unable, and unwilling to do this week. There are times when it takes muscles and a scouring pad to get rid of a dirty stain.

That is what was done when Democrats and 11 House Republicans removed Greene from any committee assignments. Meanwhile, Democrats have marvelous amounts of video footage to combat Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections.

The nation has taken the measure of this loathsome person and supported the vote to kick Greene off any and all House committees. Now she will have more time to ponder if she was potty-trained at gunpoint. Something had to have happened to make her into the embarrassment she has presented to the nation. But look on the bright side, if she plays her cards right she might even become the fourth wife of Donald Trump.

Now, who will play the new role of Stormy Daniels?

And so it goes.

Unbelievable Times As Marjorie Taylor Greene Does Everything But Spews Pea Soup In Public

The soft fluffy snow this week–over 8 inches–made for a most perfect Wisconsin winter scene. But if one turns to the headlines in the newspapers and on the evening broadcasts the pleasant mood is soon cast aside for reports of ‘Jewish space lasers’ and rewarding a president who undertook sedition to remain in office. I am not sure how massive of a blizzard would be required to place our attention, again, on winter landscapes.

At the center of why many people are rightly troubled is that in the face of members of Congress having their lives threatened from the attempted coup on January 6th, many Republicans are trying to have the lead instigator brought back into the fold for the midterm elections. Following the scenes as members of Congress huddled and crouched down for their safety about a month ago, a few truly disturbed (and disturbing) members want to carry concealed guns onto the floor of the House. on of these gun-toters made recorded personal threats about Democratic elected officials.

I grew up in a home where dad always told his children that at the end of the day all we have is our good name. I have thought about those words this week when learning of the latest outrageous comments from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Clearly, her dad did not stress the same life lessons in Georgia. News reports this week informed us Greene had advocated for the assassination of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, along with former secretaries of state John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. To top it off, for the party who wishes us to think they are always concerned about the ones who carry on the tasks of law enforcement, Greene also called for killing FBI agents.

When I write that I have no words to capture my response, well, in your mind can you offer one that meets the enormity of the lunacy from Greene?

While demonstrating she is too stupid to even be allowed with a blender–let alone a gun–Greene has also made it known she thinks that both the Sandy Hook slaughter of little kids in Connecticut and the murders of high school students in Parkland, Florida were staged. She has doubled down on her views that in our land there is a group, led by the opposition party, that kidnaps, kills, and drinks the blood of children.

But it was not until I had a late breakfast, and while watching the news, that I became aware of her latest conclusion. Greene has now claimed that the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish banking family that is popular targets for anti-Semites, were partly responsible for the California wildfires because of some tenuous connection to a satellite that she said was shooting lasers at the forests, setting them ablaze.

Scrambled eggs seemed most appropriate as a meal.

What I find most interesting and also most concerning is the absence of a majority within the GOP–or even anything near it–condemning the rancid, vile, insane, and outright putrid words and thoughts of Greene. In my world either you speak the truth or you have done nothing other than offer tepid support and worse yet, indifference.

When the loudest voice in the Republican House conference should have been standing up and making a moral call about Greene, he instead was kneeling in Florida to Trump. It was not what I would term ‘good optics’ to see Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy get mushy with the insurrectionist while placing Greene on the Education and Labor Committee.

I have lived a few decades–and more to the point paid attention–so when I talk of Congressman Gerald Ford, Robert Michel, or Dick Gephardt who presented the bipartisan maturity of minority leaders in the House it underscores how bereft of leadership the current caucus is with McCarthy. It was painful to watch as he flew to Trump, so to play to an autocrat-wanna-be, rather than deal with the internal fight eating at the soul of his party.

There seems to be a most concerted effort to make Trump center stage for the midterm elections, and McCarthy was clearly embracing such a strategy. The voters, come the midterms, may not be as creatively described as ‘Jewish space lasers’, but as 2020 proved they are accurate when showing their power. As such, Trump may prove to be an albatross to the party of the angry resentment-filled whites.

As for how to deal with Congresswoman Greene, I have an idea. I suspect one can be found in Fascist Brown.

International Newspaper Front Pages Of Trump’s Coup Mob Attack On Capitol

How is the United States viewed around the world following the attack by Donald Trump’s mob on our nation’s capitol? Here is a sampling of the front pages of newspapers around the globe. This is a most embarrassing stain–the darkest one yet–from Trump.

Absurdity: “Stop Living In Fear”

Every medical professional pleads with the public to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so to stem spreading COVID and not further encumber hospitals with overcrowded ICU beds. At the same time, there are a disturbing number of people in rural Wisconsin who have a mindset that runs counter to science about the pandemic.

Earlier this week a Facebook poster urged readers not to cancel the holidays as “this may be the last holiday you have” and “stop living in fear”. That was an absurd post, but the following comment left me aware of how far removed some people are from logic.

As we learned in church on Sunday. Thomas Paine quotes “those who forfeit liberties for security deserve and receive neither”

First, one does not need to wonder long before knowing what type of church it is when Paine is used in a sermon. But I did not venture down that path in my response. I also did not point out that Paine was a man of reason and free thought and in much opposition to Christian doctrine. Why point it out to the parishioner when the one at the pulpit did not know it either! (I was trying to be diplomatic.)

Rather I asked if the minister talked about being a responsible person and acting in accordance with medical guidelines for others in society? After all, one is only being asked to wear a mask and self-distance. I pointed out people wear seatbelts and do not smoke in public places. I ask if she quoted Paine after stopping at a legally required red light!

That prompted this retort.

I don’t understand your hate or negativity towards a different opinion?! Individuality is what makes America great.

I then pointed out that decades-ago Sunday school lesson where Jesus said that the world will know that we love Him by how we love one another. I offered the fact James and I learned this past week of a nurse in our friend’s list who had worked 16 straight days. I wrote that it is incumbent on each person in society to do what is best for the whole. Not wearing a mask or self-distancing is not “having our own thoughts and opinions” but rather a selfish act devoid of medical facts. We must look out for one another and act with regard for more than just our personal wants.

I also tried to venture down the road of how economic activity is severely torpedoed until there is a truly collective act of stopping the spread of the virus. Since too many go out and “live their life” and do so in opposition to medical advice, how then does that help businesses and employees keep their profits and jobs? Meanwhile, sensible and reasoned people (with money) are staying away from restaurants, stores, and any place where people congregate. And will continue to do so until the virus is contained.

Well, I was put in my place for such a question!

I will continue to pray for your hate & negativity to turn to kindness.

After wishing her well, I ended the dialogue this way.

Happy Thanksgiving! Having a differing opinion based on facts, however, is not hate. Using such a phrase, as you have twice on this thread, seems to put you in a place where you never need to frame your views with logic.

What I wanted to write was she must be a delight at a dinner party with a wide-ranging array of issues being talked about. All those who disagree with her are haters!

The above type of lingo is what I have heard and read from many rural residents over the past weeks. It aligns with the fears of those in the medical world who know what is to come following the holiday gatherings. The pandemic will only grow much worse.

But at least Thomas Paine’s name is being used, even if ironically.

And so it goes.

Am Offended By Trump Statement “Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid”

As an American, as a human being, I am offended by the words of Donald Trump who so cavalierly stated, “Don’t be afraid of COVID.” I am offended by his words because Wisconsin set a new record of 714 COVID-19 hospitalizations this weekend. We have had a week of record-breaking number of new cases, from all demographics, with a very noticeable increase in rural counties.

Like so many other people across the state of Wisconsin, like so many other homes across this country, James and I have abided by the rules of the road during this pandemic. We have altered our lifestyle of having friends over for meals at our dinner table or sharing conversation over coffee and wine on our front lawn. Since March we have not been to movies, shopped in any stores, put off eye appointments, and teeth cleanings.

We did this not only for the safety of ourselves but also for the greater good of the community. Needless to say, it has not always been fun but we have always been steadfast in our resolve to act responsibly.

So it is absolutely offensive to hear Donald Trump state that COVID is nothing to be afraid of, as it leaves the nation stunned. It was a most ignorant statement, from a most ignorant man. The scores of people who work in the medical profession are left wondering what in hell is wrong with this man!

Trump had a helicopter take him from the White House to a suite of rooms at Walter Reed. He was able to leap-frog over the process so to have certain medications provided that the rest of us would not have available should the need arise. He had a team of doctors and partisan hacks bow to his every whim. When he got bored he demanded that he be taken on a ride while still infectious! So for him to say COVID is nothing to fear is offensive.

It’s offensive because he is medically incorrect as he is too illiterate and ignorant to understand the gravity of the situation, not only for himself, but more importantly for the millions of people in this country who have been infected. Too many of our fellow citizens have become seriously ill, and too many others have died as a result of his callousness, lack of leadership, and his inability to understand the predicament that this nation faces.

I am not the only one who has pointed out the egotistical, narcissistic, shallow, self-centered, and immoral nature of Donald Trump. I have made many arguments, as have countless others over the last four years, as to why he is a contemptible human being. But perhaps nothing more illustrates that point than his words, “”Don’t Be Afraid Of Covid.”. It is shocking. It is sad. But in the end, it is all too self-revealing about a person who has no regard for anyone other than himself.

Just one more reason why this nation must lift itself up and remove this stain from the White House. The stain is Donald Trump.

What Type Of Mother Does White Vigilante Kyle Rittenhouse Have?

Time and again this blog points out that parental responsibility is mighty important in raising a family, as I did earlier this month.  In fact, my #9 item listed stated “No guns or other weapons are allowed in the house.”

Imagine that?

It is not shocking what happens when sound parenting is discarded like last night’s spent shells.  When there are young people who commit heinous crimes, as we witnessed this week from Kyle Rittenhouse,  we always want to know more about the family unit which produced such an outcome.

We do know from social media today that Kyle never had a chance at growing up in a healthy-minded home. The image that struck me from his youth is this one.

EgYyNcyXkAURRlQ (1)

We know what happens when children are provided with positive role models and uplifting experiences.  We also know that happens when troubled parents, and sometimes single ones as in this case, are unable to achieve more with parenting than the breeding process.  Bravo, the plumbing worked!   But you made a mess of everything else.

The bottom line question for Kyle’s mother is rather simple and straightforward.

How is it that your 17-year-old high-school dropout committed a double murder in a different state with a military assault weapon he was not legally allowed to carry? 

I await an indictment or charges brought against the female ‘adult’ who calls herself  ‘mom’.

Meanwhile Kyle Rittenhouse has been rightly charged.

1)1st-Degree Reckless Homicide

2)1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety.

3)1st-Degree Intentional Homicide

4) Attempt 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide

5)1st-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety

6) Possession Dangerous Weapon (Misd.)

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Ripped Up By Rioters

Very late last night (or early this morning depending how you define time) I was listening to the radio reports of total goonish behavior underway as rioters rampaged in the heart of Chicago.  Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago smashing windows, looting stores, and confronting police.

This area of the city is one that has long drawn my attention and love. James and I often would take the bus to Ohio Street and its Best Western where we would spend a weekend doing nothing more than walking the entire area and eating.  From what was then Tribune Tower on to Navy Pier and way off to LaSalle Street we would walk and thoroughly enjoy one of this nation’s grand cities.

Having been a listener to Chicago radio since an early teenager has created deep regard for the city.  Being a history buff I have loved to find out more of the famed city.  I am sure not a single one of the rioters last night was aware that 101 years ago the nation’s first aviation disaster–a blimp that catches fire, buckles and crashes into a bank located next to the Board of Trade Building near La Salle Street—had occurred. That was not so far from where the current madness was underway.

I am most certain that the rioters were not privy to the colorful tales of then-Mayor ‘Big’ Bill Thompson, the stunning elections, racial tensions, bombings, union strife, and so much more that took place in the Windy City that July.  What lessons were gained from that time is of no concern to the ones loading up cars with stolen merchandise.

So the news today from the ‘Mag Mile’ is just awful to hear—-and then later when I saw the results of the depraved activity–it just makes me most angry.  And what started the insanity was the inability for some to grasp the actual facts about an earlier shooting.

Sunday afternoon in the Englewood neighborhood there was a 20-year-old man who shot at police while they were pursuing him.   The criminal was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.  No word on why he thought he should be shooting at the police.  But some on social media purported the shooter was a young teenager.  Social media did not explain how a teenager shooting at police made the situation more swallowable.

What resulted in the rioting is simply maddening. The looting and vandalism are caught on a bevy of cameras showing people streaming in and out of high-end stores, and throwing merchandise into rental trucks and other large vehicles before driving away.  Yes, this is all about social justice!

Reports mounted as the hours continued with people seen breaking large business windows and darting through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars dropped off more people, the videos show, as the crowd grew.

I would be calling out the Illinois National Guard today with orders to stop the chaos.  This must not be allowed to start again tonight in Chicago.

Here is Walgreens on the iconic street.


And Marcus.


And Lamborghini store.


And Telsa.


And on and on.

Jessie Jackson is correct to blast those who took the criminal actions last night in Chicago.  “This act of pillaging, robbing & looting in Chicago was humiliating, embarrassing &morally wrong. It must not be associated with our quest for social justice and equality.”

There is a difference between those who truly seek remedies through the political process, and that can and does include peaceful marches, from those who trash businesses that make profits and generate tax dollars so to help fund government programs.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon respectable folks who desire to see justice to now call out the ones who created the shameful spectacle on the Magnificent Mile.