Is This Fiscal Conservatism? Republican Ben Carson Thinks So

Every hour there is another absurdity from the Trump Administration.  This time we see conservative fiscal management in action!

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (Hud) has agreed to spend $165,000 on “lounge furniture” for its Washington headquarters, in addition to a $31,000 dining set purchased for housing secretary Ben Carson’s office.

The revelations on Tuesday of Carson’s expensive decor spending come as Donald Trump’s administration has proposed a cut of $6.8bn to Hud’s annual budget, or roughly 14% of its total spending, which would lead to reductions in programs aimed at poor and homeless Americans.

Department officials signed a contract last September with an Indiana-based seller for the furniture, according to a federal procurement record.

Raffi Williams, a spokesman for Hud, said in an email Tuesday evening that further records on the lounge furniture contract were not immediately available.

Earlier on Tuesday it emerged that the department had agreed to spend $31,000 on a dining table and accompanying items for Carson’s offices. Last week, Williams falsely denied to the Guardian that such a table had been bought.

Helen Foster said she was told “$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair” after informing her bosses that this was the legal price limit for improvements to Carson’s suite of offices. Her complaint was filed to the office of special counsel (OSC).

Williams made false statements to the Guardian in emails last Friday while an article on Foster’s claims was being prepared.

“When it comes to the secretary’s office, the only money HUD spent was $3,200 to put up new blinds in his office and the deputy secretary’s office,” Williams said in an email, declaring this information to be “on background” without prior agreement.

Asked to confirm, as the Guardian had been told by a source, that “a new dining-room-style table was also purchased”, Williams replied: “Yeah, that’s inaccurate.” After news of Foster’s complaint was followed by US media, Williams confirmed on Tuesday that $31,000 was in fact spent on a new dining set for Carson’s offices.

Ben Carson Proves He Is Well…Unsuited For His Job

Who would have thought someone with no abilities would prove to be so incompetent?  The answer is everyone who knew Ben Carson.

“God is Ben Carson’s favorite subject. Brain surgery is a close second. Housing is somewhere further down the list. … Less than two months into the job, Carson still holds forth on God and neurosurgery, but his views on housing policy remain largely a mystery. While he’s making good on a promised listening tour to learn about the $48 billion agency he now leads, he’s done little public speaking about the urgent issue at hand – a lack of affordable housing.

“That’s one reason why early excitement over his nomination has given way to bewilderment and now frustration. Every policy job at the agency remains vacant, and advocates who thought Carson’s celebrity would raise awareness of affordable housing have been disappointed. President Donald Trump doused any remaining hope when he said he would slash HUD funding by 13.2 percent.”

Ben Carson’s Slavery Talk And The Misuse Of History

I wrote my feelings about the rambling words of Ben Carson this week that at times dealt with slavery.  The New Yorker had a most impressive column about this matter and what it has to offer is important as we continue to examine Carson’s words.

One part of the issue here is the eliding of the ugliness of the slave past in this country. This phenomenon is neither novel nor particularly surprising. The unwillingness to confront this narrative is tied not simply to the miasma of race but to something more subtle and, in the current atmosphere, more potentially treacherous: the reluctance to countenance anything that runs contrary to the habitual optimism and self-anointed sense of the exceptionalism of American life. It is this state-sanctioned sunniness from which the view of the present as a middle ground between an admirable past and a halcyon future springs. But the only way to sustain that sort of optimism is by not looking too closely at the past. And thus the past can serve only as an imperfect guide to the troubles of the present.

The habitual tendency to excise the most tragic elements of history creates a void in our collective understanding of what has happened in the past and, therefore, our understanding of the potential for tragedy in the present. In 1935, when Sinclair Lewis wrote “It Can’t Happen Here,” it already was happening here, and had been since the end of Reconstruction. In 1942, the N.A.A.C.P. declared a “Double V” campaign—an attempt to defeat Fascism abroad and its domestic corollary of American racism.

Uncle Tom Ben Carson Next Will Explain How Jews Misunderstood The Gas Chambers

When James told me what Ben Carson said about slaves I nearly dropped the groceries.  I was bringing them to the back door from the car and James was alerting me to the words from the current HUD Secretary.  It was shocking since I, unlike Carson, do understand history.  I should since I have been reading it for decades.

First up lets be clear about a most obvious fact.  Slaves, or those who “came here in the bottom of slave ships,” were not immigrants.   Not even close.

Immigrants are those who travel from one place to another place more or less by choice.  That travel may occur for a chance of a better life with better jobs, or to escape the ravages of war. How Carson could miss the point slaves were forced to come to America and had no choice in the matter is stunning.  To not have Carson concede in his meandering. half-baked monologue that slaves were severely abused is beyond belief.

But Uncle Tom Ben Carson did not stop there.

He continued by saying these were people who “worked for less”.  That is completely unprecedented!  GOOD LORD! Slaves worked because they were forced to, and a majority of slaves were treated worse than animals. It is beyond any level of understanding why Carson would ever choose a narrative about slavery to try and paint a positive picture for America.  Next up Carson will try to explain how Jews really misunderstood the gas chambers.

What Carson said about slaves is the most incredible pile of horse manure–and that is saying a lot as he is noted for being bat-crap crazy.  Which is exactly where this post is categorized.


…do not let Ben Carson be the designated survivor for tonight’s speech!

Ben Carson Broke Cardinal Rule Of Political Conventions

In 1992 when I was watching Pat Buchanan deliver a fire and brimstone speech about cultural values at the Republican National Convention it was immediately clear the harsh tone would fall flat with the American audience.  After all political conventions are aimed to grow a political party, not marginalize them.  That is a cardinal rule.

Last night at the 2016 Republican National Convention Ben Carson broke that rule of conventions when he offered truly bizarre statements which again missed the mark and turned off the viewing audience.  The most unexplainable of all was why the convention handlers allowed Carson to make his odd speech in prime time.  Just another sign the professionals are not in charge of the party this cycle.

From center stage Carson associated Hillary Clinton with an admiration for Satan.   Carson went on to say that Clinton’s values were suspect because of a 1968 college thesis she wrote on Saul Alinsky.  I truly could not believe these lines were really being delivered–or that old lessons had not been learned by the GOP.  Alinsky was a Chicago-based community organizer and wrote an epigraph that mentioned Lucifer in a book.  To pretend that any of this is relevant in 2016 is simply absurd.

Then to add more crazy to the mix Carson stated on CNN this morning that gay marriage and abortion rights are “evil.”

Carson’s comments last night and this morning have been widely ridiculed. Voters will deliver their verdict on Election Day.

But it is hard to predict if the GOP will learn anything from the national pounding.

Ben Carson Continues To Not Be Ready For Prime Time

There is a reason that Ben Carson is laughed at.

Just days after his last two rivals quit the presidential race, Donald Trump’s effort to choose a vice president is beginning to take shape and it could provoke the ire of conservatives in the party.

While rank-and-file conservatives are searching for a signal that Mr. Trump shares their values, Ben Carson, a former GOP rival now helping the presumptive Republican presidential nominee pick a running mate, said Thursday Democrats may be among those considered.

Asked if Democrats and independents may be on the target list, Mr. Carson said “Yes,” then added, “We would consider people who are Americans and who put America first.”

Mr. Carson is the public face on the search process, while top campaign aide Paul Manafort is maintaining overall tight control, according to people familiar with the campaign.

A spokesman for Mr. Carson later said he “fully expects Mr. Trump to choose a Republican as his running mate.”

In the interview, the former surgeon took himself out of the mix. “I’m not interested in doing that for a number of reasons,” he said. “I don’t want to be a distraction.”

GOP Establishment Got To Ben Carson

All it took was dangling a U.S. Senate seat in front of Ben Carson.   All of a sudden there was no longer a path inside the mind of Carson for the White House.

Ben Carson issued a statement today saying he sees no path forward for his presidential campaign.  There is good news for those of us who find his limp hands and limper mind the worst part of any Republican debate.  Carson said he will now skip Thursday’s GOP debate in Detroit.

There is strong speculation that the GOP establishment suggested that Carson leave the presidential race where his voters very well could now help tilt the balance and thereby undermine Donald Trump.   The GOP is not all caring what happens to Carson but they do have a very concrete reason to stop the destruction of their party.  To help Carson’s eyes be opened they jiggled the Florida senate seat in front of him.

That was easy.