Saying Thanks To Wisconsin Democrats At Wisconsin Statehouse

There were so many things to see, and be amused at on Saturday while at the Wisconsin State Capitol that it would be impossible to mention them all on this blog.  One of the more uplifting moments was when I saw on many doors a long series of notes saying “thanks” for the hard work.  Needless to say the notes were left at the doors of Democrats.  In the case below the notes were left for one of the best, Representative Brett Hulsey.

State Representative Brett Hulsey, My Type Of Democrat

I knew last fall when I threw my support to Brett Hulsey that it was being placed on the shoulders of someone who would step up and show spine when it came to the issues that matter to workers of  Wisconsin.  I strongly felt that Hulsey had demonstrated leadership which would make him an important part of the Wisconsin Legislature.  At that time however, I could never have predicted what was to happen at the Madison Capitol, or  how proud Hulsey would make me once he was elected.

This evening while watching local news I was pleased to see that Hulsey rose to the occasion…literally….to advocate for the truth when it comes to Governor Walker and the Republican desire to end collective bargaining for state and public employees. 

Following a press availability by Governor Walker, who again made his pitch just in time for the local newscasts as to why he wants to destroy collective bargaining,  Hulsey marched to the podium in front of the assembled reporters and gave some pointed remarks.

Hulsey called the governor a dictator, not a leader, and said this budget bill is about union busting, not about balancing the budget.   The budget numbers from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau underscore the words from this freshman Democrat.

“The budget despair bill that we have right now, according to our non-partisan fiscal bureau does not have to happen. We do not have a budget emergency in this state except the one that he is creating by creating union busting,” said Hulsey. 

It is important that the Republican lies created and retold about the state budget not be allowed to just linger.  They need to be stripped bare and cast out into the bright lights of media scrutiny.  That is exactly what Representative  Hulsey did tonight…..right in the Governor’s Office!

Over the decades I have thrown my support to scores of candidates, but I can say tonight that few have lived up to the ideal of what leadership means.  Taking the initiative and pounding home the truth, even in unorthodox ways, places Brett  Hulsey head and shoulders above what passes too often for Democratic leadership.

We can only hope that what Brett Hulsey has unleashed in Madison will be emulated by others, and even make its way to Washington.

We need more Democrats to stand up and pound home the truth!

Thank you Representative Husley!

Ben Manski Audio States Tom Barrett Is “Lesser Evil In This Race”

On Sunday night I posted on this blog  the words Ben Manski has used in the past to discuss Democrats.  Manski is running on the Green Party ticket for a seat in the Wisconsin State Assembly, and is being challenged by Democratic nominee Brett Hulsey.  One of the quotes used in my post at that time was not able to be sourced.  The comment had to do with Tom Barrett. 

The line in the post was this one.

Speaking at the South Central Federation of Labor meeting, September 20, 2010 Manski uttered “Tom Barrett is the lesser evil in this race.”

Ben Manski then commented on my blog and stated this.

Re: Your statement that “Tom Barrett is the lesser evil in this race.”

Print a correction or prove — with documentary evidence — that I said that. I don’t believe for a moment that I ever said that, and many witnesses to the SCFL forum have confirmed that they don’t recall me saying that.

Tonight I have the audio source for my comment.  I have turned the audio statement by Ben Manski into a You Tube presentation to better allow the comment to be understood.

I trust this makes it clear that I aim in all ways to be accurate and complete on this blog.  While I am very opinionated,  I also respect my readers.  I do not post things that I do not know to be true, or  have on sound authority to be true, as was the case with this quote.

Ben Manski vs. Democrats, His Past Statements Not Forgotten

I have been amused this fall at how Ben Manski, who trashed Democrats over the years, is now asking for their votes come November.   In an attempt to win the 77th Assembly District, Manski seems to have forgotten the statements he made about the Democratic Party, and the candidates they placed before the voters .  Or perhaps I should say Manski is hoping the voters have forgotten those statements.  The Democratic voters to be more precise.

The real contest in this district is between Democratic nominee Brett Hulsey and Green Party nominee Masnki.  Voters on the near west side of Madison are being asked to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Spencer Black.  

My attention to this race is two-fold.  First I like Brett Hulsey.  Secondly, I am just perplexed how anyone who has made such incendiary remarks about the Democrats, such as Manski has, can then turn around and ask that party for their votes.  I have followed politics for years and seen just about everything.  But this assembly race intrigues me for the sheer audacity that Manski is using to try and get elected.

Whatever characteristic it takes to do that for an election is something I am pleased, quite frankly, not to posses.

The series of highly critical statements by Manski  about Democrats range from local leaders such as Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk all the way to presidential nominee Al Gore.   Manski’s words have blasted President Obama and even challenged Wisconsin gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett.

I don’t consider Dave and Kathleen progressive Democrats,”

It is when Manski likens President Bush and Al Gore together that everyone who still gets the required amount of oxygen should become angry. (On both sides of the political aisle!)

Votes for Bush or Gore are votes for continued corporate domination, and an abdication of political responsibility.

Speaking at the South Central Federation of Labor meeting, September 20, 2010 Manski uttered “Tom Barrett is the lesser evil in this race.”

The ironic turn of events from Manski blasting Democrats to becoming cozy and friendly to gain Democratic votes is even more interesting given the electorate’s mood.  The voters seem to want a different approach to politics.  Being too cute by half  this year to get a vote is not the way to win an election.  

When it was convenient for Manski to denounce Democrats he never missed a chance to find a microphone.  Now he needs Democratic votes and must hope that all those he dissed over the years have forgotten.

Or forgiven.

Neither is true if my off-the-cuff chats with folks in-line at stores or while walking among the fall leaves are any indication.   It seems to me that the voters are very aware Manski is either trying to paper over his past remarks, or believes he can pull one over on the voters.

Manski should not be allowed to achieve this.

Since Manski is always preaching about the need for a better democracy perhaps this assembly race might be a good time to show that words and past deeds matter.