Former Brit Prime Minister Urges Voters To Not Support Party He Once Led

What now constitutes conservatism is not only a discussion taking place in American politics where Donald Trump’s cult personality has undermined long-held philosophies and underpinnings of the Republican Party.   Such chaos is also taking place for conservatives with our friends across the pond.

The former Conservative PM said he would personally back David Gauke, Dominic Grieve and Anne Milton – who all left the party over Brexit – if he lived in their constituencies.

Addressing a ‘Stop The Brexit Landslide’ rally in London, he said: “Let me make one thing absolutely clear: none of them has left the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party has left them.”

Sir John’s bombshell intervention is the first time a former Prime Minister has urged voters not to support the party they used to lead.

Mr Gauke, Mr Grieve and Ms Milton all lost the Tory whip for voting against the Government to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Each of them is now standing for re-election as indepenedent candidates in the seats they used to represent for the Tories.

In a video address to the rally, Sir John said: “Without such talent on its benches, Parliament will be the poorer, which is why – if I were resident in any one of their constituencies – they would have my vote.”

He said Brexit would “affect nearly every single aspect of our lives for many decades to come”.

It will make our country poorer and weaker,” he said.

This blog has been, from the start, opposed to Brexit and the smarmy stylings of Boris Johnson.  At the same time, I can not imagine having Britain led by Jeremy Corbyn, who makes Bernie Sanders look like Milt Friedman.   There are so many ways the upcoming election can be a disaster for the Brits.  Which is why Molly from Hampshire might best sum up where that nation is leading up to balloting.

Front Pages Of British Newspapers Bring Smiles

Anytime Brexit is hemmed in, slowed, stalled, and undermined means logic and reason have prevailed for another day.  The morning papers in Britain are, therefore, a reason to smile based on the news from yesterday.  







Brexit Suffers Another Defeat, PM Johnson Fails Again

What a time the British Parliament is having with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempts at forcing a Brexit deal down the throat of his nation.  He had been trying to railroad the Brexit bill through the process in three days, which many stated was not enough time to explore all the chicanery that was lodged with each comma along with tricky wording.  Whenever there is a break-neck pace to pushing through legislation it needs to be examined as to why.

Today the MP’s rejected Johnson’s timetable for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

AYES 308

NOES 322

This means that Johnson can not stick to his Brexit deadline of October 31st.

Pleased With Brexit Extension Request, Boris Johnson Shame

Anything that delays, obstructs, and hems in those who desire to go cliff-jumping when it comes to Brexit is a good thing.  The events that saw the British Parliament in session on a Saturday, the first time that has happened in over three decades, has now moved to a formal letter seeking an extension from the EU for time to ‘sorts things out’.

While my desire to see Brexit stalled has to do with the economics of the matter, along with my disdain for the fraudulent way the Leave campaign manipulated voters, I readily admit the frosting to this story today is Boris Johnson needing to go where he stated he would never tread.

The British government formally asked the European Union to delay the country’s departure for the third time, a request Prime Minister Boris Johnson had long resisted,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Johnson, who has rejected delaying Brexit, didn’t sign the letter. He also sent a second letter urging EU leaders not to grant an extension.

The request, in a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk sent late Saturday, marks a political setback for Mr. Johnson just days after he successfully concluded a renegotiation of Britain’s EU withdrawal terms that his political opponents assumed was all but impossible.



How Does One Apologize To The Queen?

I suspect not too many prime ministers have had to apologize to the Queen. That must be the most humbling experience! And one I am most pleased Boris Johnson had to endure.
Johnson insisted to the Sunday Telegraph that he respected the U.K. Supreme Court’s judgment “very humbly and very sincerely.”
But he suggested there would be “consequences” following the judges’ decision to intervene in his illegal decision to suspend Parliament.
The Sunday Times reports Johnson personally apologized to the queen following the court’s verdict.

Boris Johnson Act Unlawfully–Illiberal Action Stopped

Steps towards illiberal democracy have taken place in nations far and wide.  From Turkey, Poland, Italy,  Brazil, and the United States we have witnessed attempts to roll back reforms and undermine democratic foundations.  Time and again when it comes to these actions I have called for the checks and balances to weigh in so to address the chaos.

Today in Britain, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has worked to undermine their unwritten constitution, the needed checks and balances pushed back.  And pushed back with resolve.

The United Kingdom’s Supreme Court ruled that Johnson acted illegally when he suspended Parliament.  This was done so that the members of parliament could not then scrutinize and debate his outlandish plans to leave Brexit with a hard exit.  It was the decisiveness of the ruling, however, that lifts my sails this morning.

In its 11-0 decision, the court said Johnson’s decision “to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating or preventing the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification.”

While I have made my feelings known about the pure folly and all-out danger of Brexit, I have also been clear about how I am very concerned about the push for illiberal aims from those of Johnson’s ilk.  It is that last point that makes me so pleased with what transpired today.   I want my readers to know how enormous what happened truly is for the whole world.

The ruling sent a surge of electricity through Britain where the courts have historically avoided politics and where there is little precedent for judicial review of government decisions.  As I was listening to BBC radio late last night analysts were giving varying perspectives on how the court might rule.  Some made a seemingly solid argument that the court might decide that it had no authority to rule on the prime minister’s actions, or might arrive at a mixed judgment.

So when I woke this morning to learn the judges made a landmark decision to step into the middle of a fierce political clash and delivered a resounding defeat for the prime minister and an unequivocal victory to his critics–well I did some air pumps with both hands!

Yes, I am pleased as Brexit is a mess and the nation needs to step back from it, as opposed to hurling themselves over a cliff.  And yes, Johnson is loud bombastic jerk who needs his chain yanked.  But more than that the world needs to see a true victory when it comes to pushing back against those who would undermine due process and rip at the foundations of democratic institutions–such as, in this case, parliament.

Upholding the rule of law is no small thing in these times. And to have a unanimous ruling means that we can all take heart that those who would destroy the fabric of our democracies can be stopped.

That is no small thing to ponder on this sunny day.  Such news is worthy of a fist-pump in the air from you, too!

Imagine That Boris Johnson Makes Front Page Of British Newspapers (LOL)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson finds himself in a perfectly fine mess over Brexit, as courageous rebels in his Conservative Party joined the opposition to vote to prevent him from taking the country out of the European Union without a transition plan in place.  Those conservatives put country over the party as they know a hard break from the European Union would be an economic disaster.  Now Johson wants to hold a so-called snap election in an effort to get more members of parliament who support him.  But Parliament is not about to allow national balloting to go forward.

This brings us to the newspapers and the front pages which sting when rubbed on the bombastic Johnson.  Who said politics was boring?








British Conservatives Stand For Nation, GOP Should Follow Suit In U.S.


It was a stirring day, with lots of drama in Britain as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s refusal to deal with Brexit in a manner that will not greatly harm his country met head-on with those within his own party who would not bend.

It was a lesson in democracy and patriotism when twenty-one Conservative politicians defied Johnson’s wishes by voting for a motion that paves the way for Brexit to be delayed till 2020.   As a result, within a short span of time, the temper tantrum from 10 Downing Street was being unleashed.  It was reported that Conservative MPs who did not support the prime minister “will have the Tory whip removed”, meaning that they would not be allowed to stand as Conservative representatives in parliament.

That is a price that had been threatened.  But (here me now) that was a price these members were willing to pay as they put their nation above and beyond their political careers and fears from a bombastic leader.

It should be noted on Sept. 3, 1939, England declared war against Germany, and Winston Churchill was invited back from political exile to serve as First Lord of the Admiralty and later a prime minister in the war against Adolf Hitler. Eighty years later to the day, his grandson said he would be expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit.  Nicholas Soames was one of the members ejected.

As we all are aware there are no Republicans in our nation, other than those who are not seeking re-election, who have the decency and common sense to lift country over the insanity that has smeared this nation from the Oval Office. No one in the Republican Party is as brave or patriotic as Soames, and the other 20 members demonstrated today.  We have seen the reckless ends, such as those like Johnson and Donald Trump, who are wedded to nationalism, xenophobia, and unshackled populism will drag a nation.  We have also now seen what leadership against thugs looks like.

It looks and feels great.

Let us bring Johnson and Trump down and replace them with those who adhere to democratic ideals, and common sense.