Video Of Christine O’Donnell On Mitt Romney: “He’s Been Consistent Since He Changed His Mind”

Dear Lord,  please let Christine O’Donnell have a speaking role in prime time at the Republican National Convention next year.  There just are not enough comedic moments like the ones she can supply.  Amen.

This is the best O’Donnell has yet offered for the nation to chuckle over.

Christine O’Donnell Falters On Sexual Abstinence And Gay Marriage, Proves She Is Not Mentally Prepared For Public Stage

CP had far too much fun with one of 2010’s more outrageous candidates for the U.S. Senate, Christine O’Donnell, as she tried to convince voters she was not a witch.   Just when most people had forgotten about her tortured use of politics to extricate herself from her personal financial mess she pops up with a book to promote about the Tea Party.    As if that group does not have enough problems without O’Donnell trying to explain their reason for playing politics.

But as the nation witnessed last night Christine O’Donnell’s sense of how interviews proceed when promoting a book, are as shallow as her policy stands were as a candidate last year.

What mystifies me is how conservatives like Christine O’Donnell can stake out the most rigid and ludicrous positions on issues such as gay marriage or other topics that play to the cultural war they always seem to be stoking, and yet get all pissy about being held accountable for further explaining them.

Never in conversations around the kitchen table, or at meetings in the neighborhood where issues are being debated, have I been reticent about where I stand.  This blog is proof of that.  One either has a sense of their convictions and positions, or they should just stay quiet.  O’Donnell has not yet learned that lesson.

So why do airheads like Christine O’Donnell who feel some need to venture into the public arena get all offended over being held accountable for the views they want to promote?

I suggest that gay bigots such as Christine O’Donnell know damn well they are more and more marginalized, as  the polls suggest, and so wish to lob the grenade but never take responsibility for it.  The get frustrated at not having facts to support discrimination.  Just as there were no good reasons for separate drinking fountains decades ago, there is no logic to perpetuating gay bigotry today.

As such when Christine O’Donnell got flustered for being held accountable for her uneducated views she left a national CNN interview.

The least she could have done was fly off on her broom.

Christine O’Donnell, former Delaware GOP Senate candidate, walked off the set of CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” Wednesday when asked about her views on sexual abstinence and gay marriage.

“I’m not talking about policies. I’m not running for office,” O’Donnell said. “Ask Michele Bachmann what she thinks.”

When Morgan asked her why she was being “weird” about answering questions on her own statements, as well as issues she addresses in her new book, “Troublemaker,” O’Donnell fired back, saying she only wanted to talk about tea party principles outlined in her book.

“That’s why I agreed to come on your show. That’s what I want to talk about,” O’Donnell said. “I’m not being weird. You’re being a little rude.”

Christine O’Donnell Embarrasses Herself Over First Amendment

This is so sad I will not even  comment.

Video: Christine O’Donnell Answers ” I was. I was.” To Question Of Being A Witch

Another reason to vote for Republican Delaware U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

Video: Christine O’Donnell “Evolution Is A Myth”

Another reason to laugh at Christine O’Donnell.

Witches For Christine O’Donnell

Elections are more fun when we have witches as candidates.

Christine O’Donnell Wanted $6.9 Million In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

I am assuming if elected to the United States Senate the GOP will not be able to count on Christine O’Donnell for tort reform.  Just saying.

Court documents obtained Saturday by THE WEEKLY STANDARD reveal surprising new details about the gender discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Christine O’Donnell in 2005 against her former employer, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a conservative non-profit based in Delaware.* O’Donnell, who is now challenging moderate congressman Mike Castle in the September 14 Delaware GOP Senate primary, sought $6.95 million in damages. In a court complaint, she extensively detailed the “mental anguish” she suffered after allegedly being demoted and fired because of her gender. And, although she didn’t have a bachelor’s degree until this year, O’Donnell implied she was taking master’s degree classes at Princeton University in 2003.

O’Donnell alleged in a July 1, 2005 complaint filed in district court that she had been demoted because ISI’s conservative philosophy dictated that women must be subordinate to men. She claimed she was fired when she contacted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regarding her demotion. ISI told the Delaware News Journal that she had been “terminated for operating a for-profit business.”

O’Donnell’s finances, honesty, and stability have been called into question in light of her false and strange claims. The court complaint raises further questions on all fronts. O’Donnell, who made an annual salary of $65,000 at ISI as director of communications and public affairs, sought up to $6,952,477 million in damages, claiming, among other allegations, that ISI had defamed her and had violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. O’Donnell sought:

–Up to $3,952,447 in “Direct Damages, including back pay” and “lifetime lost income and liftetime damage to reputation.”

–Up to $500,000 “for emotional distress, humiliation, emotional pain, embarrassment, depression.”

–Up to $3.5 million in punitive damages for “willful, legally-malicious and outrageous conduct” by ISI.

O’Donnell claimed that ISI had caused her to suffer “mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, mental and physical pain and anguish”–and that, according to an amended complaint, she had to “seek treatment for her distress.”

According to O’Donnell’s July 1, 2005 complaint submitted by herself:

Miss O’Donnell was and is profoundly humiliated by this demotion of being asked to perform clerical and administrative tasks, after appearing on national television as a media and public relations expert and spokeswoman, for a man who was hired straight out of college as ISI’s receptionist and clerical assistant, and whom she had been asked to train previously [emphasis in original]. […]

For at least six months after being fired, Miss O’Donnell suffered enormous pain, cried frequently at the sense of personal loss and failure caused by ISI, and at the sense of injustice, and could not sleep at night, often wide-awake, replaying the whole scene in her mind, until 5:30 am, and has suffered from understandable and resulting depression.

“Miss O’Donnell’s mother and sister both noticed and spontaneously told her at the time, prior to litigation, that she was differently [sic], and urged her to seek medical evaluation,” according to the complaint.

The amended complaint also claimed that in one instance a male colleague made a lewd comment to her. “On one occasion during her employment, a co-worker, Mr. Cain, in connection with Ms. O’Donnell’s efforts and work on the Gala, ordered or stated to Ms. O’Donnell to ‘strap it on,’ which was a crude and demeaning reference to an artificial male sexual organ used by some females in order to act like a male in sexual acts,” the complaint alleged. “To Ms. O’Donnell’s knowledge and belief, Mr. Cain was never disciplined or reprimanded for making this offensive statement.”

Christine O’Donnell Opposes Sex, But Has Views On AIDS And Condoms

Since Christine O’Donnell is opposed to masturbation and sex before marriage why should we now consider her an expert on condom distribution?  For someone who is so asexual she sure has lots of ideas about how the rest of the nation should live.  We should, however, all be glad Christine O’Donnell is not having sex.  This is one person that really should never procreate.

Now comes a video that is truly shocking as it showcases the lack of not only her intellect about AIDS and the funding for a cure,  but also her humanity.  From 1997 we can watch Christine O’Donnell expound on AIDS funding and condom distribution.   We can watch her get all preachy.  What comes through louder than anything else is her lack of human compassion to take all the steps possible to help those who are infected.  That is what makes her statements truly unconscionable.

Her lack of any education about AIDS is most obvious.  While she wants to comes across as ‘moral’ consider how she also throws overboard not only those with the ‘lifestyle’ but also babies born with AIDS, hemophiliacs, wives whose husbands cheat on them, nurses and doctors who get exposed, accident victims that receive tainted blood…the list goes on and on.

HIV/AIDS, to O’Donnell, is something that people get because of their ‘lifestyle’.    She is very wrong.  AIDS is a disease, and all are susceptible to it.  To bring ‘lifestyle’ language into the mix is to show that Christine O’Donnell is just being another anti-gay homophobe.  Someone needs to tell this dizzy Republican nominee that  homosexuality is not a disease, but HIV/AIDS is a disease and  it MUST be cured.

For the record condoms DO prevent AIDS and should be distributed, and discussed openly, especially in high schools.   CP has strong views on this matter.

The treasure trove of video from Christine O’Donnell is nauseating.  I can not wait until this puritanical nightmare is pushed back into her sad world on Election Day.  Until then we will continue to expose the nation to Christine O’Donnell.