David Letterman Update On Michele Bachmann Campaign

WARNING…Swallow food in mouth before watching.

2011 Wisconsin Spring Election Predictions

Posted at 5:24 A.M. April 5th…..

After all the back-and-forth from the candidates, lots of  hard work, and endless campaign ads on television for Wisconsin State Supreme Court comes the fun part for the arm-chair politicos.  Election Day and the time to make some predictions is at hand. 

I offer the following for fun……after all politics should be fun.  Often we forget that.  Right or wrong CP has fun on days like this!

The level of energy that is being demonstrated by voters in Wisconsin, especially in Madison and Dane County, is breathtaking.  If the projections hold true Madison will be near 60% turnout, and Dane County over 40% turnout.  With numbers like these it is possible that part of the headline on Wednesday will be that Dane County helped in large measure to elect the next member to the Supreme Court.  Milwaukee County, due to a much publicized county executive race, will also make a huge impact on the totals.

My prediction is  JoAnne Kloppenburg defeats David Prosser by 2%.   I also predict that no one will call the Chief Justice a “bitch” in the next term of the court.

In Dane County the most perplexing question that still has not been answered is why in the midst of a race for Madison mayor did Eileen Bruskewitz enter the race for county executive.  While CP strongly encourages candidates from both parties to enter political contests, it seems odd that someone desires to be a sacrificial lamb in the way Bruskewitz has done.

Joe Parisi will defeat in a massive way Eileen Bruskewitz with at least a 20% margin.

The high number of voters in Madison thus far for absentee voting has left me wondering how this plays out for the Madison mayor’s race.  Though CP has endorsed Dave Cieslewicz I sense an upset coming.   Part of the reason is that in trying times Madison may feel an urge to go back to the elder leader and let his skills be used against the Walker forces.  Since the huge turnout is being created due to the Walker factor, it seems logical to think it extends to the mayor’s race.

Paul Soglin edges Dave Cieslewicz, with the isthmus neighborhoods being the key to the election.  Soglin by less than 2%.

For Madison City Council Marsha Rummel defeats  Jan-McMahon in the 6th District but the most interesting race might be in the 2nd District where Sam Stevenson will defeat incumbent Bridget Maniaci..  Maniaci forgot her constituents when she started carrying water for interests that ran counter to the wishes of her neighbors.

Dave Letterman’s Top Ten Laughs At Sarah Palin’s First Day At FAUX News

After Dave Letterman’s Top 10 about Sarah Palin’s first day at FAUX News, there was a riff played by Paul Shaffer and his band.  Letterman smiled and commented that the music sounded like a Sam Cooke song.   Shaffer responds, “yeah we thought we would keep a Sarah Palin trend going so we played “Don’t Know Much About History”.

Great comedy.  And how true.

Here now is Dave Letterman’s Top Ten Highlights of Sarah Palin’s First Day at Fox News

10. Ruined office floor by drilling for oil.

9. Detached a retina from winking at the camera

8. Got confused –Thought she signed with QVC

7. Pistol-whipped three guys who called her “Tina”

6. Released a statement saying she won’t follow Leno

5 .At lunchtime, Todd picked her up driving snow mobile through lobby

4. Sad to learn there was no actual fox to hunt

3. Hosted a “Fire Dave” roundtable

2. Actually found a place with more white people than Alaska

1. Announced plans to run for president in 2010

Final Word On David Letterman And Sarah Palin

I do not have a problem with political jokes. Period.

I expect the late night shows to poke fun at the political class.

I laughed when Clinton was beat every night with jokes. I laugh at those about Obama, and did so with the latest Palin ones.

I do not think we need to have anyone say if a joke is over the line or not. Folks at home can make that decision with the remote. To be honest I did not hear about the jokes until Palin let the press release fly. Had I been watching I would have laughed and not been insulted.

Bristol, is an adult. She is fair game. She goes on national TV for interviews, and has now put herself out there.

In a larger context, I think once Sarah Palin put her whole family `out there’ for political purposes in 2008, her son the warrior in Iraq, her troubled daughter who was pregnant, her husband who had worked with a group to have Alaska secede from the Union, then I think Sarah made them all fair game. Politics is a tough business. That is not news. Sarah however decided her goals were/are more important than that of her family.

And NO ONE…except Sarah Palin when she tried to make a political point about Letterman by USING her family again in a press release….thought Letterman was talking about anyone except for Bristol Palin.  NO ONE.   And NO ONE thought there was any rape at all in the joke.  NO ONE….except Sarah Palin who wanted some press……at her family’s expense.

Sarah Palin uses her family, and then some conservatives get all excited because she gets what she wants with the media hype.

Sarah can not have it both ways.

So in conclusion…….

Listen to the Letterman joke then…..

Read the Palin press release….

Since there was no mention of the 14 year old in the joke….

And since there was no mention of rape in the joke…

But there was mention of the 14 year old in the Palin’s press release…..

Ask yourself who is really to blame for this whole affair.