Say No To Shopping At Any Business On Thanksgiving

Each year Caffeinated Politics makes no bones about the importance of Thanksgiving to our nation.  Equally expressed is the low regard given to those who place profit above family, friends, and national values by finding excuses for opening their doors to make some money.

Thanksgiving has meaning and purpose in America, but businesses would have us think that the foundation of the Holiday does not matter. That only the need for greed and cash matters as stores and places of business gear up for sales.

But there is good news to report, and it is a trend that has been growing over the past years.  A large segment of the nation is not only rejecting the notion of shopping on this Holiday, opting instead to be with family and friends at homes coast to coast, but also voicing their opposition to the attempted destruction of Thanksgiving.

In recent years, the Black Friday craze has inched further and further into Thanksgiving. With stores opening as early as 5 P.M. on Thanksgiving Thursday, it means that festive dinners are being overshadowed by shopping frenzies. But there are still some stores that allow workers to stay home and enjoy the holiday.  I offer that listing below.

These are the stores that will be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2019:

Ace Hardware
Barnes & Noble
Burlington Coat Factory
Guitar Center
Hobby Lobby
Office Depot
Sam’s Club
Stein Mart
T.J. Maxx
True Value

Reported: Todd Palin Sex Scandal With Massage Therapist Who Was Busted For Being A Whore, Will Sarah Palin Kick Him Out Of House?

See pictures of woman who is part of this alleged sex scandal story.

Just when the Wasilla Hillbillies seemed not to know what to do for an encore after the “blood libel” controversay comes this bombshell from the National Enquirer.

The same publication that brought down John Edwards.

Now we know why Todd Palin is smiling.

UPDATE 4.30 pm est: Since the first hours of this breaking story ignited a firestorm of controversy key mainstream media The New York Daily News, Vanity Fair magazine, Yahoo News, and Gawker,  among others, have cited The ENQUIRER’s bombshell investigation into the Palin cheating scandal.

Emphasis below are mine.

SARAH PALIN‘s husband TODD is caught up in a sleazy sex scandal, The ENQUIRER has learned!

Political bloggers are digging into incredible claims that the “First Dude” – father of the couple’s five children – cheated on his wife with a female massage therapist who was busted for prostitution!

The scandal not only has the potential to sabotage Palin’s possible 2012 White House bid, but also threatens to destroy her marriage, sources say.

While the story heats up on the internet, The ENQUIRER has uncovered official documents confirming the woman’s arrest, and learned police have confiscated physical evidence that could tie Todd to an alleged extramarital affair.

We have also uncovered documents that show the woman  – identified by bloggers as Shailey Tripp – contributed free massages to an anonymous person working for Sarah’s campaign for governor of Alaska.

While representatives for Todd Palin vehemently deny he cheated on his wife, allegations of his extramarital affair surfaced on Jan. 4 when an anonymous tipster sent out messages to news outlets making the allegation using the e-mail address

“My sources reveal that a massage therapist and computer technologist, SHAILEY TRIPP, had an affair with Todd Palin that lead (sic) to her arrest March of 2010,” claimed the anonymous e-mail.

“According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex. It was the same tenants who called the police on her.”

An ENQUIRER investigation has confirmed Tripp, 36, was arrested on March 4, 2010 in Anchorage and charged with maintaining a house of prostitution.

Tripp pleaded no contest on June 13, 2010 with sentencing set for June 15, 2011.  She agreed to complete 80 hours of volunteer service, not post advertisements on CraigsList and pay a fine of $500.  If she meets with these conditions, Tripp can withdraw her plea at the sentencing hearing and the case will be dismissed, records show.

Karl Rove Undermining Marriage In America

Wonder if some gay couple was the cause of Karl Rove’s divorce?  Since Karl and his wing-nut party thinks gay people are the root of all that is wrong with marriage in the nation surely there must be a gay couple to blame for the wedding bliss that faded in Rove’s bedroom. 

Meanwhile screw the privacy request, Karl. We want to know which blind GOP bimbo has made you stain your wedding vows.  And we will find out.

“Karl Rove and his wife, Darby, were granted a divorce last week,” family spokeswoman Dana Perino told Politico. “The couple came to the decision mutually and amicably, and they maintain a close relationship and a strong friendship. (Oh please, folks with strong and close friendships do not divorce!) There will be no further comment, and the family requests that its privacy be respected.” (Hmmm…no.)

GOP U.S. Senator Ensign Admits Adultery With Campaign Aide Who Was Married To Another Ensign Staffer

Peyton Place, please move over.  We have a new contender.  This one is a real bunny hatch!

Will United States Senator John Ensign claim it as a youthful indiscretion, or perhaps was it that gay marriages across the country made his own relationship shaky? That is the talking point, isn’t it?  Just  how does a conservative pro-family Senator spin adultery?


In a statement released by his office, the Republican from Nevada says “I take full responsibility for my actions. I know that I have deeply hurt and disappointed my wife, my children, my family, my friends, my staff and the people of Nevada who believed in me not just as a legislator but as a person. I deeply regret and am very sorry for my actions.”

The senator’s office also released a statement from Ensign’s wife Darlene, saying “since we found out last year we have worked through the situation and we have come to a reconciliation. This has been difficult on both families. With the help of our family and close friends our marriage has become stronger. I love my husband.”

The other option for his wife was kicking Ensign’s behind out the door while keeping his nards in a glass bottle on the mantle.