Glenn Beck To Rick Santorum: ‘I Could Kiss You In The Mouth’

Sometimes even I do not need to add more commentary to a story.

What should have been just another interminable conversation between two mind-boggling A-holes took an intriguing turn down Rainbow Alley last night, when Fox News host (and self-loathing Gleek) Glenn Beck accidentally blurted out, “I could kiss you in the mouth” to Rick Santorum on Thursday’s show. (It was in response to Santorum saying that he’d signed the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge, which is apparently the fiscal conservative equivalent of announcing, “I just scored a pair of Lady Gaga floor seats!”)

Beck quickly backpedaled, saying, “I was just kidding, I don’t want to kiss you in the mouth.” But we all know he wants to kiss Rick Santorum in the mouth. “In.” Not “on.” Crucial difference. Video at Mediaite.

400 Advertisers Refused To Do Business On Glenn Beck Show, FAUX News Drops Him

I guess that little boycott worked…Glenn Beck’s show has been dropped by FAUX News, and he will stop using his little chalk board later this year.  Who gets the chalk board you ask, well, some on FAUX News are musing about that too.

Nearly 400 advertisers who do business with Fox News refused to advertise on his show. Beck’s ratings declined the most of any Fox News show in the first quarter: down 37 percent with viewers ages 25 to 54, and 30 percent among all viewers, compared with the first quarter of 2010.

Remember these types of stories from 2009….well…it worked!

Eight more Glenn Beck advertisers, including Wal-Mart — the world’s largest retailer — have confirmed to that they pulled their ads from the controversial Fox News Channel broadcaster’s eponymous show. Allergan (maker of Restasis), Ally Bank (a unit of GMAC Financial Services), Best Buy, Broadview Security, CVS, Re-Bath, Travelocity and Wal-Mart join the dozen other companies who previously distanced themselves from Beck.

FAUX News Staff Joke About Departing Glenn Beck

Really, none of these folks should be poking with sticks…after all they work at FAUX News too.

Fox News anchors Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier joked about Glenn Beck’s imminent departure from the network on Wednesday.

Fox News and Beck announced that Beck will be ending his daily show later this year, and will instead produce specials for the network.

Baier and Kelly were talking about the fight over the budget, and tossing around lots of numbers.

“Maybe we need a chalkboard” to sort the math out, Baier said. “I don’t know, it’s not usually my thing.”

“Where could we get one?” Kelly joked, grinning. “I don’t know!” Baier said.

“One may be becoming available,” Kelly said.

Kelly previously said in an interview that “some of the allegations” against Beck “may have foundation.”

FOX News Drops Glenn Beck

Oh my….

Lets just face the fact that liberals are having a very good week…and it is only Wednesday.

SAGGING RATINGS, a string of damaging remarks and an exodus of advertisers have combined to end Glenn Beck’s controversial tenure on US cable network Fox News.

The news follows weeks of speculation about Beck’s future, as a campaign to put pressure on advertisers to boycott his daily 5pm slot gathered pace, while Beck himself was embroiled in battles erupting from his often rococo conspiracy theories involving the likes of George Soros and Barack Obama.

David Brock of Media Matters for America, one of Beck’s most vociferous critics, said: “After losing more than 300 advertisers and seeing more than a million viewers abandon his show, the only surprise is that it took Fox News months to reach this decision.” The StopBeck campaign, designed to lobby corporations against advertising on Beck’s show, welcomed the news with a Twitter posting: “VICTORY!”

Madison’s WTDY Must Share Shame Over Glenn Beck Statements

What took so long for WTDY to drop Glenn Beck from the airwaves?  Why did WTDY ever place this nut-case on the Madison airwaves to begin with?  So before any one takes time to congratulate WTDY ask first why they decided to let Beck be on a Madison station to begin with.

After all, this is MADISON,  Wisconsin!!

The statement from WTDY about booting Beck is based in part on the fact that Beck has used Madison as a whipping boy due to the collective bargaining protests.  Might I ask why WTDY thought that was horrible but having Beck call President Obama a socialist and challenge his citizenship was somehow just fine.

Might the management of WTDY be a little touched in the head too?  As with anyone like Glenn Beck it takes two to make a deal.  WTDY has to share the blame for Glenn Beck.

The Madison, Wisconsin, radio station that dropped Glenn Beck’s program this week issued the following statement to Media Matters when asked why the decision was made:

WTDY can no longer carry the Glenn Beck program. Over the last 12 months, the show has devolved into plugs for Fox News (the radio version of which is aired by our direct competitor), his books, and other personal endorsements. The lack of actual content becomes more apparent daily. Monday’s program was the final straw; his unabashed deriding of Madison is unacceptable for broadcast in our community.

Sarah Palin And The Shooting Of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

The sickness of the extreme right-wing in this nation should not be taken lightly.  What they do and say within the echo chamber of the right-wing media has repercussions.

We saw that today in Tucson, and I am laying part of the blame right at the feet of Sarah Palin.  The shooter used a 9mm Glock handgun to blast his way onto the front pages, shooting U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, killing a federal judge, and a nine-year-old girl, along with others.

I have written many times on CP about my fear over violent and inciting comments from the likes of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and others of their ilk.  I sincerely believe when enough dangerous rhetoric is aimed at people such as President Obama or Democratic members of Congress, and then reverberates in the right-wing media, it makes sick minds think actions like that which took place today in Tuscon are somehow appropriate.

Consider what Sarah Palin tweeted in 2010.  (Below)

The map with gun targets (below) was a frontal assault on our sensibilities, and also aimed at the well-being and safety of members of Congress. If you do not agree than I can only conclude your IQ matches the bust size of the hillbilly from Wasilla.

Was Sarah Palin trying to be funny when she wanted to “get on target”?  Was Sarah Palin trying to be family oriented when she used these tactics with language about guns and people being targeted?    Was Sarah Palin showcasing her ‘christian’ lifestyle and values?  What version of the bible is read in Wasilla?

Or is Sarah Palin just fucking stupid?  (I never use that type of language here on my blog…..but there comes a time for everything.) 

Everyone knows from the actions she has taken to make money over the past two years that Sarah Palin is greedy. She is out for every dollar she can scavenge.  Now we also know she is a very dangerous person.

The  shootings in Tucson tell us so.


Glenn Beck To Be Featured In New York Times Magazine This Sunday

Snippet from long solid read.  Mark Leibovich writes it like it is.  The bold highlights are mine.

When I mentioned Beck’s name to several Fox reporters, personalities and staff members, it reliably elicited either a sigh or an eye roll. Several Fox News journalists have complained that Beck’s antics are embarrassing Fox, that his inflammatory rhetoric makes it difficult for the network to present itself a legitimate news outlet. …

While Beck’s personal ventures and exposure have soared this year, his television ratings have declined sharply – perhaps another factor in the network’s impatience. His show has averaged 2.1 million viewers a night this year through mid-September, compared with 2.8 million in the same period of 2008, according to Nielsen Ratings. He also brings headaches. As of Sept. 21, 296 advertisers have asked that their commercials not be shown on Beck’s show (up from 26 in August 2009). Fox also has a difficult time selling ads on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and ‘Fox and Friends’ when Beck appears on those shows as a guest. Beck’s show is known in the TV sales world as ’empty calories,’ meaning he draws great ratings but is toxic for ad sales. If nothing else, I sensed that people around Fox News have grown weary after months of ‘It’s all about Glenn.’ I was sitting with Bill Shine, the director of programming, on the Wednesday after the Restoring Honor event, which was held on a Saturday and still drawing analysis in the news media four days later. At the end of a half-hour interview in which Shine spoke well of Beck, a look of slight irritation flashed his face. He shook his head slightly. ‘The president of the United States ends the war in Iraq,’ Shine said, which Obama did the night before in a speech from the Oval Office, ‘and on Wednesday we’re still talking about Glenn Beck.’”

“Rally To Restore Sanity” Slated For October 30 In Washington, D.C.

Glenn Beck is about to made a fool. (Again.)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery– or at least that’s what Glenn Beck will be hoping for when he hears this news. Tonight, Jon Stewart announced the “Rally to Restore Sanity“: a march on Washington for people who have better things to do than march on Washington. Naturally, Stewart’s rally will have competition: the “March to Keep Fear Alive,” led by Stephen Colbert.

So who is invited to this march? According to the website, anyone who would otherwise not attend rallies on principle:

We’re looking for the people who think shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat; who feel that the loudest voices shouldn’t be the only ones that get heard; and who believe that the only time it’s appropriate to draw a Hitler mustache on someone is when that person is actually Hitler. Or Charlie Chaplin in certain roles.

Are you one of those people? Excellent. Then we’d like you to join us in Washington, DC on October 30 — a date of no significance whatsoever — at the Daily Show’s “Rally to Restore Sanity.” Ours is a rally for the people who’ve been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) — not so much the Silent Majority as the Busy Majority.