Gregory Humphrey’s Second Book Moving Along To Completion

When people say off-the-cuff at a barbeque or dinner party, and usually after a couple of beverages, ‘I should write a book’ it sounds as if the experience will be effortless and just smooth sailing with smiles the whole way through from start to finish.  After completing my first book Walking Up The Ramp I am more than able to dispel any fanciful idea that the process is easy or not taxing on the stress level.  Meaningful, yes. Introspective, certainly. Time-consuming, absolutely. Enriching…well, check the many meanings of the word in a dictionary and one will actually fit!

As I am in the final stretch of my second book, knowing full well the lure of the summer sun and warm nights having too easily pulled me from my desk I can say the journey of writing and packaging this effort is well worth my investment of time and resolve.   But the self-imposed deadline for the publication to meet the change of seasons from summer to fall will not be met.  But I do see land ahead! Like any good journey on water, it all gets better when seagulls fly overhead, and I can say that is the case here.

As I ponder this project that started last November, I am reminded of a cartoon that sums up the book-writing experience for folks like me who do not have a New York agent.

Stay tuned for updates, the project will be worth the wait. 

(Gregory)Humphrey History Minute: Jack Alcock And Arthur Brown

The wonderful adventurous stories from the pages of history that make for smiles, and the delight in retelling them, lead me to this latest history minute. From my home recording studio, I take you back to 1919.

To My Readers: Thanks For Spike In Numbers At Caffeinated Politics

This is all due to my Caffeinated Politics Facebook readers on my little place on the internet highway. Folks like you. Thanks. Sorry for the fuzzy screenshot.

New Doty Land Podcast: “Sure Does Feel Stormy Today”

Podcaster Gregory Humphrey goes back to childhood days in Hancock, Wisconsin to prove weather of all sorts should be viewed up close.  Nothing is better than grandma’s arm around a shoulder as the thunder crashes or as a boy walking into the bracing winds of a winter snowstorm.  Nostalgic warm memories for anyone wishing to trek back in time. (7 minutes)

Elvis, Thunderstorms, Dan Rather, And Local Radio Doty Land

Fond memories of Gregory Humphrey's first day on WDOR radio with Elvis' music, recollections of Dan Rather one Sunday morning on a Texas radio station, and a severe thunderstorm in Sturgeon Bay when a Brewer baseball game is knocked off the air as callers light up the phone lines!  Funny memories with another Doty Land professional-sounding podcast.
  1. Elvis, Thunderstorms, Dan Rather, And Local Radio
  2. Sparking Moments Of Joy And Remembrance During The Long Goodbye
  3. Acting With Humanity In Time Of War Makes For New Film
  4. "Sure Does Feel Stormy Today"
  5. Tribute To Classic Country Music, WSM Radio, Grant Turner, And More!

You can hear Doty Land and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartradio, Spotify, Castro, and many other sites.

Humphrey History Video: Bipartisanship!

It seems quaint to write of political opposites seeing their role on the national stage being about the higher requirements of the country. But history shows that was the case.

(Gregory) Humphrey’s History Video Minute: Embarrassing Military Moment

Gregory Humphrey’s (that is your CP blogger) History Minute! When one has lost a military stand-off but then also faces additional embarrassment at not even being able to capitulate without losing again. The Ottoman Empire, HMS Doris, and Alexandretta, now known as İskenderun. Short, snappy, and amusing.

President’s Day With Nostalgic Memory Of Administering Oath Of Office

History meets warm nostalgia in Vermont as Calvin Coolidge’s dad administers the presidential oath of office in 1923–to his son. Grand narrative by Gregory Humphrey.

Gregory Humphrey’s History Video: First Black American Dines At White House

Humphrey’s History Video as we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America…..short, snappy, and loaded with trivia—even Mark Twain!