Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Has Entered “The End Stage” With Cancer

Dan Rather reports.

This reporter has been told that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has “entered the end stage”. The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez is now not expected to live “more than a couple of months at most.” Chavez is running for re-elec tion in Venezuela but several sources–including the one who revealed the exact kind of cancer– have told me that they believe it is doubtful the dictator will live to see the results.

Voting is scheduled for October 7th.

Madison Gun Nuts Should Find Common Ground With Venezuelan President Chavez

Regardless of what the gun nuts who walked into a local Culver’s restaurant with guns holstered to their bodies might think, most people have real problems with such deadly weapons in public places.    When the news first broke I felt a group of men were trying to compensate for having small penises by showing their weapons off.  There was no way that these folks could be serious!  Then last week it became clear they were trying to make a legal case about guns, and also perhaps reap financial gain.    Perhaps if they are awarded money the purchase of a sports car might be a better way to deal with their mid-life crisis than playing with guns.

Today comes a story from Venezuela that made me think that these gun opportunists at Culver’s have a real international ally.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is preaching their message, and singing their tune.  Perhaps the next time the merry band of gun-slingers from Madison go out brandishing weapons they might consider getting matching T-shirts with a picture of their kindred spirit from South America emblazoned on the front.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that members of the country’s civilian militia should be issued weapons to be armed and ready at all times.

The Bolivarian Militia is a force of volunteers ranging from students to retirees formed in recent years by Chavez, who says it is a crucial component of the nation’s defenses.

Until now, members of the militia have regularly trained at weekend boot camps, but their guns have usually been locked away in military depots when not in use.

“Who has seen a militia without weapons?” Chavez said during his Sunday television and radio program. He said he was surprised when he met some militiamen standing guard recently and learned they had no guns.

President Obama Makes Inroads With Hugo Chavez Thanks To Being Diplomatic

I am a fan of diplomacy.  We do not need to agree with everyone or everything in order to talk.  But let us recall that it is not our friends that we need to hold talks with, as much as those with who we have different perspectives and viewpoints.  While FAUX News was having fun with the handshake between President Obama and President Chavez we all know that there are reasons we need intelligent leadership, such as we now enjoy.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez said Saturday he’s ready to send an ambassador back to the U.S., according to the Venezuelan government news service.

“I have spoken to Roy Chaderton — currently Venezuela’s ambassador to the Organization of American States — and I have appointed him as candidate for the embassy in the United States,” Mr. Chávez said. “Now we must wait for Washington to provide the authorization so he can take up the post.”

His tense, vitriolic relationship with former U.S. President George W. Bush has dissolved into one with Obama that has started with respect and even friendship. On Friday, Mr. Obama shook Mr. Chávez hands while the two were waiting for the inaugural ceremony to start.

“I want to be your friend,” Mr. Chávez said to the U.S. president.

Both leaders are doubtless still feeling their way around this new relationship.