Jay Sekulow Is One Reason Trump Is So Adamant About Being Anti-Gay

Nearly 20 years ago I use to watch the first 15 minutes of the 700 Club to catch the rambling discourse and incoherence of Pat Robertson as the news of the day was hashed about.  It simply was so humorous to hear Robertson try to place God’s views–as hoped for by the deranged preacher–into every news story of the day.  (No, I do not think the carnival ride left those kids upside down for three hours so they could learn to pray.)  It was during those shows I first learned of the highly conservative and deeply ”religious’ views of Jay Sekulow, who often would be on to add big legal words for the supportive viewers back in the trailer parks to awe over as they reached for their wallets to send cash.

To say the legal views of Sekulow makes the Constitution severely unbendable would be a most fair statement.  With his strict-constructionist views it is more than fair to say blacks would never be full-fledged citizens with voting rights, let alone perhaps gay too, with marriage rights.   So when we now read of the truly upsetting views and actions coming from the Trump White House regarding gay rights I know one of the primary reasons for this comes as a result of Sekulow.

Today Justia has a great column that speaks to this very topic.

Sessions has long been antagonistic to LGBTQ, voting in favor of a constitutional amendment that would require marriage to be only between a man and a woman and against adding sexual orientation to the protected classes under the federal civil rights laws.

Sekulow has made a career of being homophobic. He represented a doctor who refused to hire LGBTQ employees, because, “Not only does homosexuality bring physical and spiritual disease and death, but also it is contagious to others exposed to it.” Through the nonprofit he and his family have led, the American Center for Law and Justice, he fought in the United States to keep the anti-sodomy laws in place and exported extreme anti-gay agendas overseas. These two men are uniquely suited to carry out the hateful agenda now emerging from the Trump morass.

The pace and ugliness of the Trump Administration’s war on LGBTQ has increased dramatically coincident with the addition of Jay Alan Sekulow, of the conservative American Center for Law and Justice, as Trump’s personal lawyer. That should not be surprising given Sekulow’s history. With Sekulow frequently by Trump’s side and speaking for the president, it is not shocking that his anti-gay agenda would worm its way into the Administration and that his presence would coincide with this Administration taking out the cannons to blast the progress LGBTQ have been able to make in this country and elsewhere in the last 20 years.