Trial Begins For John Demjanjuk, Nazi Death Camp Guard

There is finally justice coming for some of those who were held at Sobibor, in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II.  John Demjanjuk, who was allowed to be in the United States far longer than he should have been, finally is standing trial in Germany.  There should be  no waffling about where anyone should stand on this matter, even though for years Pat Buchanan defended this man.  Many still contend he has not been treated fairly.

To them I suggest they try and reckon any sense of humanity with the mental image of Demjanjuk, while a camp guard at Sobibor,  pushing  thousands of Jewish men, women and children to their death in the gas chambers.

There will be justice, though decades slow in coming.  He is 89 and feeble in health.  He is so stubborn that he will not even speak in court, reports those who are on his defense team.  I suspect however he will be speaking soon  when the flames of hell start to burn him.  Yelling perhaps, more than speaking.

But for now justice on earth for John Demjanjuk has started.