Total Investigation, For Love Of Nation, Required Of January 6th Insurrection On Capitol

It is beyond absurd and hypocritical for Republicans to now bemoan and kvetch about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi creating a January 6th select committee to investigate the insurrection which struck at the heart of our democracy. After turning tail and running away from their responsibilities to burrow down to the facts about the attempted coup of our government, Republicans now are complaining about those who are taking the forward movement this nation requires.

The 30-some House Republicans, who took their official duties seriously enough earlier this year when supporting a bipartisan commission, should be applauded. They were the brave ones in their party.

But is that not sad?

Only 30-some Republicans stood tall, when at stake for all the nation is knowing the full weight of what happened when an attack on the Capitol by a Trump-supporting mob, incited to violence by the “big lie” that Trump had lost the election, killed police officers and injured so many others. Why are so many Republicans dodging the need for this nation to grasp the full impact of the security and intelligence failures that led up to the disaster?

Over the past decades, Republicans have rightfully been concerned, as have the Democrats, about terrorism that has jarred our nation, and places around the globe. But one has to ask what in the blazes is wrong with the modern Republican Party when they blanch at taking a solid investigation of domestic terrorists who launched a horrendous attack on our nation’s Capitol?

Are not Republicans able to grasp a branch of the federal government has not been so seriously threatened since 9/11? Why can they not gather up enough steam and anger to wade into the harmful elements within this nation with the same speed and zeal they had for invading Iraq? (Iraq, as we know had nothing to do with 9/11.)

How Republicans can be so timid given their place of work was overtaken by a ruthless and barbaric group of Americans, and not care if the mob was following a preconceived plan, is stupefying.

Republicans have shown their true colors. From across the spectrum, they have unleashed all sorts of bile about the investigation, and the need for a commission to sort through the evidence. In so doing, they clearly demonstrate that fealty to Donald Trump is more important to them than the love of the nation.

Meanwhile, Democrats will plow ahead with the investigation the nation wants, and more importantly, requires.

Democracy deserves the truth.

And so it goes.

Better Lines Of Communication Needed From White House To Congress (Trump Defeat Will Help)

There is an absolutely must-read news story on Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in today’s New York Times.  It is one of those larger type reads which usually lands in the Sunday edition.  Over two full pages, which included nuggets like the following.

Robert Mnuchin’s wife, Adriana, has reminded people that she is not Steven’s biological mother. (The couple married when he was a toddler.) She reluctantly attended Steven’s 2017 wedding to the Scottish-born actress Louise Linton. Ms. Mnuchin pretended her arm was injured in order to avoid having to shake hands with Mr. Trump, according to her grandson Zan Mnuchin Rozen.

But what I found really troubling was the following portion.

That afternoon, Mr. Mnuchin joined Mr. Trump and his coronavirus task force at the White House. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, delivered grim news: The virus was spreading in the United States at an exponential rate.

“There’s big trouble coming,” Mr. Mnuchin said to Mr. Kudlow as they left the room.

“I’m afraid you’re right,” Mr. Kudlow agreed.

The next day, Mr. Trump spoke about the virus on Capitol Hill. “Just stay calm,” he urged. “It will go away.”

Mr. Mnuchin, however, had shifted into crisis mode.

He spoke with Ms. Pelosi that afternoon to talk about an economic rescue plan. Mr. Mnuchin was pretty much the only member of the administration on speaking terms with the House speaker. (They had developed a working relationship while negotiating an increase in the national debt ceiling last year.) They discussed bailouts for the airline and hotel industries…

It is bizarre behavior for Donald Trump to label the female Speaker of the House as “a sick woman” with “mental problems.”   It is truly concerning that the third most powerful person in the United States government is relegated to such a status within the Trump White House that at a time of national crisis there was only one person “on speaking terms” with Nancy Pelosi.

We simply must have more collegial and sound relationships among the various parts of the government.  This is yet one more example of how far astray we are under Trump from a working and properly functioning government.

One more prime example as to why the voters need to correct the issue by removing Trump from the Oval Office.

State Governments Need Federal Funds, And Soon, Due To Pandemic

There is no doubt–none whatsoever–that the federal government must–and will–provide financial assistance to the states which have been so thoroughly undermined during this pandemic.  The economic necessity of such action is not in question, and while the political show will consume some bandwidth in Washington the end result is not in doubt.

One only needs to read the business section of the newspapers from this past week to grasp the enormity of the cash-strapped states.  In the east New York is projecting its biggest dip will come from a nearly $12 billion hit to sales and use taxes. Way up north Alaska is dealing with oil prices which took a massive hit, while out west Arizona has funding issues from lower individual income taxes.  Meanwhile, California projected a dip of more than $41 billion in revenue through the fiscal year 2021 with a budget deficit of about $54.3 billion.

One primary argument for federal funding to the states is to make sure that budget shortfalls do not impair emergency workers, such as firemen and police, who are central to the proper functioning of local governments.  The faith of the citizenry in local government at a time of pandemic is critical.

If the federal government is smart they will invest in the states and work to keep people employed.  Otherwise, citizens will utilize government benefits like food stamps and unemployment.  Deficits are going to increase this year no matter what happens, but with smart moves, the federal government can make the red ink work to the advantage of our national economy.

The larger overall purpose for the federal injection of funds is driven by economics.  If we are to stave off the worst effects of the recession–and it is a major one to be sure–we must spend money.  With states facing a major tax revenue decline, there must be spending which will aid in the updraft to the economy.   Too many fail to grasp the impact that federal dollars play in ‘juicing’ the economy.  With low-interest rates the return on money from Washington, when timed correctly, will provide the very type of impact that everyone from Speaker Pelosi to Donald Trump claims they want.

Best Line Of The Night At State Of Union Speech

A reporter for Politico asked House Speaker Nation Pelosi here reaction to the State of the Union address.

“I tore it up,” she said.


“It was the courteous thing to do,” she said.


The speech was xenophobic and racist.  It was designed to curry favor with that base of the Republican Party who are the boorish knuckledraggers.

During the speech, Trump said his administration is “combating radical Islamic terrorism.”  A significant part of Trump’s appeal to Republican voters in 2016 was based on stoking fears of Muslims.

Trump talked about people who are in the “illegally” and ramped up what plays well for the under-educated angry white males in the nation. Another culture war battle and dog whistle to the right-wingers.

I am so tired of the stupid people wagging the dog in this nation.  So yes, the message to Trump that Speaker Pelosi sent was simply perfect.  The only thing that would have made it better, as I told my CP Facebook followers tonight, is if she had placed a paper shredder and used it each time the mouth-breather finished a page.



Summing Up Donald Trump’s Week

When seeing this political cartoon today I knew it was the perfect summation of the week.  The gravity of the impeachment process is well understood by Americans.  There is a resolve to not allow for the furtherance of illegal and unconstitutional behavior from Donald Trump.  And that is happening due to the efforts of a strong woman who bided her time to know when to rev the engines.

And we all know how Trump disdains women in charge.  This moment in the life of our nation, and therefore this political cartoon, is perfect.


Trump’s Impeachment Process Makes For Front Page Headlines

Yesterday was a truly historic day in the nation.  The Hosue of Representatives passed a resolution shaping the process for impeachment hearings.  The Republicans went into their usual fall-back position of acting as if they never opened a civics book and even read the preface.

The impeachment hearings are, simply put, an inquiry to get at the truth concerning the actions Donald Trump took which run counter to our Constitution.   So with the partisan display Republicans took at every turn, they have proven again that honesty and integrity do not matter to them.   Law and order are only buzz-words they use on the campaign trail.  When it comes to the needs of the nation the GOP has proved they only care about their party.  The GOP should have bumper stickers that say simply ‘to hell with the country’.

Yesterday the Republican defense, articulated by Congressman McCarthy, is that Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump since the day he was elected.  What he left unsaid is that Trump has lied, abused the Constitution, ripped up treaties, cooperated with our enemies, disabled our intelligence services, and openly sought financial gain for himself and his family while failing to disclose his own tax filings.  Those are some of the reasons that have fueled calls for impeachment.   Had Democrats exerted the urge that McCarthy charged they would have pressed for impeachment for obstruction of justice following the release of the Mueller Report.   (Something this blog advocated.) 

Now Trump’s been caught trying to use the power of his office to force a dependent foreign country to manufacture an “investigation” against a 2020 political opponent. If Trump hadn’t been engaging in corrupt, self-serving activities in the office, impeachment wouldn’t be in play.

Anf so it goes.

Now a sampling of the front pages of newspapers around the country.











Impeachment Proceeding Aimed At Removing National Stain


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats behind closed doors that she is ready for the House to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family.

This is the only process that is acceptable for the sake of our republic. History demands accountability when it comes to the damage that Trump has unleashed with his disregard for laws and rules.

“It would be my intention with the consent of this caucus … to proceed with an impeachment inquiry,” she said, according to two Democratic sources in the room. “He is asking a foreign government to help him in his campaign, that is a betrayal of his oath of office.”

I have stated repeatedly that the future of this country is at stake.  We have an obligation as citizens to not allow this danger to our nation continuing in office.

Read historian Joesph Ellis’s work, in many volumes, as he breathes life back into the Founding Fathers. (I love his work!)  The Founders were concerned about the abuse a future president might heap upon the nation. They well understood the fragility of what they were attempting to create with a new government.  They grasped how such abuses could very well undermine the democratic process.  They knew that the ‘next’ election might not be soon enough to deal with a dangerous president and that our republic might need a faster remedy.

So they placed into the Constitution for such a need the power of impeachment.  In Trump’s case, what the Founders devised, hits both of their fears.  First, they wanted to make sure a president was not subverting the rule of law.  They also wanted to ensure that a president was not pursuing his own self-interest at the expense of the general welfare.

I have argued over time that uniting for impeachment is required based on Trump’s attempt to obstruct justice.  Multiple times.  Now there is even more harsh realities that we need to deal with.

About a week before Trump called Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25th to pressure him to investigate Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Trump withheld close to $400 million in aid to Ukraine.  And he didn’t release the money until September 11th, which just happened to be two days after Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson revealed to Congress that there was a credible and urgent whistleblower complaint involving Trump and Ukraine. What a coincidence!

It is time to act for a return to law and order, sanity in government, and the return to the normal fashion of how the government must operate and function.  It is time for the impeachment of Donald Trump and the removal of his family from the White House.  The national stain must be removed.

Trump Wrong About Investigations, Will Soon Learn About Checks And Balances

If there are such things as starting points then today would be noted as one.  It was only last night that Donald Trump used part of his time during the SOTU address to clumsily and misleadingly assert that “an economic miracle is taking place in the United States and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous partisan investigations.”

We can allow college students, who were playing a drinking game with every stupid remark made my Trump, to have two shots for that statement.   It brought howls of laughter from many watching in homes around the nation.   Our economy was in a recovery during the years that President Obama served.  Trump only added to the deficit with a tax cut for the wealthy, and created a trade war with nations around the globe.  So yes, it is a miracle that given his self-created economic disasters, that our economy is still humming along.

Trump’s ‘let-me-talk-slow-so-to-sound-out-every word-and-not-not-choke-on-my-own-tongue-on-national-television’ warning about how investigations concerning his corrupt behavior should not proceed fell flat. Today the checks and balances written into the Constitution got underway.  In case Trump was not aware of the three branches of government Speaker Pelosi alerted him to that fact by making it most clear the House would not be intimidated by his “all-out threat” to drop its investigations of his administration.

The House Intelligence Committee started a robust and broad inquiry into whether Russia and other foreign powers may be exercising influence over Trump.  An all out effort will be made to secure Trump’s long-suppressed tax returns.  It is a national security matter. Having no ability to see his taxes only increases the reasons for making sure his actions were not counter to national interests. Other committees are not wasting any time in making it clear they too understand the role Congress has with oversight obligations.  The Judiciary Committee has a subpoena for the acting attorney general in case he tries to avoid questioning by the Democrats.

Yes, it is a time for answers.  And Democrats are going to make it a priority to get them for the American people.  Logical people scoff at the idea put forth by the Republicans that these investigations are “politically motivated overreach”.  I am astounded that conservatives who prattle on about their respect for our Constitution now conveniently forget the document says the legislative branch is co-equal with, and shall provide oversight of, the executive branch.

We all know conservatives did not take that role to heart.  That was made clear when over the past two years Congressional Republicans abdicated their responsibilities.  They stood up, pulled their pants down, and never questioned when the Trump White House started to cut.  ‘Smile and you will not get a primary’ mattered more than principle or the needs of the nation.  Such is the way with modern day Republicans.

But Democrats care enough about the nation and our laws to not allow Trump, his family, and their corruption to not be addressed.  Checks and balances matter.  The Founding Fathers knew it.  Soon Trump and his ilk will, too.