Why Trump Needs To Know His Words Matter–Dead People A Result

Long before Donald trump launched his bid for the Republican Party nomination I was not in favor of a business person sitting in the Oval Office.  History shows that a certain skill set is required to govern from the White House and the head of a corporation does not have the required levels of nuance and patience which a president must command.

In Trump’s case there is also the inability to monitor how words, either verbally or in writing, are used.   That too, has been a long-time complaint of mine on this blog as history continually shows that words matter.   I wrote on this blog about the events where Trump casually told Fox News the United States “would have to wipe out $75 billion in debt owed by Puerto Rico to bondholders around the world.”

As one might understand Wall Street went head-over-tea kettle as Puerto Rican bonds headed into a tailspin.  It was only then the White House had to come out and say Trump was wrong and worked to clean up yet another mess made by one not prepared to sit in the Oval Office.

Words matter.

Today we have news that the Nigerian army has cited a video of Donald Trump, in which he says soldiers should respond with force to migrants throwing stones, to justify opening fire on a Shia group this week.

“When they throw rocks… consider it as a rifle,” Mr Trump says in the clip.

Nigerian police have arrested 400 members of a Shia Muslim sect after days of deadly protests in the capital.  A spokesman for the Nigerian army says their decision to fire live rounds at protesters in Abuja was justified because they were armed, telling the BBC “this is what [Mr] Trump was talking about”.

The role of a president is most serious one.  That is why this nation needs to elect serious-minded nominees to the position.  And voters need to be serious-minded when they head to the polls.

We can clearly see what happens when all that does not happen.