Wretched Moves By Netanyahu Will Kill Palestinians For Hopes Of Electoral Success

It must be election season in Israel as the nation is about to use their military on poor Palestinians.

Israel claims that Hamas, the Islamist terrorist organization that governs the Gaza Strip, was responsible for a rocket launched overnight that destroyed a private home in a farming community.  What did, or did not happen, is not clear.

What is clear is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a forceful response, using his strident tone to show strength as he maneuvers for an election only two weeks away.  He is even showing his ‘resolve’ by cutting short his US visit after meeting with Donald Trump.  This morning I read in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, that the military alerted some reservists to prepare to be drafted in the event of a significant escalation.  Mind you, that is the first time in years that the army has taken that move.  Netanyahu must really be wary of the electors this cycle!

What many fear, of course, is the deranged military moves may indicate that the Israeli army is gearing up for a ground incursion into Gaza.  The ones who will be most hurt are the poor and young Palestinians.

The polls in Israel show Netanyahu’s party trailing a new political alliance, the moderate Kahol Lavan (“Blue and White”) party, in part because Netanyahu is facing indictment on corruption charges. To secure a victory Netanyahu has proven he will go to any ends to win–even using the Golan Heights, captured from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War, as a tool.  There is no way to support the reckless candidate while he shows such disregard for international norms that hold permanently acquiring territory through war is illegitimate, or using military might against poor populations which is reprehensible.

Just another black eye for Zionists.

Another Slam At Palestinians With Pro-Israel Bias

The funniest line from the White House on Monday was when spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated. “We are as committed today as we ever have been to the peace process.”

Or maybe that was the most honest statement. (Depends what words one emphasizes.)

Because from the very start the Trump Administration has been in the hip-pocket of Israel and makes every effort possible to undermine the Palestinians.  The recent actions are very much in line with the desires of Zionists.

The Trump White House closed the PLO office in Washington on Rosh Hashana. There is no way the move will not–and should not–inflame this administration’s bitter relations with Palestinians.

Those who know and care about history–which would then exclude Trump–know that for decades, even during times of regional strife and when U.S.-Israeli ties were at their strongest, Washington had tried to position itself as a neutral party in the Mideast conflict.  We had over half a century been willing to call out both sides when they took moves seen as contrary to the pursuit of peace.

Let us not forget that several U.S. presidents, from both parties, made concerted efforts to broker a peace accord.  Those efforts did not work, but the two-state solution envisioned an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, with the boundaries negotiated in talks between the parties.

The U.S. does not currently recognize the Palestinian territories as an independent state, though the U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in 2012 to recognize Palestine as a “non-member observer state.”

The backwards and self-defeating move by the Trump administration of closing the PLO mission will–and should–stiffen the Palestinians’ opposition to anything the Trump team thinks they can propose regarding peace in the region.   There is a clear pro-Israel bias and that not only hurts the Palestinians but also the United States.

Our role in the world as a fair and objective arbiter between clashing parties has taken a serious hit.  Just one more example, added to a growing list of reasons, of the undermining of our stature on the world stage during the Trump Administration.

Which is exactly what those who wish to see us pull from our international responsibilities desire.

President Carter Correct: United States Wrong To Move Embassy To Jerusalem

European foreign ministries were among many around the world who correctly slammed the United States decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.   The move is simply counter to international law, and it will create a more heightened atmosphere where violence can be expected, and that outrage now can be understood when it does occur.   Furthermore, no one should feel concerned for whatever blow back Israel receives as we should know this embassy move to be wrong and illegal.

The Israeli government claims Jerusalem as its capital, but the Palestinian National Authority considers East Jerusalem to be Palestinian territory illegally occupied by Israel since the Six Day War in 1967.  Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital in the future Palestinian state.

For my birthday in 2006 James bought me Palestine; Peace not Apartheid written by President Jimmy Carter. It is one of the best quick reads on a region that still seeks a way forward.  As Carter explains a two-state solution is self-evident, and the role for the U.S. as mediator is the only one that will work.

Today the U.S. removed itself as a credible objective force in the Palestinian dispute.  It did so by undermining the most serious part of any final agreement between Palestinians and Israel–that being the final status of Jerusalem.

The part of the world community which still is based on law knows–as Carter does–that UN Resolution 242 stating Israel must withdraw from occupied lands is one that should be adhered to and not placed aside.  For the U.S. to join forces with the Zionists who have undermined the rule of law and decency is nothing short of a dark day for the history books.

No one wants violence in the Middle East–but do the same ones who espouse peace not understand that Israel has confiscated and subjected a people for decades which breeds a resentment that will have to be reckoned with?  Again.

More Reasons Why Israel Is Hated

What took place in Israel this weekend, and has not received the type of coverage it deserves in the U.S. press–though the New York Times knew its importance and placed it on their front page this morning--is how right-wing lunacy is gaining steam among the ones who think the Bible is the road map for international relations in the 21st century.

Arguably the most provocative, though least substantive, of the flurry of Israeli actions was a nonbinding but unanimous vote on Sunday by the central committee of Mr. Netanyahu’s party, Likud, to support the “free construction and application of Israeli law and sovereignty in all liberated areas of settlement” in the West Bank.

If such a measure became law, it would effectively annex Israeli settlements on land that the Palestinians demand for a future state and leave them with an archipelago of disconnected territory. The West Bank is now under military jurisdiction, though settlers are subject to civilian law, as Israeli citizens.

Israel is nothing more than an apartheid regime who seemingly works overtime to earn the enmity of the world.   They deserve international scorn and rebuke for their actions.

Supreme Court Knows Jerusalem Is Not Settled Policy

A very important ruling was handed down by the Supreme Court today. The justices ruled that the president has the final word in  long-standing foreign policy dispute involving U.S. passports, Israel and the status of Jerusalem. In the 6-3 decision the court ruled the president has exclusive power in matters of recognizing a foreign sovereign.

The battle was clear and there was no way to arrive at a final decision other than to rebuff those who have the role of Jerusalem clouded in their thinking.

For a very long time the State Department under both Republican and Democratic administrations have just plain refused passport requests to list “Israel” for Americans born in Jerusalem. The reason is straightforward.

The status of Jerusalem remains unresolved. Period.

End of conversation for those who are trying to make a mockery of passport laws and boundaries for a nation that has always been a source of controversy. Both Israelis and Palestinians claim the ancient city as their capital and the U.S. policy has long been that listing Jerusalem as being part of Israel would hinder negotiations between the parties.

Those who push the Israeli arguments over and over and think there will be no push back now understand there is at least one line that cannot be crossed.  Thanks to the Supreme Court.

Hoping For A Netanyahu Defeat

There are many international reasons in hoping for a defeat at the Israeli election polls to for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  What he has done to create tensions in U.S. relations with Israel and undermine peace efforts with Palestinians are more than enough reason to lift a glass and rejoice in a defeat.

But for me there is also the joy of a defeat for Netanyahu by sending a strong message about the efficacy of campaigning for office while purposefully bumping up against other world leaders.   The way he tortured the political process by injecting himself onto international stage for pure partisan reasons aimed at his own re-election was unseemly.

Polls close at 10 p.m. — 4 p.m. E.D.T. — when Israel’s news media will publish initial exit polls. The actual count will continue through the night

Get out a nice bottle of wine and let it breathe–and let us hope we have a reason to enjoy it later today.

Interactive Guide To Israel’s West Bank Settlements

The settlements are wrong in law and ethically.  The world denounces them, and yet Israel does exactly what it wants when it comes to these developments.   Israel needs to be taken a down a peg in regards to this matter.

An interactive guide to Israel’s West Bank settlements. With its mix of reporting from the ground and time-lapse satellite imagery, this New York Times report does more than most to explain why the repetitive flare-ups about settlement-building under Binyamin Netanyahu keep happening—and why they’re so sensitive.

Israel Is Killing Innocents

There comes a time when the endless comments that war is a messy business and innocents die no longer can be allowed to be used as a response to needless carnage taking place in the Middle East.  If my counting is correct this is day 19 of the latest fighting in the Israeli-Palestinian blood-letting, and reports are coming in that 1,000 people have died in Gaza.  The vast majority of them are not the militants, but instead innocent civilians.  Of that number a crushing percentage are truly innocent children.

The bloodshed on the news is just staggering, and while both sides have reason for blame to placed at their feet there is more of the shame and condemnation to be carried by Israel.

While there is no justification for the missiles fired into Israel there is also no way to condone the Israeli land grabs and power tactics that have waged for decades against those who also call this place home.  An economic blockade of Gaze was never going to result in anything positive for Israel.  The Jewish state needs to be mindful that the world does care for the underdogs who fight for rights no matter where they reside.

While there needs to be tough judgment against Hamas for the way they conduct their brand of warfare it also needs to be plainly stated the Israel is playing the aggressor here as they are prone to do and overreact with the result of killing civilians in numbers that must not be allowed to continue.

The report that most stunned me–and there are so many–was of a family of 25 who was hosting a Hamas fighter for dinner as they observed the break in the Ramadan fast.  All were killed when Israel unleashed a missile strike.  There is no civilized nation with real morals that mean something other than as a talking point who would unleash the military in this fashion.  It simply does not make sense in any humane sense, and in a military/political context only stokes the anger and resentment that creates more problems for Israel in the long run.

Israel is out of joint over the inclusion of Hamas into the unity government that needed to be a step in the ownership of responsibility within the Palestinian government.    Israel does not like those who they have crapped on to form a united front and so worked to turn the killing of the three teenagers several weeks ago into the pretext of a military strike that could achieve their purpose.

And now there are 1,000 deaths in Gaza.

Israel conducting themselves in the fashion we have again seen over the past 19 days makes one thing sure.  There will be more young minds that watch the buildings explode and fall in Gaza and the funerals take place every day and who will turn their attention to retribution.

And who can blame them?