Listen To Phoenix Land On Mars

So far you have seen a picture of Phoenix landing with its parachute open on my blog, and also viewed the first pictures that were taken by the mars craft.  Only thing left is to hear the actual sounds transmitted by Phoenix as it landed on the Martian soil.

And that can be found here.  (What did we do before the internet?  I never would have been bored as a child if this had been a part of my youth.)

When you click the audio button you will then be able to select the format you wish to use to hear this file.  I used windows media, so know that works.  Use whatever you normally would for listening.  And enjoy!

With data recorded on board Mars Express, you can hear Phoenix descend on to the surface of the Red Planet. After being processed by the Mars Express Flight Control Team, the sounds of Phoenix descending are audible, loud and clear.

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Photo Showing Phoenix Spacecraft Descending To Martian Surface With Parachute

Awesome!  Wow!  This is one of those pictures that will never cease to amaze.  Who can not feel like a kid with wonderment after seeing this?  What a weekend this has been for space buffs!

Still basking in the elation of a successful Mars landing, engineers with the Phoenix program unveiled a dramatic photo today showing the spacecraft descending to the martian surface under its parachute Sunday. The black-and-white photo, shot by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft as it sailed overhead, shows the inflated parachute and the backshell supporting Phoenix dangling below, somewhere between 10,000 and 1,000 feet above the surface.

The picture is awesome,” said Principal Investigator Peter Smith during a morning news conference. “We’re now awaiting an image from (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) of our spacecraft on the surface so we know exactly where it is. We hope to see also the heat shield and the back shell and the parachute. All of those things will be visible, we just haven’t seen them quite yet. But we will, and once we do, because we carpeted this whole area with images, we’ll have a before and after picture showing what the site looked like before the lander was there and then after the lander came down. So that should be really spectacular.”

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First Pictures From Phoenix Spacecraft On Mars

Pictures from AP and the little spacecraft that makes us all proud around the world.

  A portion of the Phoenix Mars Lander after it landed on Mars

A portion of the Martian surface

A portion of the Martian landscape

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Watch Animated Landing Of Phoenix Spacecraft On Mars

If only we could have witnessed the landing of Phoenix on Mars like we watch the blast-off of a Shuttle rocket from Florida.  It must have been quite a sight to see as the spacecraft set down on the far northern portion of Mars for a three month scientific mission.    Watch the animated version of the landing here.

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