Waiting For Mr. DeMille On Madison Isthmus

James remarks I can not locate something on the top shelf in the refrigerator. But today, I looked out a window, across the street, down their drive, and up in a tree to see a hawk I just knew was waiting for his close-up with Mr. DeMille. So I grabbed the camera and rushed out the door. Mighty cold, though sunny, as I said “howdy” to our neighborhood friend.

Canada Geese Dance-Like Moves On Lake Monona

A sizable flock of Canada Geese has been sighted over the past several days flying back and forth over the Madison isthmus.  During the holidays a group of honkers landed on a freshly iced part of Lake Monona, not far from the shore at B. B. Clarke Beach.  While pouring another cup of hot coffee I noticed folks were congregating so took my camera and dashed over to the lake.

I post a few photos of the dance-like magic on the ice.  With all the hardships due to the continuing pandemic, these are the type of moments that we can embrace and find uplifting. 

Stupendous Rainbow Over Madison And Lake Monona

On Tuesday evening a series of thunderstorms passed over Southern Wisconsin.  As the rain exited Dane County and the setting sun cast a golden hue to the sky, a phenomenal rainbow lasting nearly ten minutes arced across the eastern sky.  Here are some pictures showcasing its beauty.






Birds, Birds, And More Birds

There are some serious issues and serious headlines playing out in the nation this weekend.  I think in light of everything happening we might need something just a tad lighter, for at least one post.

Over the past weeks, a pair of Morning Doves made a nest in our red pine. Today the babies are out and able to fly a couple feet–landing on the top of our arbor. I watched as the young ones ate out of the crop of the parents—have never seen that before with my eyes. I grabbed my camera but the longer lens was not on it and I was not sure I had time to change it……but these pics give a hint of what I watched……



Then I put on my powerful lens, got on the face masks, and James and I drove to a less-traveled place for some bird watching.




White Petals Falling Like Snow

The air was scented so nicely this morning with the aroma of the flowering crabapple tree.  The ground was looking as if a spring ‘petal storm’ had moved over the isthmus.





Photos To Bring Smiles As We Head To Long Weekend

Everything is blooming so nicely and scented so that when the breezes pass along the fragrance is carried to the neighbors.   The lawn had its third mowing this morning, and after trimming and blowing the sidewalk and driveway free of grass clippings I poured a hot cup of coffee and sat for a while.


This crab-apple tree is planted for the memory of James’ mom.  This year the blooms are the heaviest yet for this tree…..and the bumblebees today were busy! Marion would have loved this—better yet she would thrill to the jelly made from the fruit this fall.


I love this time of year, and this season the color and new growth has been a true tonic for the soul.



Madison Sunset From Lake Monona

After days of rain and nary a hint of sunset came a reminder of why we always look skyward in our daily life.  This was glorious!  Notice the slice of moon, too.



Antidote To The Headlines Found On Madison Isthmus

Years back I used to post on this blog pictures of flowers and butterflies from our lawn.  Most of that type of item now is found on my Facebook page or Twitter account.  But this afternoon I was walking from the driveway and the following photo is the sight that just made me stop.  And look.

This is what I plan and scope out when the winter winds cross over frozen Lake Monona and the snow piles up on the front stoop.  And this is what makes life bouncy, day after day, as the warm breezes of summer remind us what really matters.

This blog is mostly an Op-Ed page akin to what one finds in the daily newspaper.  The headlines of the day make for analysis and comment. But it does all of us good to know that headlines, more now than ever, need an antidote.  I have found mine.  Go for a walk tonight and find yours, too.

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