Something Lighter: Comedy With Piano At White House As A President Plays

The headlines, images, and news articles are tougher to read each day due to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Therefore, I place this post on Caffeinated Politics that is truly funny, historic, and just uplifting…at a time we all need that feeling so very much. The video was recorded on this day in history at the White House.

This made me smile, laugh. Trust you have that same reaction. I know readers need the same uplift today, too.

Stephen Colbert Nails Donald Trump, Low IQ Republican Supporters On Jan. 6th Insurrection Anniversary

Simply brilliant.

After a national day of reflection and memories of the violent and deadly attack on our nations’ Capitol, an insurrection spawned by Donald Trump and carried out by his base of supporters, it was perfect timing at night for Stephen Colbert to air a perfectly unique and honest conclusion to the day.

Dimwits are the best one can say about those who follow Trump blindly.

Son Brings Mom To Coup At Nation’s Capitol, A Reader Brings The Comedy

Should we just assume Eric Munchel also took his mom as his Junior Prom date?

A US Capitol rioter caught on camera menacingly clutching disposable restraints while wearing paramilitary gear is a former bartender from Nashville who stormed the Senate with his mom, according to a report Sunday.

Eric Munchel, 30 — photographed holding the zip-tie-like handcuffs while he climbed over press gallery chairs — said he and his 57-year-old mother, Lisa Eisenhart, breached the building, according to the Times of London.

The photograph of him, which went viral, underscores the violent intentions of the mob.

In the midst of the true threat to democracy from these people comes the slivers of humor, such as that concerning Munchel and his would-be fellow terrorist mom. One of my readers on social media, Lisanne Lavoie, wrote truly comical dialogue for this duo. With her consent I post it here.

Zip-tie Bay, “Mahhhhhmmeeeee…I wanna go break into the Capitol with my friends.

“Mom, “Uh, uhn…I don’t think so.”

Zip-tie Boy, “But why, Mahhhh? All the cool kids are gonna be there and Our Holy Orange Leader, Trump, said to come – that it was ‘going to be wild’. I wanna be wild. When do I get to be wild?”

Mom, “Did you do your chores?

Zip-Tie Boy, “Yup, and, I made all these purty handcuffs, pretty neato, huh?”

Mom, “Well, okay, you can go, but only if I go with you.

Zip-Tie Boy, “But Mahhhh, how am I gonna look cool in front of all my friends? I’m gonna lose my street cred.”

Mom, “How’s about you wear your best cammo pants and all black tactical gear – you know – the stuff you wore to Christmas dinner.

Zip-tie Boy, “Well, okay, but you gotta climb over the railings by yourself.”

And so it goes.

Trump Melts As Votes Counted, As Seen From Editorial Cartoons

If you want to feel the tone and mood of the nation as it relates to Donald Trump’s peevish and childish behavior you can do no better than by looking at the work of editorial cartoonists from around the nation. The world is watching, too. The view they have troubles me greatly. They know, as we all do, that this nation is in a deep ditch due to Trump. But we all know that around the bend a tow-truck is coming with Joe at the wheel. All we need to do in the interim is hang on. And laugh and smirk at Trump. The nation will start on a new chapter in January!

Donald Trump Taken To Task With ‘Tammy Wynette’ Song

There are times when parody and comedy make a better statement about Donald Trump than any long and thoughtfully written commentary.  All I ask is that you do not have any food or beverage in your mouth at the time of viewing the video below.

Now, with an apology to Tammy Wynette, who I love…..

Sharpie Political Cartoons

Editorial cartoonists could never have dreamed that something so ridiculous would ever have actually occurred in the White House.  Sexcapades, yes.  Taping conversations, yes.

But misleading a nation with a Sharpie pen on a map from the National Hurricane Center!








Political Cartoons About The Wall And Government Shutdown

Nothing says it better about the political news than a well crafted political cartoon.

SNL Wonders In Hilarious Skit ‘What If Trump Were Never Elected?’ 

Saturday Night Live has a grand star-studded spoof which opened their show last night.  ‘What if Trump were never elected?’  Just in case the video does not work below here is the link that will make you howl.