Dolores Disher Has Cancer, Social Security Fraud Scheme Prosecution Suspended


We are now likely never to know how Marie Jost died or where she is buried.   The long twisted story of what is clearly a most dysfunctional clan will now be the topic of conversations about what is speculated to have occurred.  Dolores Disher  seems destined to die with her secret.   What some have pondered is with the remains of Jost unknown there will never be a burial plot in a cemetery or any recognition of her life or death.  Her family clearly used her and discarded her.

One of three people accused in a Social Security fraud scheme will not stand trial because she has cancer.

Dolores Disher, 71, of Almond is being treated for cancer, her attorney Stephen Sawyer told Portage County Circuit Judge Thomas Flugaur on Tuesday. Flugaur suspended prosecution of the case pending any changes in her health.

Sawyer declined to name the type of cancer, citing medical privacy laws.

Disher, her husband Ronald Disher, 73, and her brother Charles Jost, 67, of Amherst were accused of cashing the Social Security checks of Marie Jost, who was the mother of Dolores Disher and Jost. Investigators contend that the Dishers and Charles Jost defrauded the Social Security Administration of at least $175,000 by cashing Marie Jost’s checks over the course of several years.

Although her body has not been found, authorities believe Marie Jost is dead because she would be more than 100 years old and she hasn’t used her federal medical benefits since 1982. Dolores Disher’s and Charles Jost’s brother, Theodore, also has not been seen for several years and is believed to be dead. He would be 76 years old if alive today.

Flugaur declared Dolores Disher unfit to stand trial in April 2013 after Disher suffered a stroke while in the Portage County Jail. Former Portage County Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood asked a court to re-evaluate her condition after she appeared in court for her husband’s sentencing in April. Isherwood said at that time she appeared well enough that she could understand the charges.

But Dolores Disher’s condition worsened after her husband’s court appearance. Disher underwent two chemotherapy sessions and refused further treatment after her hair fell out and she became violently ill, Sawyer said Tuesday.

Flugaur agreed with a report from Dr. Michael Galli of the Wisconsin Forensics Unit that Disher was not fit to stand trial on the charges, but granted Portage County Assistant District Attorney Cass Cousins’ request to re-evaluate Dolores Disher’s condition after six months.

Flugaur sentenced Ronald Disher to 54 months in prison at that court appearance in April for helping cash the checks and for attacking a Social Security Administration agent who came to the house to investigate.

Fluguar ruled Charles Jost eligible for community treatment in February after Jost pleaded not guilty due to mental defect in December 2013.

Ronald And Dolores Disher Case Takes New Turn In Portage County


This was not unexpected given the way Delores Disher presented herself in court several months ago.  It was only a matter of time until the screws turned.  CP continues to follow this case and thinks there is much more of a story to be told.

Everyone knows there is a body–or two if you count the missing son–that have been discarded somewhere and it is only a matter of time until someone talks.

Keep turning the screws until the answers start flowing.  Better yet put Delores in a room with Nancy Grace for an hour and case solved!

An Almond woman involved in a Social Security fraud case who previously was found unfit to stand trial will undergo a new evaluation to determine whether she is able to face the charges filed against her.

Portage County Circuit Judge Thomas Flugaur on Wednesday ordered a new evaluation for Dolores Disher, 71. Portage County Assistant District Attorney Cass Cousins said the evaluation will be completed by the Wisconsin Forensic Unit, a group of examiners under contract with the state Department of Health Services, and a hearing on the results of that evaluation will be held July 28.

Disher’s previous evaluation was performed by medical expert Richard Hurlbut of Mid Wisconsin Psychotherapy Associates in Waupaca, but Cousins said Hurlbut recently passed away and a new expert will be assigned.

Disher, her husband Ronald Disher, 73, and her brother Charles Jost, 67, were all accused of cashing the Social Security checks of Dolores’ and Jost’s mother, Marie Jost. Investigators contended that the Dishers and Charles Jost defrauded the Social Security Administration of $175,000 by cashing Marie’s checks over the course of several years.

In April, Flugaur sentenced Ronald Disher to 54 months in prison for helping cash the checks and for attacking a Social Security Administration agent who was investigating the matter. At Ronald’s sentencing hearing, Dolores showed up to the courtroom and was allowed to speak with her husband. Former Portage County Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood said at the time she planned to file a motion to re-evaluate Dolores’ competency, pointing out that she appeared to speak in a normal manner and recognized one of the court deputies when she was in the courtroom.

On Wednesday, Cousins said Dolores, who currently is living with family members, would face her original charges if found fit to stand trial.

Jost, who faced the same charges as his sister, was found not guilty by mental defect in December 2013 and committed to the state Department of Health Services for 16 years and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. In February, Jost was deemed eligible to be released into a community supervision treatment program.

The investigation was one of the most expensive ever undertaken by the Portage County Sheriff’s Department, with a cost of more than $34,000.

Charles Jost, Brother Of Dolores Disher Of Portage County, Not Guilty By Reason Of Mental Defect, Could Only Name Reagan As Last President, Dreyfus As Last Governor


Nancy Grace, we need your help in solving a crime, probably a murder(s).

The intriguing case of Social Security fraud in Portage County took what many felt was a foregone conclusion earlier this week when one of the defendants was found not guilty by reason of mental defect.  Charles Jost, never looking like the brain trust of the checking-cashing scam operation, was ruled to be unable to understand, to a reasonable degree, that his actions violated the law.  Jost will be mentally committed for 16 years, the maximum penalty he faced in the fraud case. Another hearing will be held to determine whether Jost will be institutionalized or placed on conditional release.

This month Ronald Disher will have court appearances.

This whole affair is most perplexing as this blog has maintained since the story first broke.  CP wants to know where the body of Marie Jost and her son, Theodore, are buried.  Marie was last seen in the 1980’s.  Authorities originally speculated that the three might have killed Marie and Theodore and hid their bodies.  Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood has previously told the court that prosecutors believe Ronald Disher has spoken to other inmates in the jail about committing the crime.

This week more of the inside story was made known concerning Jost, and it is quite remarkable.

Jost, along with Ronald Disher, 72, and Dolores Disher, 70, both of Almond, were accused of cashing Social Security checks belonging to the mother of Charles and Dolores, Marie Jost. Authorities have been unable to locate Marie Jost or Charles and Dolores’ brother, Theodore Jost.

Authorities believe both most likely are dead; Marie Jost would be more than 100 years old if alive today, and she has not used her Medicare benefits since 1980. Investigators believe the three defrauded the Social Security Administration of $175,000 by cashing Marie Jost’s checks over the course of several years.

Medical expert Richard Hurlbut testified Monday that Jost suffers from a delusional disorder, and that Jost believes his mother is still alive and even contacted him at the jail. Jost told Hurlbut that the last president of the United States he can recall is Ronald Reagan and the last governor he could recall is “the red sweater guy,” likely referring to former Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus.

Jost maintains that his mother and brother are living in California and fled the state so they wouldn’t have to live in a nursing home.

Hurlbut testified that it was unlikely Jost had any notion that he was breaking the law and lacked the ability to change his behavior to conform to the law, particularity because Jost believed his mother was alive and that he was cashing her checks on her behalf.

Ronald Disher Trial Scheduled For Three Days In January 2014



As many people in central Wisconsin and elsewhere follow the strange and mysterious events in the disappearance of Marie Jost, 100, and her son Theodore, 74 comes more news from Portage County about one of those implicated in Social Security fraud surrounding the case.  Ronald Disher, 72, Delores Disher, 70 and Charles Jost, 67, are all accused of cashing more than $175,000 worth of their missing mother’s Social Security checks.

The jury trial for Ronald Disher will start on January 29, 2014 at 8:00 A.M.

ronald disher

Earlier today Disher was in court.

The trial was to have been held in October.

Disher was scheduled for a plea hearing Monday, but Disher’s defense attorney had trouble communicating with him in the Lincoln County Jail, where he is being housed. Disher indicated to his attorney that he would not plea to the charges after he arrived in Portage County for the hearing, Gary Kryshak, he attorney, told the court.

Kryshak asked for a reduction in bond, saying the dollar amount was too high for what amounted to a financial crime. Disher has been in jail for more than a year on a $20,000 cash bond.

But Portage County Circuit Judge Thomas Flugaur said the bond was appropriate for the fraud charges, which involve $175,000 fraudulently taken from the Social Security Administration. Prosecutors also said Disher is accused of attacking a Social Security investigator and another inmate while in jail.

Monday’s proceedings cast doubt over a potential homicide case. Authorities originally speculated that that the three might have killed Marie and Theodore Jost and hid their bodies. At Monday’s hearing, Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood told the court that prosecutors believe Ronald Disher has spoken to other inmates in the jail about committing the crime.

Ronald Disher Court Case Update


The latest….on the case….that is a mystery.

Matters changed in court today.  What had been scheduled as plea hearing was instead a bond hearing for a reduction request.   The actual trial need to be rescheduled sometime into the new year.   Everyone seemed to understand.  Ronald Disher’s attorney made statements in support of a motion to amend to a recognizance bond. Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood stated objections to such a motion.   Thankfully for the sake of justice the motion was denied.

With such a stellar reputation as Disher showed prior to being arrested did anyone really think a recognizance bond was going to fly?

CP likes the work and tenacity of ADA Isherwood.  This is exactly the type of person this state needs steering justice.



Ronald And Dolores Disher Social Security Scam Update

When last we heard from the pair….

…and if you want some background

…for Pete’s Sake this story even made Huffington Post!

What everyone wants to know, of course, are the locations of ‘the loved ones’, Marie Jost and her son.  DNA testing continues…..


Charles T. Jost in Portage County Court

One of the three family members accused of cashing a missing woman’s Social Security checks was in court today, but little was accomplished.

Husband and wife Ronald and Dolores Disher, and her brother Charles Jost were supposed to have pretrial conferences Monday morning in Portage County.

Defense attorney Troy Nielson told the court that during the discovery phase of Mr. Jost’s case, he learned that one of the state’s witnesses is also represented by his office. Judge Thomas Flugaur allowed Nielson to withdraw from the case. A new pretrial hearing was set for January 2nd, allowing time to find Mr. Jost a different attorney.

Prosecutor Veronica Isherwood says the hearings for Ronald and Dolores Disher will also be rescheduled do to a situation with that witness, but did not give specific details.

Investigators believe the three are involved in illegally cashing about 175-thousand dollars worth of Marie Jost’s Social Security checks from 1980 until earlier this year.

Marie Jost is Charles and Dolores’ mother, and would be 101 years old if alive.

30-Year Social Security Fraud Case Over Missing Woman In Portage County, Family Members Charles Jost, Dolores Disher, And Ronald Disher Have To Provide Answers


Everybody loves a good mystery.

As I bounce back from my early morning colonoscopy (all was 100% fine, and no need to consider another for a decade when I turn 60) I have done two things with the remainder of my day.

First, I have eaten, and eaten, and then started all over again.  (I even chided in a friendly way the nurse at the end of the procedure about why there were no chocolate chip cookies with the cranberry juice that was offered.)

Second, I have spent the day resting in the way I love the best.  Reading a good book, Hell’s Corner by David Baldacci.  A great page-tuner.

But I also spent much of the day searching the web for political news.  Then as I do everyday I searched the web for events  from around my home town area of Hancock in Waushara County.   The one I found today was filled with social security fraud, the disappearance of a woman for the past 30 years who would be 101 years-old this fall, and three suspects who were arrested and have lots of questions to answer.

As with anyone who likes a good mystery, and just to add more intrigue to this story, comes news that the State Crime Lab is involved with cadaver dogs picking up spots of interest, but no human remains have been found thus far.

Marie Jost was last seen in 1982, and authorities believe that she is buried in the backyard of the Amherst home.  In addition one of her sons, Theodore, also missing for decades, is also thought to be buried in back yard.

One of the three arrested is the daughter of the missing woman.

I repeat again, I love a good mystery.

Charles Jost, 65, Dolores Disher, 67, and Ronald Disher, 71, are all charged with theft and fraud. They remain behind bars in Portage County on $20,000 cash bonds.

According to prosecutors, the three had received $175,000 in social security benefits which was to be paid to Marie Jost. Investigators say when they searched the Disher’s Almond home they found $8,000 throughout the property. When they searched Marie’s last known address in Amherst Junction, where her son Charles currently lives, they found $9,000 in a fanny-pack.

The Portage County Sheriff’s Office says in August they were contacted by the United States Social Security Administration asking for assistance in locating Marie Jost after after several pieces of mail went unanswered. Marie, who will turn 101 in October, had also not used medical benefits since 1980.

There is also this tidbit…….

On August 30, Deputies went to Marie’s home and made contact with Charles. He explained that Marie was alive and well and on a trip with her other son, Theodore, who is 74 and also hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.

Investigators also questioned Marie’s daughter and son-in-law, Ronald and Delores Disher at their Almond home. During the interview, Ronald pulled out a sharpened metal file and threatened the officers at the scene. He was later taken into custody.

White trash is never very classy, even in a good mystery.

Meanwhile, investigators are still combing Marie Jost’s home for clues. Captain O’Kray tells FOX55 News@9 that authorities have reason to believe Marie Jost may be buried in the backyard of the Amherst home. Investigators have been searching the property using cadaver dogs. O’Kray says the dogs have detected some evidence of human remains. The State Crime Lab is on the scene processing evidence but because the remains are up to 30 years old, the tests may not produce conclusive results.

Neighbors say Charles is the only person they have ever seen living at the residence on Alm Road in Amherst. People who lived next door to him told FOX55 News@9 he mostly kept to himself and they would occasionally see him walking or riding his bike.

O’Kray anticipates a lengthy investigation because authorities have a lot of evidence to process. He say the home is “like an episode of hoarders” with items packed from floor to ceiling throughout the house. In court Thursday, prosecutors said the Dishers were hoarders and their house had no running water. They also said that Charles Jost’s residence was “even worse” calling it “uninhabitable.”