Treating Migrants Humanely On National Radar Following Ron DeSantis’ Racist Actions

Racist tactics by conservatives have always been ugly

We know what plays to approval on Fox News in the evening hours when profoundly ridiculous notions and racist attitudes are presented. We also know those same views will meet strong disagreement and rejection from large swaths of the nation that is not wedded to the absurd network. What makes the FOX crowds giddy does not translate well to the nation as a whole. A case in point would be the plain mean-spirited abuse of migrants at the hands of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

This was underscored when a new poll from Reuters-Ipsos was published Friday which showed that only a third of Americans think it’s appropriate for Republican governors to fly or bus migrants to other states. Half of the Republicans polled and only 1 in 6 Democrats said it was something in which they could agree. Twenty-nine percent of Republicans and 55 percent of Democrats say they opposed the practice. Forty-five percent–including 63 percent of Democrats and 31 percent of Republicans–said state leaders transporting migrants were committing illegal migrant trafficking.

The poll is reflective of the mood in the nation following the awful news of flying migrants thousands of miles across the country to Martha’s Vineyard.  The island off Massachusetts only has 17,000 year-round residents, and as we know from news reports this spring has housing problems for their workers who arrive during the warm months as tourists roam about.  Making a purely partisan point with the lives of migrants was unseeingly, and immoral.

It is truly troubling that some Republican pols are comfortable with the use and manipulation of people–vulnerable migrants—for the single purpose of scoring points with white voters who willingly watch FOX News. That network does not present migrants as human beings fleeing dreadful conditions in their homelands or that they seek to work hard or will find many businesses in every sector in each state wishing to hire them.  (Jobs, it needs noting, those same white FOX News viewers will not fill.)

I noted on my Twitter feed a slice from history that made a strong point about this situation.  The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library posted a tweet comparing the DeSantis racism with the “reverse Freedom Rides” that occurred in the 1960s in our nation. 

“To embarrass Northern liberals and humiliate Black people, southern White Citizens Councils started their so-called ‘Reverse Freedom Rides,’ giving Black people one-way tickets to northern cities with false promises of jobs, housing, and better lives”.

Americans know racism when they see it, and the strong rebuke of DeSantis that was registered across the nation has made one point most clear. Stop using migrants as political pawns.

White Supremacists In America Today Stoked By FOX News

Charlottesville, August 2017 Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists, Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

There are so many columns and sources to read today following the mass shooting Saturday that much of the agenda I had laid out for myself got pushed aside. This Sunday for much of the nation meant absorbing the horror and intensely emotional consequences of the mass shooting in Buffalo.

James had asked late last night if the father of an 8-year-old child had survived the assault of bullets from the Bushmaster XM-15. We found out today that the child and her dad, who were at the grocery store picking out a birthday cake, thankfully were not shot. Dad hid with his daughter inside the milk coolers until the police arrived.

The accounts from those who were outside the store, ones who heard the high capacity bullets being shot from the weapon, and family members recalling their loved ones made for heart-wrenching television watching.

But also the columns and opinion pieces from newspapers and from citizens around the country who gave voice on social media made for many must-reads.

Late this evening as the nation prepares for the Blood Moon eclipse in the sky–and it seems so fitting for this day–comes Brian Stelter’s words. Via CNN’s Reliable Sources.

Think about it this way: White supremacists used to disguise themselves in white robes and secretly meet under the cover of night. Now they sit at home and convene on extremist message boards, in broad daylight, interconnected like never before. They may hear their twisted beliefs echoed by TV stars and elected officials. The Buffalo shooting video that was live-streamed on Twitch was akin to a modern-day lynching to some degree. It was a vein of hate streamed for anyone to see. While Twitch removed the original video quickly, and said it tried to stamp out any reposting, the massacre from the POV of the gunman is still one click away on other sites. “The video is never going away,” WaPo reporter Drew Harwell wrote the following.

‘’The Buffalo shooting video is circulating online. One copy has more than 2 million views. Someone linked to it 10 hours ago on Facebook; it now has 500 comments, 46,000 shares and is still online. The original Twitch stream had 22 viewers. The video is never going away.’’

The shooting and what is at the core of the rancid belief structure of too many of our fellow citizens is very much cause for concern. The shooter in Buffalo did not just click on one website or read one racist rant online. He was spoon-fed vile racist rubbish that is pushed by FOX News no different than drug dealers peddling their sordid poisons on street corners.

Then the echo chambers of elected conservative Republicans mimic and ape the shows and hosts on FOX News for ever-more coverage aimed at the under-educated base who lap up the hate speech. Then they go out and spew it to others at work or through social media. Is it any wonder that the Associated Press and NORC conducted a large national poll examining conspiratorial ideas showing nearly half of Republicans agree to at least some extent with the idea that there’s a deliberate intent to “replace” native-born Americans with immigrants?

White nationalism and white supremacists are real And they are dangerous. Just ask the residents of Buffalo.

In 2021, Tucker Carlson went even further and openly embraced the “great replacement” theory that inspired the Buffalo shooting as well as the earlier white-supremacist attacks in Pittsburgh, El Paso and Christchurch. He suggested that “the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the Third World.” (His Fox News colleague Laura Ingraham has said the same thing.) The Anti-Defamation League demanded that Fox fire Carlson. But Fox’s chief executive, Lachlan Murdoch, stood by him, allowing his network to continue spewing racist vitriol.

A number of Republican politicians, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Rep. Scott Perry (Pa.) and Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.), have openly espoused the “great replacement” theory too. A few hours after the Buffalo shooting, Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters (R) posted a video saying: “The Democrats want open borders so they can bring in and amnesty **tens of millions** of illegal aliens — that’s their electoral strategy.” J.D. Vance, the GOP Senate nominee in Ohio (who, like Masters, is bankrolled by billionaire Peter Thiel), offers an even sicker twist on this demented theory: He says that Democrats are not only opening the borders to create “a shift in the democratic makeup of this countrybut that President Biden is deliberating letting fentanyl into the country to kill a bunch of MAGA voters in the middle of the heartland.”

FOX News and other right-wing sites have promoted the racist theory over and over again to their audience, and we are seeing the results from hate-mongering. Our nation had a painful example this weekend of what happens when white supremacists give up dog whistles and use a foghorn.

Unless we step up as a united country and use everything from PSAs on prime time broadcasts, newspaper editorials, and late-nite hosts denouncing in pithy ways the knuckledraggers, we are not going to stem this racism and resulting violence. Liberal society must pounce hard on what we are being offered as an alternative to the diverse world we live in.

And so it goes.

White Man Kills Ten In Racially Motivated Mass Shooting, Leaves Manifesto Linking Thoughts With Tucker Carlson’s ‘White Replacement Theory’

So, just another Saturday in America. An angry white man with easy access to weapons.

N-word could be seen written on the front sight of gunman’s automatic rifle.

Ten people were killed and three more were wounded when a man opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, authorities said Saturday. Police said the shooter, who is now in custody, has been charged with murder in what officials are calling a hate crime and a case of racially motivated violent extremism. 

“This was pure evil,” said Erie County Sheriff John Garcia. “This was a straight-up racially motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community.”

At approximately 2:30 p.m., an 18-year-old white man exited his vehicle at a Tops Friendly Market, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said at a news conference. The suspect was “very heavily armed” and had a tactical helmet and gear, Gramaglia said. Police said he also had a camera and was live-streaming the shooting. 

The suspect shot four people in the parking lot, killing three, before entering the store, he said. Once he walked inside, he encountered a “beloved” retired Buffalo police officer working in the store as a security guard. The guard fired multiple shots that hit the suspect, but they did not impact him due to his tactical gear, Gramaglia said. The suspect then killed the guard, who has not been named.

The suspect eventually returned to the front of the store and encountered police, Gramaglia said. He put a gun to his neck when he saw police, but officers talked him into putting it down and surrendering, Gramaglia said. He was then taken into custody.

The horrific story gets more sinister and dark as we learn about Payton Gendron, the killer.

He left a manifesto in which he talks about the incendiary theory that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is constantly talking about on his show. This is known as the ‘white replacement theory’, which goes directly against diversity in the country and perpetuates white supremacy. Inside this manifesto, you will find several talking points that Tucker often mentions in his program.

When will the people in this nation rise up and tell the NRA puppets in Congress and statehouses that we are tired of this bloodshed and carnage from gun manufacturers?

And so it goes.

Blocking Vile Marine Le Pen Main Goal This Weekend

Illiberal democracy continues to be a theme on Caffeinated Politics. This weekend it is the people of France who carry the responsibility of rejecting the dangerous and racist messaging of Marine Le Pen, as she seeks power in France’s presidential elections.

Attempting to soften years of fascism is a tall order but with slick styling and consultant-driven word usage, the third time attempt by Le Pen to wrest control of government into the hands of the far-right is making for nervousness among electors. And the world community.

It is the hope here that President Emmanuel Macron, a fave politico at this desk due to his economic plans and much-needed-reforms with an almost JFK style of being himself and finding joy in governing, will garner the needed 50% of the vote. What stirs anxiety, however, is the degree of buy-in the voters will have for the repackaging of Le Pen, a vile racist, and a danger to democratic institutions.

The anti-immigrant rhetoric has continued as she blusters that she will punish Muslims who wear headscarves in public and will use police to enforce such a policy in the same manner that seatbelts are imposed upon drivers. I would argue the cultural turning of the screw must not be on the women who are subjugated but on the men who force the matter upon their wives and sisters.

The hate-filled rhetoric over the years from Le Pen about Islam and what constitutes national identity in France shows who she is, as opposed to now tossing back her hair and opining about consumer high prices. Let us be honest and note that when viewing her campaign in 2022–through the BBC and newspapers both France and here in the states, one thing is abundantly clear.

There is still a powerful undertow from Le Pen about resenting diversity and furthering France’s divisions. She has structured a campaign to make more of a distance between city and rural voters, those with an upper income and those of modest means, and especially and most disgustedly between “native” French people and immigrants.

Cultural nationalism has been the root cause of so much misery throughout the pages of history and Le Pen stokes that fire both overtly and covertly. Her recent campaign has not diluted her views, just the words used to lure people who have economic angst to her camp. But ask what she thinks about gay and transgender rights, Algerians, and any notion about diversity and you find a cancer that is central to her philosophy.

Politics takes precedence over law, she says.

In a liberal democracy that can never be a path taken by the leader of a country. Racism and the fear of ‘others’ can not be the driving force for any leader in the 21st century.

And yet Le Pen has warned–or is that promised–the first measure she will undertake will be a bill on immigration and identity.

As I said earlier in this post when describing Le Pen, she is vile.

And so it goes.

Black FedEx Driver D’Monterrio Gibson, Chased, Shot At By White Men

We read, hear, and see far more of the outrageous actions from our fellow citizens than we often think is even possible to occur. I do not think anyone would disagree with that opening sentence.

Now comes a story that echoes with the killing of Ahmaud Aubrey. It is scary, and utterly racist.

A Black FedEx driver says he was making deliveries in Brookhaven, Miss., late last month when two white men assailed him, including one who allegedly fired multiple bullets into his delivery vehicle.

The driver, 24-year-old D’Monterrio Gibson of Utica, Miss., told the Mississippi Free Press today that he had just delivered a package around 7 p.m. on Jan. 24 when he saw a white pickup driving toward him from a nearby residence located on a connected plot of land.

“In my mind I’m thinking (the driver) is leaving to go to the store or something like that, but then they get extremely close to me and start blowing their horn,” Gibson said. “I proceed to leave the driveway. As I’m leaving the driveway, he starts driving in the grass trying to cut me off. My instincts kick in, I swerve around him, and I start hitting the gas trying to get out of the neighborhood because I don’t know what his intentions are.

“I drive down about two or three houses. There’s another guy standing in the middle of the street pointing a gun at my windows and signaling to me to stop with his hands, as well as mouthing the word, ‘Stop.’ I shake my head no, I hide behind the steering wheel, and I swerve around him as well. As I swerve around him, he starts firing shots into my vehicle.”

As Gibson drove toward the end of the street, Gibson said, one of his managers at FedEx called him, and he told her what was happening.

“They’re shooting at you?”


“OK, head back to the station as soon as you can,’” she said as Gibson recounted.

D’Monterrio Gibson provided this photo of one of the bullet holes in the white Hertz rental he was driving when he says a white man fired repeatedly at his vehicle. Photo courtesy D’Monterrio Gibson.

As he was trying to make his way out of Brookhaven, Gibson said he noticed the white pickup truck was following him from behind.

“I just went as fast as I could. He chased me all the way to the interstate,” he said.

Once he was about 10 or 15 minutes down the interstate and the white pickup was no longer following him, Gibson said he called another manager and told him what had happened. The manager told him they would file a police report the next morning.

(I can not fathom such a profoundly ludicrous comment from the FedEx manager.)

But Gibson called dispatch to report the incident himself.

“I reached dispatch and let him know what was going on, and I only had a chance to get a little of the story out when he cut me off and he was like, ‘Were you at this address?’ I said yes,” the FedEx driver said. “He was like, well I just got a call of a suspicious person at this address. I was like, ‘Sir, I’m not a suspicious person, I work for FedEx. I was just doing my job.’

“I also let him know that they shot at me, and he was like, ‘Well, they didn’t tell me that.’ Of course they wouldn’t. … He told me to save the rest of my story, and he’d take my name down and give it to my supervisor.”

Once he arrived back at the FedEx station, Gibson said, the first manager he had spoken to immediately after the gunfire examined the back of the truck.

“There were bullet holes all in the back of the van, inside packages and everything like that,” he said. Through his attorney, Carlos Moore of The Cochran Firm, Gibson shared photos showing bullet holes in the truck, in packages and a bullet lying on the vehicle’s floor bed.

The truck he was driving at the time of the incident was a Hertz rental with Hertz markings on the side, not an official FedEx truck, Gibson said, but he was wearing his FedEx uniform.

The next day, on Jan. 25, Gibson said, one of his managers traveled with him to the Brookhaven Police Department to file the police report. Moore shared a copy of the police report with the Mississippi Free Press.

“Ms. Candice Welch, said she was Mr. Gibsons boos [sic], the van had atleast [sic] two bullet holes, One in the back door and one in the bumper, and three packages inside had bullet holes in them. She also had a picture of a bullet, that is still laying on van,” the report says.

The report, by Officer Kennis Montgomery, recounts the same story Gibson shared with the Mississippi Free Press. The FedEx driver said he spoke with three police officers the day he filed it. He told the Mississippi Free Press that one white officer, whose name he did not know, asked him if he had been “doing anything to make them think (he) looked suspicious.”

(Ma’am, do you think that short dress was the reason for the sexual assault?)

“I felt disrespected at that point, because even if I did, they still can’t take the law into their own hand,” Gibson said. “So I told him all I did was my job. If they think that I was suspicious, that was on them. He was like ‘OK, I was just asking.’”

The Brookhaven Police Department did not respond today to a request for comment.

Gibson said the police chief “tried to emphasize how unracist the town (of Brookhaven) was, which seemed odd to me.” (The Brookhaven chief of police, Kenny Collins, is black). Brookhaven has a history of lynching. In 1955, civil rights activist Lamar Smith died after someone shot him on the lawn of the Lincoln County Courthouse in Brookhaven. Local police never charged any suspects with the crime.

Gibson said the third officer drove him back to the scene of the alleged shooting to look for bullet holes and invited the FedEx driver to get out of the car and help look for bullet casings, but they did not find any. He said the police told him the name of the driver of the white pickup truck was Gregory Case and that the man in the road was his son, Brandon Case.

The Cases turned themselves in at the police station on Feb. 1. Police charged Gregory Case charged with conspiracy and Brandon Case with aggravated assault. The men posted bail on $75,000 and $150,000 bonds, respectively, the next day, the Lincoln County Jail told the Mississippi Free Press.

Gibson said FedEx initially put him back on the same route after the shooting, but he resisted returning to work in Brookhaven.

“I’m actually on unpaid time-off because I told them I was uncomfortable and I was very anxious about being on that route. And they said they were going to do what they could about changing the route for me,” he said.

Moore told the Mississippi Free Press that he plans to ask the FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations to open an official investigation. He also plans to ask the U.S. Department of Justice “to prosecute this as a hate crime,” he said.

They can’t take the law into their own hands,” Gibson told the Mississippi Free Press. “We’re really just tired of stuff like this happening, always looking suspicious to a certain type of people.”

I posted the article due to the bizarre and racist nature of these white men with a gun–who apparently were not at work–feeling weakened and undermined when seeing a Black man.

And so it goes.

Boris Johnson Has Muslim Racial Problem Added To Mountain Of Self-Created Mess

If the issues inflicting damage were small they could be termed death by a thousand cuts. But when Prime Minister Boris Johnson creates a fiasco he goes all out. Each of the gigantic and seemingly never-ending creations is mounting so to further force the door for his exit from 10 Downing Street.

This weekend a Conservative Cabinet minister called for an investigation into allegations that a Muslim Conservative MP was told she had lost her job because of her faith.

Nusrat Ghani, who was sacked as a transport minister in early 2020, claimed in the Sunday Times that a party whip, appointed by Johnson to organize MPs and keep discipline in parliament, told her that her “Muslim woman minister status was making colleagues feel uncomfortable.”

She said she was told “there were concerns ‘that I wasn’t loyal to the party as I didn’t do enough to defend the party against Islamophobia allegations.’ 

“It was very clear to me that the whips and No. 10 (Downing St.) were holding me to a higher threshold of loyalty than others because of my background and faith,” Ghani said.

Education secretary Nadhim Zahawi called for the allegations to be “investigated properly” and “racism routed [sic] out”. He wrote on Twitter with a hashtag #standwithNus, “there is no place for Islamophobia or any form of racism in our Conservatives party”.

Oh, but there is and long has been a stain of racism with Britain’s Conservative Party. One can not just hashtag their way from their own story. The gravity of this latest episode, timed as it is with the drinking party during the pandemic at the PM’s residence, does now make it a political necessity for Conservatives to act. And act publically.

It was less than a year ago Johnson was roundly condemned, and correctly so, for his refusal to speak out concerning the crowds who booed England’s national soccer team for kneeling to protest racial injustice. Then when several of the teams Black players were targets of racist language following a team defeat Johnson could not find his tongue. Nor could he find that allusive barber and comb. Some of the Conservative MPs also provided racist remarks at that time, also not worthy of Johnson’s rebuke.

Johnson has long been aligned with racism. As has the Conservative Party.

Let us not forget Winston Churchill stated his support for the slogan “Keep England White” with regard to immigration from the West Indies.

Writing in the Telegraph in 2002, Johnson referred to a visit to Africa by the then prime minister Tony Blair.

“What a relief it must be for Blair to get out of England. It is said that the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies,” he wrote, referring to African people as having “watermelon smiles.”

The issue now for the Conservative Party is how to pull away from Johnson and not have his toxic mess further damage their national aims.

The door at 10 Downing is going to open and Boris Johnson will leave permanently. Days or weeks?

But the hour is nearing.

And so it goes.

Justice in Georgia: Powerful Needed Message For Racial Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery

It might be hard to recall a more racist, savage, and dehumanizing recorded event than the one where Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, was chased down like an animal and shot dead while running and making every effort to flee from his killers.

While the killing of George Floyd was tragic and horrible to watch the hunting down of Arbery, much like historical narratives describe slaveholders searching for their runaway ‘property’, was gut-wrenching for me to view. It was simply barbaric.

It would be hard to think of another horrific murder that was pulled to the top of the legal headlines only because the video of the murder went viral. Prosecutors only pursued the case after a national spark ignited passion with absolute determination to bring justice for a man doing nothing more than being Black in a white neighborhood.

A cold-blooded killing caught on a digital recording on a cellphone forced the hand of Georgia investigators and the legal system. On Friday, the full weight and force of the law landed down on the three men involved in the murder.

Absolute rednecks, Greg and Travis McMichael, father and son, were sentenced to life without parole. Their neighbor, the equally immoral William “Roddie” Bryan, received life with the possibility of parole after serving what will likely be the remaining years of his life behind bars. It was a decision that brought great relief to a nation that has been seared with racial unrest due to a deepening harshness from some conservatives who openly express hostility for the changing demographics among the citizenry.

Make no mistake about the degree to which this trial and the sentences handed down are very important. That is due to law enforcement that failed to initially act and hold these thugs accountable. Once the legal system did engage let us not forget that these men made every effort to smear, taint, discredit, and malign Arbery. The most revealing line about the racism that streamed from the defendants was when lawyer Laura Hogue described Arbery “in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails.”

The jury lifted up justice and made sure it prevailed as did the judge at sentencing.

We have witnessed with the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse, who also thought he could take the law into his own hands and be a cop, jury, and executioner, that there is a sense among a segment of whites that they can act with impunity. The Arbery case underscores that laws and rules of procedure are the ways our society is constructed. If we remove the enormity of the racism that runs through this murder and consider only the law and order aspect, this outcome can be viewed as a mighty and correct pushback for whites who think they can undermine any social compact they desire.

Well, they can not.

There are too many whites in our nation who still feel they have some calling to keep Blacks in their place. There is no doubt in my mind these three Georgia felons felt they had a right to chase and torment and kill a Black man. History books record that ‘good ole boys’ in Southern states had rites of passage where striking out at Blacks was part and parcel of being in power and proving their place in society.

So, yes, it was justice greatly needed and wonderfully received when the judge sentenced life terms for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

And so it goes.

Recent Exonerated Sentences Show Danger Of Death Penalty To Black Citizens

Even though Kevin Strickland was sentenced in Missouri to a life sentence for the murders of three people, had he resided in some other states he very well could have been sentenced to death. The 62-year-old Black man was convicted by an all-white jury in 1979.  Had he been sentenced in Texas, as an example, he might already have been put to death.

Now think about this.

This week a judge exonerated Strickland after more than 43 years in prison, marking the longest confirmed wrongful conviction case in Missouri’s history, and also one of the longest in the nation. The case against him was built on the testimony of Cynthia Douglas, the sole survivor and eyewitness, who later attempted multiple times to recant her testimony because she said she was pressured by police.

This summer Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issued rare posthumous pardons to a group of Black men known as the Martinsville Seven, who were executed in 1951 after being convicted by all-white juries of raping a white woman. He issued what were termed “simple pardons,” which do not deal with the issue of guilt or innocence but recognize that the cases involved racial inequity and a lack of due process. The fact they never had their fair crack at the judicial process means their executions are viewed as appalling.

Just days ago four men known as the Groveland Four were exonerated of the false charges that they raped a white woman in 1949.  Florida State Attorney Bill Gladson stated the matter those many decades ago was “a complete breakdown of the criminal justice system.”

Last week in Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt called off the execution of Julius Jones, a Black man on death row. This case had taken on national interest due to the police investigation that was understood to be biased, and a defense lawyer who was more fitted to sweep the courthouse than sit before a judge in a trial. Then there is Oklahoma itself, with a justice system that has been correctly lambasted many times over the decades for racism in their death penalty cases.

The state has the highest Black incarceration rate in the U.S.: Black people are imprisoned at 4.5 times the rate of white people. Racial disparities have been shown at every level of the justice system—from arrest to conviction and ultimately sentencing. The Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission found that the state is 3.2 times more likely to ask for the death penalty if the victim is white. 

We all can see the dangers within the judicial process with the death penalty, as there is then no room for actual justice to be rendered for those who have been falsely accused.

I just can not find a moral reasoning to ever allow the death penalty to be used as a means of conveying society’s revulsion to a criminal for an act that has been committed.  I do not feel that the government has the right to commit someone to death.   I have felt this way for all of my life. 

The fact we find some criminal acts to be so barbaric that some wish to turn to death as a way to make a statement about how society feels is a natural one.  I can understand how upset people can be over a murder. But what I can not understand are those who wish to translate those feelings of anger to an actual execution. 

Too often the evidence against Black men who are charged with serious crimes, in certain states with racial animus ingrained in their police departments and judicial processes, falls apart when the full light of sunshine is allowed entrance. The cases above–all within a small time frame from this year– prove the point of how prevalent racism is in police procedures and sentencing.

As a nation, we must not allow ourselves to be taken over by the desire for the ultimate revenge. When we sharply veer into that direction we are absolutely going to make horrific mistakes. With the death penalty, there is no way to ever correct that colossal and wrong decision.

And so it goes.