Ponder What Happened Today And Why It Matters For Both Parties

Today Senator Al Franken resigned from the Senate floor amid sexual harassment and assault accusations,  But also today Senator Luther Strange, the Republican ‘placeholder’ from Alabama,  also bid farewell after losing a primary challenge to a candidate accused of pursuing sexual relationships with teenagers.

So lets us take these two separate stories and see what they mean.

In roughly two weeks, if my math and dates are correct, since the sexual harassment stories have stirred the ire on Capitol Hill, Democrats have cleaned house.  They rounded their wagons, met in the middle of the combined effort and jettisoned their baggage.   One can make a claim that Franken was thrown under the wagon wheels, but the end result is the Democrats cleaned house on those who had a tarnished name.

Congressman John Conyers was able to find the way to remove himself.  Then today, after a pack-herd mentality took hold of Democratic senators on Wednesday, Franken took to the senate floor and delivered a speech that allowed for him to make clear all the charges were not true.

And so the focus now shifts to Republicans.

What will the GOP do with the teenage loving Romeo from Alabama?  What happens with Roy Moore should the evangelical voters think Jesus needs another Republican in the senate, even if that candidate comes with pimple cream for his sweethearts? 

What about the actions of Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold?

What about the 20 named and publicly spoken accusations against the president of the United States?

So you know what I wish to see happen?

While I know this goes against my better instincts and judgement about our government and political institutions, I would like to see Moore win.  Because that would be the absolute worst outcome for the Republicans who have sheltered, rationalized, and denied the predatory ways of Trump.   If Moore wins he becomes the most famous senator in America.  Each and every day Democrats will be ready to use him in political attacks against the GOP.

Trump endorsed Moore, the RNC is again pumping money to his campaign, and the Bible-thumpers are championing their local perv.  Why not have all that shameful activity come around and benefit the Democratic Party?

And it Moore wins, it will!

Jimmy Kimmel Ready To Kick Roy Moore Out Of Town

There is nothing better than a smart and witty guy taking on a backwards hick.

Republican Caught Red-Handed CREATING Fake News–But Washington Post Busted Truth Wide Open

Oh, the shame this woman must feel as the light of truth exposes her for what she is.

Two shades dimmer than a 40-watt light bulb.

A woman who falsely claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, impregnated her as a teenager appears to work with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets.

In a series of interviews over two weeks, the woman shared a dramatic story about an alleged sexual relationship with Moore in 1992 that led to an abortion when she was 15. During the interviews, she repeatedly pressed Post reporters to give their opinions on the effects that her claims could have on Moore’s candidacy if she went public.

The Post did not publish an article based on her unsubstantiated account. When Post reporters confronted her with inconsistencies in her story and an Internet posting that raised doubts about her motivations, she insisted that she was not working with any organization that targets journalists.

But on Monday morning, Post reporters saw her walking into the New York offices of Project Veritas, an organization that targets the mainstream news media and left-leaning groups. The organization sets up undercover “stings” that involve using false cover stories and covert video recordings meant to expose what the group says is media bias.

“I’m With The Perv”

Ponder This About Conservative Support For Roy Moore

I think this whole debate around the nation about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore says more about those defending Moore than it does about Moore himself.

The GOP and conservatives have lost their moral bearing and foundation and traded them in for pure partisan tribalism. Democracy demands more virtue from the citizenry than those who now defend a pedophile.  The nation is watching.

That is the long and short of it.

Think about it.

You Want To Talk About Political Hi-Jinks!

The Roy Moore sex scandal is so out of control that a new way to exit the matter has been getting air.  And it is simply an abuse of the political process–no matter how one looks at it or from which partisan perspective.

Politico reports that Senate Republican leaders are considering just scrapping the entire special election and rescheduling it.

They don’t have the power to schedule elections in Alabama — only the governor does — but they are considering asking interim Sen. Luther Strange to resign before the Dec. 12 special election, hoping that could trigger a whole new special election. (The first would be to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the second would be to replace Strange.)

When a political party has devolved to such a place they have a candidate who has a sexual interest in teenage girls, but the internal compass of the party is not strong enough to absolutely jettison the perv from their ranks before the sun goes down, means their is a fatally flawed and moral problem with said party.

To re-stage the election because there is not enough of a collective and demanding insistence to remove the offensive candidate is simply appalling.

Alabama Republican Party To Make Decision On Roy Moore Later This Week

Tick tock–tick tock.

But do not hold your breath.  I am not all all convinced that the state GOP will do the correct thing as they too are in the hands of the three-thumb Alabama crowd at election time.  In other words this scandal will likely continue to be a weight around the national GOP neck.  Democrats can score without even taking to the field in this game.

The 21 members of Alabama’s Republican Party central steering committee are the only ones who can pull Roy Moore’s nomination and potentially block his path to the Senate. After days of mounting allegations that their Senate nominee had sexual contact with teenage girls while he was in his 30s, two Alabama GOP sources tell TPM they’ve finally decided to hold a meeting later this week to hash out whether they can stand by his side.

“We are still weighing the evidence, but realize some decision or statement must come from the state party soon,” said one Alabama Republican.

Most members of the committee have so far stayed silent, worried about fury from Moore backers if they reject him and damage to their own political careers no matter what they do.

But as the allegations pile up against their nominee, they’re creeping towards making a decision on whether to stand by Moore or pull the party nomination and back a possible write-in campaign, a move which further dims their hopes of holding the seat.

Many on the committee have their own political careers to worry about. Roughly a quarter of the committee’s members are running for public office next year and face competitive primaries where they need backing from Moore’s supporters. Others depend on GOP contracts for their livelihood, or on relationships built through the state party for company business.


Cook Report: Alabama Senate Race A Toss-Up

Given the demographics in Alabama it is almost impossible to truly believe that the U.S. Senate race will be won by a Democratic candidate.   But should Republican Roy Moore not exit the race, following the news of his sexual interest in teenage girls, and if a write-in candidate does not come forth quickly, then perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for a massive upset down in Dixie.

I have been following the polling and while there is naturally a tightening of the race given the fact a pedophile is running for office, I am also reminded that evangelicals which make up a large part of the GOP base in Alabama have proven in 2016 votes that their stated moral positions on Sunday does not mean much on Tuesday.  With that in mind I was most interested in what The Cook Report had to write about this election.

What if Moore doesn’t win on December 12? In truth, the biggest winner in all of this has been Jones, the Democratic nominee. Apart from condemning Moore and seeing his fundraising spike, Jones hasn’t changed much about his campaign, nor does he have to. Moore’s problems are likely to make it easier for Jones to get his supporters to the polls and to expand his base to include Republicans who can’t vote for Moore or accept the possibility that he could serve in the Senate. It is still a tough road, but it gets a bit smoother every day.

So, yes, this race is a hot mess that is likely to get messier between now and December 12. And, the circumstances of a special election and the allegations against Moore combine to create as much uncertainty as we’ve seen in a Senate race since 2000 when Democratic Gov. Mel Carnahan was on the ballot despite his death in a plane crash three weeks before the election. The contest moves to Toss Up, as it is the only appropriate way of describing this uncertainty. Stay tuned.