Sunday Echoes: Waltons Christmas

Sunday Echoes: “All In The Family” Christmas

Sunday Echoes: Ron Santo Funny Moments During Cub Games

This week Ron Santo died.  He was a remarkable person.  On and off the field.  Here are some classic moments from the broadcasting booth with Ron Santo and Pat Hughes.

Sunday Echoes: Richard Scarry “The Snowstorm”

The books created by Richard Scarry with the large colorful drawings are just amazing.  The cartoons that resulted also have a pleasant charm to them.  Either way one thing is clear, and that is Richard Scarry is most creative.

Sunday Echoes: Johnny Carson And Thanksgiving

Late night television used to be so funny.

Sunday Echoes: Brett Somers

Who did not love Brett Somers on the CBS show Match Game?  Or think she would have been the perfect dinner guest?

Sunday Echoes: Nipsey Russell And Lucy Ball

Too many readers are likely saying, “Nipsey who?” 

This is why Sunday Echoes was created.  To recall the people we should not forget.

Sunday Echoes: Election Night Coverage With Chet Huntley And David Brinkley