Republicans Face Perfect Storm In 2016 Election Season

Pointing out the obvious as to why the GOP is just fit to be tied.   Ted Cruz as the nominee would be the modern-day Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump has the power to make the GOP implode.  This is the perfect political storm.

Bet the GOP is wondering now how they ever let the teabaggers have a seat at the table.

One growing worry about Trump or Cruz, top party officials, donors, and operatives across the country say, is that nominating either man would imperil lawmakers in down-ballot races, especially those residing in moderate states and districts.

“At some point, we have to deal with the fact that there are at least two candidates who could utterly destroy the Republican bench for a generation if they became the nominee,” said Josh Holmes, a former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “We’d be hard-pressed to elect a Republican dogcatcher north of the Mason-Dixon or west of the Mississippi.”

What will save the GOP?

A moderate Republican–anything less than that and we will not be counting electoral votes on Election Night but how many Republicans are swept way in the storm.

GOP Establishment Worried About Donald Trump

There is nothing better to watch than the Republican Party wince in agony as they try to figure out how to deal with Donald Trump.  Their entire plan to retake the White House in 2016 is coming unglued right in front of their eyes and there seems no way to handle the situation.  A situation I have argued over and over was of their creation years ago when they allowed Trump and other wack-jobs to hijack their party.  They courted the Tea Party and laughed at their jokes while helping to stir the pot of anger and bile.

Now that Donald Trump is making the most absurd statements and leading in all polls the establishment of the GOP are all but wetting their pants.

A new poll from Suffolk/USA Today shows that 68% of Trump’s supporters would back him if he were to jump the GOP ship and run as an independent.    While there is no way the GOP will allow Trump the nomination they do have to ponder how large of a ribbon they wish to place on the election victory of Hillary Clinton.  After all a split GOP can not win.  A third-party race would destroy any chance of a Republican win.

There must be many tonight in the land pondering what might have been had they found their spine and stopped Trump back in the days when he was talking smack about the religion and birth of our American president.    When you do not stomp hard on those like Trump they then have the chance to become something far more sinister.

Tonight there is no  doubt Trump is laughing at how well he has played the Republican Party.   We all might laugh too if the stakes for our country were not so high.  Trump is playing a very dangerous game.  He is too stupid to grasp the complexity of how he is placing our nation in harm’s way.  His angry uneducated white followers are clearly in no shape to see the downside of their applause and approval of this man.

If there is a mass movement of the GOP to take him down it needs to move into high gear and show no sign of timidity.  This bastard must fall from his political heights.

GOP Reaping With Donald Trump What They Have Sown With Anger And Hatred

There was a time back in the days when a black congressman was spit on as he walked into the halls of power , or a when a GOP congressman yelled out at President Obama during a SOTU, or when the ‘birthers’ did everything but breath actual fire when the Republican Party could have used their means of control to bring calm and reason to their base.

Instead of taking the high road the GOP took the downward path in politics and not only allowed but encouraged the fringe elements to run the show.

Now that unhinged element has seemingly taken over the process for electing a nominee of their party.   I am not sure what is more interesting to watch as a blogger and armchair politico–the wing-nuts who are carrying Donald Trump to a continuous roughly 25% in the polls or the establishment wing of the party who are about to hyperventilate over the fact they are not now able to exercise power.

Meanwhile Democrats are awaiting what looks more and more like a real civil war within the Republican Party.  If one did not know better it seems that many in the GOP are working for a Hillary Clinton Election Night victory.

Which brings me to the must read from the daily newspapers.

Some of the highest-ranking Republicans in Congress and some of the party’s wealthiest and most generous donors have balked at trying to take down Mr. Trump because they fear a public feud with the insult-spewing media figure. Others warn that doing so might backfire at a time of soaring anger toward political insiders.

That has led to a standoff of sorts: Almost everyone in the party’s upper echelons agrees something must be done, and almost no one is willing to do it.

With his knack for offending the very constituencies Republicans have struggled with in recent elections, women and minorities, Mr. Trump could be a millstone on his party if he won the nomination. He is viewed unfavorably by 64 percent of women and 74 percent of nonwhite voters, according to a November ABC News/Washington Post poll. Such unpopularity could not only doom his candidacy in November but also threaten the party’s tenuous majority in the Senate, hand House seats to the Democrats and imperil Republicans in a handful of governor’s races.

In states with some of the most competitive Senate contests, the concern is palpable, especially after weeks in which Mr. Trump has made a new series of inflammatory statements.

“If he carries this message into the general election in Ohio, we’ll hand this election to Hillary Clinton — and then try to salvage the rest of the ticket,” said Matt Borges, chairman of the Republican Party there, where Senator Rob Portman is facing a competitive re-election.

Pat Brady, the former state Republican chairman in Illinois, where Senator Mark S. Kirk is also locked in a difficult campaign, was even more direct. “If he’s our nominee, the repercussions of that in this state would be devastating,” Mr. Brady said.

There is never a good time or reason to allow the goofy fringe element to gain control of the narrative of a political party.    There was a time when the Tea Party element could have been handled.  Now that element is aimed not at the undermining  of government as was their first mission, but the destruction of the modern day Republican Party.

Did I just hear a champagne cork pop at Clinton headquarters?

One Paragraph That Right-Wingers Need To Grasp

There is no way I would want to be in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s shoes.  He does not have a smooth walk ahead.  But that is not due to his lack of skill or intellect.  Rather it has to do with the rabble that he has to deal with in his caucus and also from those around the nation who only have strife as a goal.  Today The Wall Street Journal had a great lead editorial that included this paragraph.

One problem is that the conservative movement has created a new establishment of permanent opposition. This includes groups like Heritage Action and the Senate Conservatives Fund whose fund-raising depends on feeding perpetual grassroots outrage. They’re willing to flip-flop on such traditional conservative positions as freer trade merely because Mr. Obama supports it. And partial policy victories are never enough. This will also make it harder for a consistent conservative like Mr. Ryan to keep a majority of 218 Republicans.

Another Defeat For Conservative Republicans

After all the gnashing of teeth and breathless air-time on conservative talk-radio the results are in–and the GOP lost.

The Justice Department has notified members of Congress that it is closing its two-year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted tea party and other conservative groups.

And would my readers be shocked to find out that teabaggers cried wolf and came out on the losing end?

There will be no charges against former IRS official Lois Lerner or anyone else at the agency.

That will not stop the outcry from those who need to fill airtime……but who cares since the inquiry has concluded.

Republican Congress Allowing Cuba To Best America With Deep-Water Port

This blog has made the point many times that transportation needs are vital and as such need to be funded.  To want highways and trains that deliver our goods while touting the economic reasoning for such modes of transport but not in the same breath understand we need to raise the revenue to make it possible is simply mind-numbing.  But sadly that is too often the case, especially with Republicans.

In the state of Wisconsin there is a lack of responsibility from the conservative members of the legislature in addressing the need for more revenue to fund transportation requirements.  In Washington for a very long time there was a general consensus that transportation budgets were common-sense items that allowed all to go back home with money for needed improvements.  Now with the mood from too many Republicans that such spending and the needed compromises that make budgets happen are not their style of governing means that our nation is falling woefully behind.

In July Congress failed, once again, to pass a long-term highway bill to make improvements in the nation’s transportation system. Instead of funding big infrastructure needs with a multiyear plan, as once was the norm, lawmakers instead passed a bill covering a grand total of three months!  That is just not an acceptable way of doing business.  That makes it the 34th time since 2009 Congress has passed a temporary Band-Aid measure rather than a long-term one to address the nation’s most basic infrastructure needs.

Meanwhile what is happening in Cuba?

Cuba, with funding from Brazil and logistical aid from Singapore and China, continues to develop a new deep-water port that, unlike most on the U.S. east coast, will be able to receive the big Panamax container ships that can pass through the newly enlarged Panama Canal.

And good for them.

So while conservatives fight in Washington and keep our nation stuck in the partisan mud other nations move forward.

Teabaggers who have no sense of history and clearly no sense of shame might note the standard practice had long been to pass a highway bill of six years’ duration.  That allowed for the kind of funding stream that states and cities need to plan and execute serious transportation projects. Today, that has proven impossible.

And as a nation we suffer because some conservatives elected to congress decided it was more fun to blow government up then do the hard work required of leaders.

Teabaggers Cause Meltdown In Republican House Caucus!!

In a stunning development House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has dropped his bid to serve as speaker of the House after coming under intense scrutiny from anti-establishment conservatives.

This simply stunning news.  It shows the level of dysfunction that exists in the GOP and the lack of long-term thinking from the ones who are hell-bent on destroying government.  They simply are not mature enough or learned enough to understand what this is doing to their party.

If the mature ones can not exhibit any leadership over the yahoos then the entire party needs to start reckoning on not only losing the White House in 2016 but being in the wilderness nationally for a long time.  The image that is being continually created from these idiots and spun around the nation from such antics as this leadership fight is all that needs to be said about the desire of the roughly 40 right-wing congressional members to undermine governing.

They have no desire to make the trains run on time.  They have no desire to work for compromise or the greater good of the nation.  They are simply hell-bent on blowing things up and what happened today is proof of that fact.

There is no one saying that McCarthy was anywhere near the point of experience in congress to be speaker.  But to throw him under the bus so a complete bunch of knuckle-draggers can have a headline about how they destroyed another congressman is simply ludicrous.

The House Republican conference was scheduled today to vote by secret ballot for their nominee for speaker. The full House is slated to vote for the speaker on Oct. 29.

While it is true this is horrible for the Republican Party and will be good news for the Democratic Party we need to then ask what about the larger long-term needs of the nation.

Strong political parties that can work for the compromises and needs of the large middle swath of the nation is harmed by the news from the extreme conservative fringe in congress today.  And America is watching.

Time For House Teabaggers To Put Up, Or Shut Up

There is a broad sense of understanding in the nation that one of the reasons for the dysfunctional nature of Washington is the fact about three dozen crazed House members hell-bent on not allowing government to operate have done everything in their power to fulfill their mission.  Trying to extract concessions from their party in ways that are not even remotely possible and clearly not sensible has not stopped their attempts to be nothing more than homegrown political terrorists.

So it is now time after they were reasons one, two, and three for the resignation of Speaker John Boehner to either step up and place their ideas on a way forward for a vote of the whole body or to understand that clearly there is no reason for anyone to listen to what they sputter about anymore.

Today in The Wall Street Journal the top editorial could not have made that fact more clear.

This is the moment for the rebellion caucus to put up or stand down. The Members should organize behind a candidate of their own, put their tactics to a vote among their colleagues, and abide by the result. The worst outcome would be if they continue to use a threat to depose the next Speaker as a way to dictate strategy from the caboose.

The time to shut down the uneducated and moronic fringe members of the house has arrived.  The future of the GOP and the election of 2016 is at stake.

American voters are watching.