Tim Pawlenty Endorses Mitt Romney As “A Turn A-Round Person” For President

Me thinks Tim Pawlenty wants to be Vice-Presidential running mate with Mitt Romney, betcha betcha.  Though I strongly suspect the phrase “a turn a-round person” will not become the campaign ad slogan anytime soon.


Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race, We Owe Him Respect For Making The Effort

Before I get to the meat of this post I want to thank Tim Pawlenty for running for the White House.  It is not an easy job to enter the fray of a campaign with such intense partisan feelings that dominate in this nation, and never enough time to expound on ideas when people are actually listening.  So in spite of Pawlenty being conservative on the issues, and mostly wrong about the direction he wanted to take America, I still have to pay my respect for his wanting to make a difference and enter the arena.  All who enter political races are to be thanked for stepping up and taking on the responsibility that comes with such an undertaking. 

For the past week I have had my eye on Tim Pawlenty.

I knew he would at some point stop the race.  I just never figured that he would pile on a mountain of debt.  I was correct.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty abandoned his bid for the GOP presidential nomination on Sunday after a disappointing finish in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa.

“We needed a boost from Ames that didn’t happen,” Pawlenty told staff on a conference call Sunday morning, CNN learned.

Speaking to ABC’s “This Week,” Pawlenty said his campaign needed a lift in the straw poll.

“The pathway forward for me doesn’t really exist and so we’re going to end the campaign,” he said.

Tim Pawlenty Should Go Home To Minnesota

How much debt is Mrs. Pawlenty going to allow her husband to create in Iowa during his futile race for the White House?

There were some goals that Tim Pawlenty had to reach and meet this past week, including coming out ahead in a debate and placing solidly in the straw poll.

In the debate Pawlenty went snarky, instead of smart, and lost.

In the straw poll today Pawlenty did not place as he wanted, and more importantly, as he needed to in order to really go further.

There is no where for the hapless soul to head but back to Minnesota.  Pawlenty may not utter the words yet about the future, but in his heart he knows it is all over for this election cycle.

If he can not draw the strength to make the move I suspect Mrs. Pawlenty will grab what needs tugging and get the former Minnesota governor heading north soon.

Pawlenty tried to put a positive spin on the outcome, noting that he did better than his sixth-place finish in a Des Moines Register poll in June.

“We made progress in moving from the back of the pack into a competitive position for the caucuses, but we have a lot more work to do,” he said in a statement. “We are just beginning, and I’m looking forward to a great campaign.”

Pawlenty invested the most time, money and staff in the campaign before the straw poll.

The biggest challenge for him will be to raise the money he needs to continue. Fundraising typically drops off sharply for candidates who fare poorly in the straw poll.

Tim Pawlenty May Have To Scale Back Presidential Effort

I said so

Tim Pawlenty acknowledged Friday that he “may not have any choice” but to dramatically scale back the size of his campaign organization if he falls flat at the Iowa straw poll this weekend.

GOP Debate Turned Into A Comedy…Without The Laugh Track

Late last night James and I watched the Republican debate that had been taped from earlier in the evening. Usually at the end of the day we relax with a book, a movie, or some comedies.

Though we did not realize it at the outset we chose the comedy.

Everyone on the stage last night knew that this race was coming down to a showdown between Mitt Romney and soon-to-be-announced candidate Rick Perry. But with the straw poll approaching on Saturday in Iowa, and many of the candidates needing a strong showing to prevent their slipping so far as to need to close the tent on their sideshow, it meant for lots of theatre.

Theatre, however, does not mean one is ready for primetime, let alone any place near the Oval Office.

While I had posted several days ago that Tim Pawlenty needed to shine in the debate I thought he might do it in a more controlled fashion and in a policy-formatted type of response. Instead Pawlenty lost his cool and it was clear Michele Bachmann, who never saw a history book she did not understand, had rented space in his head.

Pawlenty should not have gone after Bachann in the manner he did. Not that the costumed-joke from Minnesota does not deserve it, but that it did nothing to enhance Pawlenty’s image or persuade others that he has any presidential timber within.   While the nation smirked as Bachmann had it delivered to her live on television, it did not serve the one making the point at all.

The other treat, other than Herman Cain’s amused face that he somehow managed to get a chance to get some free fresh fruit in the green room before the debate were the antics supplied by Newt Gingrich. 

To somehow think that the manner Gingrich’s campaign is run will not be a way to access his candidacy is just lunacy.  For him to suggest that anyone who dares question his lack of competence on managing his campaign team is asking a ‘gotcha’ question underscores why he is not ready to mange the huge government bureaucracy.

Then there was Rick Santorum……..”Me….pick me…is it my turn yet!”

Santorum, as I have noted in the past about the family fetus,  is just creepy

Tonight we might read a book.

Tim Pawlenty Must Shine This Week…Or ‘How Much Deeper Do We Dig This Hole, Honey’

This is how I size up former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. 

He is not the type of guy who wants to rack  up more campaign debt than he can see over, and then be forced into paying it off for decades, as was the case with John Glenn.  It was not until 2006 that Glenn had closed most his debts from his own failed 1984 race. 

So as the famed Iowa straw poll draws near (next Saturday) and another chance not to underperform in a nationally televised debate nears on Thursday (yes, I am tough on Pawlenty) there is nearing the moment of truth in this rather dismal campaign.

Tim Pawlenty has moved everything but his kitchen sink to Iowa in a bid to unseat his rivals and gain some traction.  But with the likely entrance of Texas Governor Rick Perry that will suck much of the oxygen from the Republican tent, and the popular if dim-witted Michele Bachman tramping around the state to great applause there is little that can be done it seems to lift Pawlenty’s sails.

But lift them he must.

This week Tim Pawlenty must shine.  He must serve some tough volleys in the debate, toss off the tepid responses, and go to the meat of his arguments.  Pawlenty must understand that his perceptions among the GOP faithful are being framed by his reticence and underperformance. 

If come next weekend there is not a strong third place showing for Pawlenty in the straw poll then there has to be a serious kitchen table discussion with Mrs. Pawlenty.

“How much deeper do we dig this hole, honey”

Tim Pawlenty Has Some Of George Wallace Inside Him, Shows Bigotry On National TV

Once again, when pushed to answer a question as to how gay marriage undermines society, the bigot is left repeating loops of senseless rhetoric.  This time it was Tim Pawlenty who is left looking totally the buffoon on national television. 

As we all know by now this type of scene is a sad spectacle, and resembles old footage of George Wallace degrading the civil rights movement for blacks. There is nothing sadder than to see hate displayed.

“In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

Anti-gay bigots like Tim Pawlenty look so out of step on a day when many all over the nation, gay and straight alike, are celebrating the progressive step that New York is taking with gay marriage.   To see someone like Pawlenty steep to such ridiculous chatter in order to somehow play to the lowest common denominator in Iowa, which is what he is doing as he tries to make some…just any…impression in his campaign… is truly sad to see.

Pawlenty, an evangelical, said that traditional marriage is special socially, legally, and culturally for “obvious reasons” having to do with “procreation” and “raising children.”

WHAT!  That is the best argument for not allowing gay marriage?  Your plumbing works, you become a breeder, and therefore more legal rights are yours?

After this interview  you can almost picture Tim Pawlenty, if it were 50 years ago, and he were seeking the White House, playing the race card and denouncing mixed racial marriages.  Anything to win seems to be Pawlenty’s goal. 

There is no way that Pawlenty can believe what he is saying about gay marriage, and I wonder how he does not laugh as he speaks.  There is nothing in Tim Pawlenty’s words but a cheap grab for a nomination that is never coming his way.  Has he not been reading the national press like the rest of  us have the past two months?

People like Tim Pawlenty do not know they are on the back-end of history regarding gay marriage, and are no longer speaking for the majority in the country.  The rest of us look on this type of interview in cities and cultured centers around the nation and wonder who in hell does this homophobic bigot think is sopping up this message?

Pawlenty has struggled to gain ground in the presidential race, and today I hope I aided him a bit with some publicity.

How Far Can Right-Wing Push GOP Presidential Candidates?

Push back on the right-wing nuts?

The campaign of Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney and four other GOP presidential candidates said this week they would not sign the bizarre pledge that at least two other GOP competitors did sign—a pledge that promises the candidate will vigorously oppose even “court-imposed recognition” of same-sex marriage.

The refusal of Romney and the other candidates does not signal a change in their opposition to same-sex marriage but does appear to suggest the GOP field may be re-evaluating how far it is willing to go to appease the party’s far right wing.

R. Clarke Cooper, head of Log Cabin Republicans, the national gay Republican group, said the pledge is “outside the scope of mainstream views.”

“Republican presidential candidates seriously seeking to win the general election are wise to avoid such an extreme position,” said Cooper. “Divisive and sometimes off the wall rhetoric on social issues will obscure a solid conservative fiscal message. Americans will not vote for somebody who has demonized their family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.”

Other Republican presidential candidates who have, thus far, balked at signing the pledge are former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and for Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

Johnson issued a statement calling the Marriage Vow “offensive to the principles of liberty and freedom on which this country was founded.” His website includes a video urging that it is un-American to discriminate against others “for the way they were born” or to use the federal government to “override the decisions of the states.”