Waushara Argus Perfect Place For Herman Cain’s Wife To Counter Accusations

The Waushara County Argus (publishing news since 1859) might serve as political inspiration for one of the Republican presidential candidates.  Yes, I am as surprised to be writing that line as most readers might be in reading it.

This idea comes to mind following a letter to the editor that was published this week in the rural Wisconsin paper.

While the small town paper serves a local readership, it also keeps those who grew up in the area, such as myself  who now live far away, apprised of the faces and places that make for ‘hometown’ news.

As such I was reading the latest edition in our Madison home, and came across a most unusual letter from Marie Thompson, who added “wife of an innocent man” to her signature.  My eyes always goes first to the writer of a letter to the editor, regardless of which paper I am reading, as it gives context to the matter being discussed.  The additional information about “an innocent man” alerted me that this letter was going to be better than the one about high-capacity wells which was printed on the same page.

Mrs. Thompson writes about her husband, Dr. Kenneth Thompson, who was elected Municipal Court Judge for the Village of Wild Rose in 2007, but was then caught up in a swirl of accusations ranging from “taking money under the table” to sexual assault.  (It should be noted that the writer of the letter denies all wrongdoing.)

This is where the letter took flight and soared.

Seems the best friend of the judge’s court clerk filed the sexual assault case, and after hearing the news the judge then suffered a heart attack.

Mrs. Thompson states her husband’s sexual movements were limited at the time the incident was to have happened as “we had a house full of company”,  and also due to back surgery and his needing to walk with a cane.  As such “there is no way he was capable  of what she (the one bringing the charge) accused him of”.

It seems, according to this sorted letter that a DNA test was undertaken, which proved Thompson’s DNA was not found.  So it is easy to see why the wife is defending her husband.

Hold on though–it gets better.

The letter to the editor continues that the DNA evidence reveals samples from “two men and one woman.”  The wife continues to explain (for those of us who do not live in small towns where such hijinks happen) that “this woman was with one man and evidently messing around while her husband was in a nursing home in Ohio.”

Now–a couple of things should be mentioned.

First off, it should be clear why I enjoy reading the local hometown paper.

Secondly, there is a lesson here for the wife of Herman Cain.

There is nothing more enlightening, or might I add entertaining, than to see a wife stand up and take her husband’s side in a nasty and public scandal.  While Herman Cain has been front and center in making his defense known, his wife has been silent and absent.  Think of the punchy response Mrs. Cain might offer to counter the accusations that have been lodged against her man.

While I know there are many places that Mrs. Cain could submit her column let me suggest that she consider the midwest where we try to be honest thinkers.

Since the Waushara Argus seems comfortable in offering space for such letters I think Cain’s wife might consider composing a letter and submitting it.

It sure would be more interesting than news about the community blood drive.

Silvercryst Restaurant Open For Business Following Major Summer Storm

When I was a kid it seemed  on stifling hot summer weekends my mom and dad would want to take a drive.  My mom always thought heading towards Wautoma and around the Silver Lake area was such a relaxing journey.   Such a  trip,  my mom would remind us, would provide some cool breezes. 

One of the places we always seemed to drive by was the famed Silvercryst Restaurant.  Many know the famous eating spot for the bull that greets visitors.  As a kid I can still recall all the pine trees that seemed to grow around the place, and whisper as we drove along.   My mom was correct about the cooler breezes in Wautoma.

This past week a most wicked storm system rocked much of central Wisconsin, including Wautoma.  One of the businesses in the line of the high winds and rain was the Silvercryst.  In spite of the weather the restaurant was back in operation on September 3rd.  Rumors that it was somehow closed, or in need of great repair were not founded in fact.

The Silvercryst opened in 1894 and remains one of the top supper clubs in the region.  

Drive by today and hear the pines whisper, better yet stop in and have dinner!