President Trump Will Be Forced To Condemn Deadly White Supremacists

Sometimes even a Republican controlled congress can make me smile.

“The Senate is preparing to force President Trump to go on record to officially condemn the deadly white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville last month,” Politico reports.

“The Senate routinely takes up nonbinding measures commemorating people and institutions in the form of concurrent resolutions and simple resolutions – which are both purely symbolic and not submitted to the White House for the president’s signature.”

“But backers of the Charlottesville resolution have strategically chosen to introduce their measure as a joint resolution, which means it will be sent to Trump to sign into law.”


Sampling Of Front Pages Of Sunday Newspapers Following Deadly White Nationalist Rally In Virginia

White Supremacists Love Donald Trump Over Immigration

This week I suggest Donald Trump’s immigration policy will be the source of much news coverage.  The racist language and policy suggestions from the start of Trump’s campaign for the White House some 14 months ago has in large part centered on somehow forcing roughly 11 million immigrants out of the nation at an untold expense, (not counting the legal costs) and then also building a wall–again without thought on Trump’s part–will somehow just be willingly paid for by Mexico.

Trump has been uncompromising on this matter though the professional class of politicians in the GOP want him to back off the crazy in an effort to broaden his appeal for the November election.  There is no way any sensible person could agree with his stunning show of racism or be lulled into thinking he has somehow ‘changed’ and is now more reasonable with a new way of talking about immigration.  (I firmly believe that this cake of an election is baked and there is no way Trump can win.)

Even if Trump were to somehow make a pivot on immigration his base of three-thumbers would howl in protest.  After all it is his most ludicrous statements that has jelled his uneducated base of support from Day One.

The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel has a must read about the white supremacists who love and adore the hate filled sewage that drips from Trump’s mouth over immigration.

Jared Taylor hits play, and the first Donald Trump ad of the general election unfolds across his breakfast table. Syrian refugees streaming across a border. Hordes of immigrants, crowded onto trains. ‘Donald Trump’s America is secure,’ rumbles a narrator. ‘Terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. The border, secure; our families, safe.’ Taylor, one of America’s foremost “racialists,” is impressed and relieved. ‘That’s a powerful appeal,’ he said. ‘If he can just stick to that, he is in very good shape.’ From his Fairfax County home, Taylor has edited the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance and organized racialist conferences under the ‘AmRen’ banner. He said that Trump should ‘concentrate on his natural constituency, which is white people,’ suggesting that winning 65 percent of the white vote would overwhelm any Democratic gains with minorities. When Trump made Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon his campaign’s chief executive last week, Taylor found reasons to celebrate. It was the latest sign for white nationalists, once dismissed as fringe, that their worldview was gaining popularity and that the old Republican Party was coming to an end.

What Is Wrong With White America?

Last night while listening to commentary regarding the Rolling Stone article on President Obama the question was asked of the writer if he thought the Tea Party was racist, and if so to what degree.   His answer was that he thought there was a segment of the nation which felt white America was being treated unfairly. Many of those who felt that way are now what is termed the Tea Party.   The writer could hardly not smile when making that statement as he, along with every other sane person, knows white America, especially white males, have life on a rainbow in this nation.  Always have.

So what gives with all the anger and nastiness that has permeated this election cycle?  There is no doubt in uneasy economic times that all sorts of ugly fissures open in society and ooze stuff that in better times is kept in check.  And yet the volume of disgusting actions and words make that simple attempt at an answer inadequate to what we all witness.

Beyond the basic economics is the fact that when white America sees President Obama they see the future.  For some that is most unsettling.  After all, a white majority population in America is not the future.  The world is brown, and the trend lines have this country moving in the same direction.  And quickly.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Embracing what makes us diverse has always been the way for social progress, and it also allows for personal enrichment. 

In early 2009 I read an article in The Atlantic that I want to flip back to for a moment.  Some paragraphs just never leave my head.

Whether you describe it as the dawning of a post-racial age or just the end of white America, we’re approaching a profound demographic tipping point. According to an August 2008 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, those groups currently categorized as racial minorities—blacks and Hispanics, East Asians and South Asians—will account for a majority of the U.S. population by the year 2042. Among Americans under the age of 18, this shift is projected to take place in 2023, which means that every child born in the United States from here on out will belong to the first post-white generation.

There is a tremendous social flux that is taking place day-to-day in the nation, and some hate it.   When an intelligent black man….and both parts of that statement matter…was elected to the White House something snapped in the minds of too many insecure white people.  They saw the future, and it un-nerved them.  Mind you, the problem is not with the nation, the problem is with that segment of the white population that somehow feels threatened by the future.

Not only is President Obama black but he is a constitutional scholar and able to analyze complicated national issues which places him far over the educational level of many in the country.  If only the angry white ones can say he is a muslim (as if that even matters) or try to make others think he was not born in the nation (which he was) then they can tarnish him enough and bring this uppity black man down a peg or two.  That is, after all, what we have been witnessing for the past 20 months.  It is ugly.

I have no way to understand the fear and anger that I read about every day from the Tea Party types, the anger of white males.  While I always try to gravitate to the smart folks at a cocktail party there are others who feel threatened by those encounters.  It is that very dynamic that is now playing out in the national arena. Consider the upside to this trend of more ethnic inclusion into the governing class, the invigorating results of inclusion.

Whiteness is no longer a precondition for entry into the highest levels of public office. The son of Indian immigrants doesn’t have to become “white” in order to be elected governor of Louisiana. A half-Kenyan, half-Kansan politician can self-identify as black and be elected president of the United States.

These two men mentioned are in many ways political opposites and yet they are the same.  Americans.  What is so hard to understand that they each are like the rest of us and care about family and their favorite sports teams.  They went to college, worked hard, pay taxes, and are now following the American Dream.  Just because they worked harder and achieved more seems little reason to rant and rave.  That they are not white is even less reason.

Just a few thoughts this morning on a topic that will be with us for decades.

Now pass the hummus……(just one of the many pleasures of diversity.)

James von Brunn Proves Hate Groups Growing In America

If you think there is no need to worry about the growth of the hate groups in America, groups comprised of angry white males, then think again.  The scab was pulled off of James von Brunn today, and it is frightening to see what was underneath.   Make no mistake this is not a singular case.  The rancid thinking of the haters are real, and needs to be scrutinized closely.

Federal investigators in Washington, D.C. are scouring the troubled history of 88 year-old shooting suspect James Von Brunn – an anti-Semite with a lifelong grievance against the government who found allies on white supremacist Web sites.

On his own site, Von Brunn promotes his Internet book "’Kill the Best Gentiles’… a new hard-hitting expose of the JEW CONSPIRACY to destroy the White gene-pool."

Chapters are titled "The Holocaust Hoax," "The Negro," and "The Aryan Force." In writing fondly about Nazis, Von Brunnclaims, "Hitler, as American boobs are beginning to learn, was notall wrong."

Von Brunn, who claims to be a genius and a U.S. Navy World War II veteran, spent six years in federal prison. He was convicted for breaking in to Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington in 1981, armed with a revolver, sawed-off shotgun and hunting knife. Von Brunn said he wanted to kidnap then Fed Chairman Paul Volcker for failing to curb rising interest rates.

He later ranted, “Remember, the Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America’s MONEY.”

James von Brunn, Another White Supremacist, Goes Crazy

Recall how the conservatives were bent out of shape when the Obama Administration released the report on right-wing extremists?  A study, after all, that was ordered by the Bush White House.  Today another example of a white supremacist going crazy, and another reason the report was valid.  There is every reason to track these people, keep them under constant watch by the government and legal authorities, and monitor their every burp.  They can pop off at any time.

The gunman was identified by several news agencies as James W. von Brunn, a man in his late 80s. According to a Web site maintained by Mr. von Brunn, he embraces a far-reaching conspiracy theory involving Jews, blacks and other minority groups. Early reports indicated that he lives in eastern Maryland.