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What About The “Failing New York Times’?

December 7, 2017

You know, that newspaper President Trump keeps telling his fat sofa-lodged followers who disdain reading, is always about to close down?

Well, it was reported today The New York Times now has more than 3.5 million paid subscriptions and more than 130 million monthly readers, more than double their readership just two years ago.

Thanks, Donald, for making the newspaper world rebound.  Because as we all know democracy requires a robust fourth estate!  And the work they do will bring your administration to its knees.

More Proof Trump Played Conservatives As Rubes

December 7, 2017

Among the many column inches in the papers today about the major foreign policy disaster concerning President Trump’s action regarding Jerusalem were these paragraphs.

Mr. Adelson and other pro-Israel backers were deeply frustrated. He pressed Mr. Trump on the issue at a private dinner in October at the White House that included his wife, Miriam, and Mr. Kushner. Mr. Adelson also vented to Stephen K. Bannon, then the president’s chief strategist, who argued internally for moving the embassy in June.

The Adelsons have long been leading donors to pro-Israel groups and causes, and have forged a close relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They have used their casino fortune to push the Republican Party and its politicians to embrace that line.

Early in Mr. Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he privately courted the Adelsons, seeking a meeting and asking for financial support, even as he publicly declared that he did not need or want backing from major donors.

Every word and action from Trump, can in time, be seen as a lie and another strike on his character.

Ponder What Happened Today And Why It Matters For Both Parties

December 7, 2017

Today Senator Al Franken resigned from the Senate floor amid sexual harassment and assault accusations,  But also today Senator Luther Strange, the Republican ‘placeholder’ from Alabama,  also bid farewell after losing a primary challenge to a candidate accused of pursuing sexual relationships with teenagers.

So lets us take these two separate stories and see what they mean.

In roughly two weeks, if my math and dates are correct, since the sexual harassment stories have stirred the ire on Capitol Hill, Democrats have cleaned house.  They rounded their wagons, met in the middle of the combined effort and jettisoned their baggage.   One can make a claim that Franken was thrown under the wagon wheels, but the end result is the Democrats cleaned house on those who had a tarnished name.

Congressman John Conyers was able to find the way to remove himself.  Then today, after a pack-herd mentality took hold of Democratic senators on Wednesday, Franken took to the senate floor and delivered a speech that allowed for him to make clear all the charges were not true.

And so the focus now shifts to Republicans.

What will the GOP do with the teenage loving Romeo from Alabama?  What happens with Roy Moore should the evangelical voters think Jesus needs another Republican in the senate, even if that candidate comes with pimple cream for his sweethearts? 

What about the actions of Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold?

What about the 20 named and publicly spoken accusations against the president of the United States?

So you know what I wish to see happen?

While I know this goes against my better instincts and judgement about our government and political institutions, I would like to see Moore win.  Because that would be the absolute worst outcome for the Republicans who have sheltered, rationalized, and denied the predatory ways of Trump.   If Moore wins he becomes the most famous senator in America.  Each and every day Democrats will be ready to use him in political attacks against the GOP.

Trump endorsed Moore, the RNC is again pumping money to his campaign, and the Bible-thumpers are championing their local perv.  Why not have all that shameful activity come around and benefit the Democratic Party?

And it Moore wins, it will!

Groundbreaking Documentary

December 7, 2017

On Pearl Harbor Day,

We Must Ask Ourselves ….

Can Compassion Exist in the Midst of Combat?


GROUNDBREAKING documentary explores this question … looking at compassionate acts between enemies and between comrades on the battlefield during WWII. “Humanity needs this film!” says Edward W. Wood Jr., WWII Veteran and Author.

Stephanie Manesis of Fargo, ND is the producer/director of this documentary with a working title of “Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII.” Her goal is to air this film on Public Television and at Film Festivals, as well as offer it as a free download for schools and libraries across the U.S.

600 WWII veterans are dying daily. Please help get this documentary out to the world while they are still alive.

Click here at to find out more about the documentary and its Indiegogo campaign. You’ll see two compelling videos of already shot footage!

Christiane Amanpour Coming Week Nights To PBS

December 6, 2017

There is good news to report in the midst of needless chaos.

PBS obviously needs to replace Charlie Rose‘s long-running interview program after the broadcaster severed ties with the embattled TV journalist last month. Enter award-winning CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour!

That is good news for those who desire more intelligent conversations on television.  The new show will feature interviews with global leaders and decision makers.

Meet Your New Hero: Greg

December 6, 2017

In light of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year I offer the following.

Over the past few months, a lot of men have been crushed by revelations that their heroes are actually very bad people. (Some women were crushed, too, but most women were spared, owing to their preëxisting distrust of the male sex.) Where could the crushed men turn? As soon as they picked a new hero, a woman accused him of horrible things, and if they didn’t denounce him, the crushed men could no longer be classified as good guys. Presenting: Greg!

“Loving Vincent” Is Oscar Worthy!

December 6, 2017

Loving Vincent is the world’s first fully painted feature film and from the first minutes moves the viewer to know this is marked for Best Picture.  The film deals with the mystery that surrounds the death of famed painter Vincent van Gogh in 1890 France.

James and I saw the film last week and it was a complete joy.  Never before have I had such a movie experience, and that was due to how the film was created.  If you wish to see something so well done that it will leave you moved and stunned, then please view this gem.



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