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What Makes Donald Trump Smile Today?

July 27, 2015

“I think our candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate.”

— RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, quoted by Politico.

Mike Huckabee Needs Ethics Lesson

July 27, 2015

Mike Huckabee is willing to resort to anything in order to make a headline.

Huckabee evoked imagery of Nazi death camps when discussing the deal over Iran’s nuclear program this weekend even going so far as to say President Barack Obama “would take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven.”

“This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history.  He’s so naive he would trust the Iranians and he would take the Israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. This is the most idiot thing.”

The former minister who loves to talk about morals and righteousness might also want to take a lesson or two in ethics.  I cannot image this was the Christian approach that he wants voters to feel he lives by, or how he deals with complex policy questions.

He also might bone up on the on diplomatic deal so he can talk constructively about it rather then need to resort to the lowest common denominator type of campaigning that turns off many citizens from listening further.

Rand Paul Seeking The Bottom

July 27, 2015

Long time readers to this blog know I have no warmth for Ron Paul or his son Rand. To them government is something just to dismantle and scorn. They always like to make it seem they are so erudite and as such the people should hush, listen, and learn as they tell the story of how once upon a time our nation was stolen from us by unconstitutional means. There is always the sense that black helicopters are lurking just over the horizon.

I follow those who I find adrift from reality but seek public office. (Yes, my days are busy.) As such I am following the campaign of Rand Paul in his quest for the White House.

My first thought on the day he entered the contest is the same I have today.  What is he doing in the Republican Party?

Paul does not agree with Republicans on many matters, such as foreign and military policy, and they do not think him worthy of their time.   There seems no one willing to quench Paul’s thirst which results from Potomac Fever.

The latest story to make the news sums up the pitfalls that is now the Paul campaign.

Something is awry at the Rand Paul campaign. The main super PAC supporting his presidential bid raised just $3.1 million in the first half of 2015, about $100 million less than Right to Rise, a super PAC backing Jeb Bush. In fact, the pro-Paul group’s fundraising total was lower than that of every other major super PAC that is backing a Republican candidate and has announced its totals. On Sunday, a new NBC News/Marist poll showed support for the Kentucky Republican declining to just 4 percent in New Hampshire (compared with 14 percent in February).

The Des Moines Register and Quinnipiac University polls found that Paul’s net favorability had dropped in Iowa by 18 and 14 percentage points, respectively, compared with the beginning of the year. In New Hampshire, Paul’s net favorability rating has sunk by 15 percentage points according to the University of New Hampshire and 11 percentage points according to Suffolk University.

Defending Scott Walker

July 27, 2015

There is an old adage that you have not really worked in broadcasting until you have been fired once. It now might be said of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates that one is not really in the race until being attacked by Donald Trump.

If that is true, than Scott Walker is now a real contender for the White House.

He moved onto Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. He said that the state of Wisconsin is doing “terribly” and accused Walker of being a flip-flopper.

“He was totally in favor of Common Core,” Trump said. “Scott Walker changed when he saw he was getting creamed.”

Trump said he was retaliating for nasty comments made by a Walker fundraiser.

“Today I read this horrible statement from his fundraiser guy about Trump, and I say, ‘Finally, I can attack. Finally,'” Trump said.

Lord knows I am no fan of the Wisconsin Governor.  I have many serious concerns over policy decisions that he has made over his time in office.  I have questioned the way his election for recall was funded and supported the John Doe probe.

So I find it odd this morning after reading the comments from Trump that I feel like, “Back off dude, and leave him alone.”

Donald Trump can bring out the truly weird in all of us.

My reaction comes from the way Trump is running for president, and not over issues that are and should be a part of any election. I have been stunned by the bombastic and nasty way Trump uses the campaign process to get headlines.  It seems that Walker is now in the verbal line of fire from the billionaire, and should expect more.

To say that since the Walker campaign was critical of Trump now gives license for another attack to begin in the campaign is offensive to me. Sure I know how the real world of politics operates. I also am well aware if there is any one with a record to complain about it would be that of Walker.

But instead of attacking Walker how about proposing some alternatives and working to make people want to pay attention to the political process instead of being repulsed by it?

Walker at least, for all his faults, does not make people wonder how he became so nasty, or wonder how much dirtier he plans to go in his hunt for the nomination.   Walker may be wrong far more than he is right but I would want to chat with him over coffee on my front lawn.  Trump would never get past the terrace.

I suspect I am not alone in finding Trump so loathsome that I feel it important to come to Walker’s defense over the tone of the election.

Good News From Washington, The Center Holds, Country Comes Ahead Of Partisanship

July 26, 2015

The Senate voted 67-26 today in order to advance a measure that will allow for the resuscitation of the Export-Import Bank.  This was most important as it has been languishing since the end of June when its charter expired.  Make no mistake about this win as it took Democrats and many establishment Republicans–the very members of the GOP who I have always encouraged to work for the higher needs of the nation and gain control of their party from the right-wingers–who have been pushing for its revival.

There are still battles to fight before we can claim victory over the bank.  The Senate is moving to attach the bank charter to a highway funding bill, which the Senate and House are deeply at odds over.

But for a partisan congress that often seems unable to walk and chew gum at the same time this was a most crucial vote.

This is the way Washington once worked, and needs to work again.


Scott Walker’s Advantage In Iowa Erased Says NBC News/Marist Poll

July 26, 2015

The latest from the polls.

“Trump has surged to the lead in the New Hampshire … primary and virtually erased Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s advantage in the Iowa caucuses, according to new NBC News/Marist polls … In Iowa, Walker still tops the field with 19 percent … two points ahead of Trump … Interviews … began on July 14 – the day after the Walker campaign’s launch event in Wisconsin. The only other candidate in double digits is … Bush, at 12 percent. …

Reason For Democrats To Continue Smiling–Donald Trump Looms Large In New GOP Presidential Poll

July 26, 2015

I could talk about how unseemly Donald Trump is, what he is doing to the process of electing a president, and other related concerns about his tone and actions.  But that needs to take a back seat today to a new CNN/ORC poll that is showcasing the huge problems that confront the Republican Party.

It is also the same news that is making every Democrat smile this morning.  Just as we have inwardly–or even outwardly– been doing since Trump entered the race for president.

Today we learn that Donald Trump has increased his support among GOP voters and now stands atop the race for the party’s nomination, according to the latest CNN/ORC poll.  As I will point out below there is no way that respondents are thinking seriously or clearly about this matter.

Among Republicans, Trump has 18% support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 15%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 10% support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who are registered to vote. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

Trump’s backing has climbed 6 points since a late June poll, while support for Bush and Walker has not changed significantly. None of the other 14 candidates earned double-digit support.

This poll is the first publicly released national telephone survey to be conducted entirely after Trump’s criticism of Sen. John McCain’s military record during an Iowa campaign event last weekend, drawing rebukes from other Republicans for saying he didn’t think McCain is a war hero.

The internals show some just quirky findings.

Consider that a sizable 22% say they think he’ll eventually win the party’s nomination for president.   There is no plausible way for anyone to construct a scenario where Trump beats the campaign infrastructure of  Jeb Bush or Senator Rubio.    There is no way that serious primary voters will discount large and complex policy matters for the simplistic rhetoric of Trump.

15% say they’d like to see Trump make an independent run for the presidency.   That would spell sure doom for any Republican chance to win the White House.   One has to wonder how educated this polling sample is since there is no way to take this seriously.

58% of white evangelicals surveyed wants Trump to remain in the race.    So am I to assume that Trump’s pro-choice actions are now acceptable to Iowa’s most right-wing voters?

Clearly what this poll shows is that some Republicans who only read the headlines–and there have been many in the past weeks touting Trump–are easily led to follow the loudest and most brash.  I know the establishment wing of the party–even what constitutes that today given the GOP’s far right tilt–will in the end nominate a far more moderate and intelligent person.  A candidate that might even win.

It will not be Donald Trump.

It will be Jeb Bush.


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