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Pretending Hispanics Do Not Exist

September 23, 2016

A powerful read from Politico.  For years I have pointed to the fact that the GOP’s refusal to address the nation’s changing demographics will harm them severely.

With 46 days until the November elections, and as early voting begins in a handful of states, Trump is on the precipice of becoming the only major-party presidential candidate this century not to reach out to millions of American voters whose dominant, first or just preferred language is Spanish. Trump has not only failed to buy any Spanish-language television or radio ads, he so far has avoided even offering a translation of his website into Spanish, breaking with two decades of bipartisan tradition.

While the majority of Latino voters are English-speaking, Trump’s refusal to campaign in Spanish is a powerful symbol of how little heed Trump has paid to America’s shifting demographics. Latinos now make up about 10 percent of the national vote, with electorally potent concentrations in crucial battlegrounds such as Florida, Colorado, Nevada and even North Carolina.

Clintons Buy Neighboring House

September 23, 2016


The neighboring house, 33 Old House Lane, is at right.

This makes a lot of sense to me so that come Hillary Clinton’s presidency she will have a place for staff and operatives to stay.

The Clintons shelled out $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, 3,631-square-foot, ranch-style home set on 1.51 leafy acres on Old House Lane in Chappaqua.

Westchester County land records and tax records from the town of New Castle — where Chappaqua is located — list William and Hillary Clinton as owners of the property.

A source said the home could be used as a weekend retreat for their daughter, Chelsea, her hubby, Marc Mezvinsky, and their children, Charlotte and Aidan.

“Rumor has it that the Clintons plan to use this as a mother/daughter house for Chelsea and her kids to visit on the weekends when they want to escape the city and their Flatiron digs since the Chappaqua house has a nice pool and plenty of rolling green lawn for kids to play on,” the source said.


Donald Trump Making Money From His Presidential Campaign

September 23, 2016

Does this surprise anyone that Donald Trump would operate in this fashion?

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has paid his family’s businesses more than $8.2 million, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings, which reveals an integrated business and political operation without precedent in national politics.

The GOP presidential nominee’s campaign has paid his various businesses for services including rent for his campaign offices ($1.3 million), food and facilities for events and meetings ($544,000) and payroll for Trump corporate staffers ($333,000) who helped with everything from his traveling security to his wife’s convention speech.  

In all, the Trump campaign’s payments to Trump-owned businesses account for about 7 percent of its $119 million spending total, the analysis found.

That’s an unprecedented amount of self-dealing in federal politics. Even the wealthiest of candidates have refrained from tapping their businesses’ resources to such an extensive degree, either because their businesses are structured in a manner that doesn’t legally allow them to do it with flexibility, or because they’re leery of the allegations of pocket-padding that inevitably arise when politicians use their campaigns or committees to pay their businesses or families.

A Divided America

September 22, 2016

I am one of those who still thinks reading the views from the ‘other side’ still matters.   That is why I read the Op-Ed pages of The Wall Street Journal after getting the news in The New York Times.   That is also why I read Pat Buchanan.

Lord knows I differ with the views at times but knowing how some feel in this nation when written with style and professionalism is important.   I am certain there are few liberal bloggers who have any respect for Buchanan.   I do because I think he is very smart, has tons of institutional memory and historical perspective and is not shy from being most candid.

At a time when too many hunker down with their news sources that mesh with their political viewpoints I can honestly say I reject such a way of becoming informed about the world.  If we are ever going to fix some of the massive problems which we face we at least need to know how they feel on the ‘other side’.  I trust they also open their minds and seek to know about us, too.

A divided America as we now are witnessing, (and I know history shows great splits from the start) can not sustain itself.  Somewhere and soon we need to find the will to mend fences and work toward the solutions to our common problems.   The total lack of faith that can happen starting in January 2017 by one of the leading writers of the conservative side is worthy of reading only for the fact of knowing how deep in the hole we are.  It is sobering.

Now consider the issues that have transfixed the media this election season:

The birther issue, David Duke, the KKK, a Mexican-American judge, Black Lives Matter, white cops, the “Muslim ban,’’ the Battle Flag, the “alt-right,’’ the national anthem, Trump’s refusals to recant his blasphemies against the dogmas of political correctness, or to “apologize.’’

What does the continual elevation of such issues, and the acrimony attendant to them, tell us?

America is bitterly and irreparably divided over race, ideology faith, history and culture, and Trump’s half of the nation rejects the modernist gospel that America’s diversity and multiculturalism are her greatest treasures.

To the contrary, Trump’s half wants secure borders, “extreme vetting’’ of immigrants, especially from the Mideast, and foreign and trade policies marked by an “Americanism’’ that seems to be an antonym for globalism.

They want America to be “great again,’’ and they believe she was once, and is not now.

No matter who wins in November, America is going to face a divide unseen in decades. If Donald Trump wins, he will confront a resident media more hateful than that which confronted Richard Nixon in 1968. If Hillary Clinton wins, she will come to office distrusted and disbelieved by most of her countrymen, half of whom she has maligned either as “deplorables’’ or pitiful souls in need of empathy.

Not for half a century has the idea of “one nation under God, indivisible,’’ seemed so distant.

Madison To Benefit From Generous Gift From Lester Pines

September 21, 2016

The Madison law firm headed by attorney Lester Pines has frequently been in the news for providing legal services to those people making headlines about the issues we care about in Madison.  This week it was announced that his love for the city and the matter of parkland trees has made him a newsmaker for something other than legal cases.  As someone who does love a good story to post about on this blog the news is most welcome.  As a lover of trees I am sincerely thrilled.

Pines has donated $10,000 for new trees in Madison parks.  That is a sizable gift and as all are too well aware most timely.  The donation to Madison Parks Foundation Tree Fund will help the city replace 25,000 ash trees being removed because of the infestation by the tree-killing emerald ash borer.

If you are like me than walking in our city parks and enjoying the trees is perhaps more than a weekly encounter.  Too many of the trees which provide shade and cover and a most beneficial aesthetic quality to our urban life are suffering or been removed.  Due to Pines and other like him who make a contribution to the Madison Parks Foundation Tree Fund our city will see a new series of trees which future generations will be able to enjoy.

While this news is most welcome it should also be noted that Pines will be defending Madison Police Chief Mike Koval in a complaint set to be heard in November.  Koval is a man I much respect and admire and so it goes without saying I am most pleased Pines, who has shown his legal prowess before, will be able to allow for a proper outcome to this matter.
Thanks, Lester!  On both counts.

Doonesbury From 1999 Makes Case About Donald Trump And The Media

September 21, 2016

Hat Tip to Solly


And America Is Off To Cast Their Ballot

September 21, 2016

Bloomberg reports.

Election Day starts this week. Beginning on Sept. 23, any Minnesotan can go to a local election office and complete an absentee ballot. The following Thursday, voters in neighboring Iowa have the same opportunity. Between Oct. 20-24, North Carolina, Nevada, and Florida get in the game. In Colorado, the entire election will be conducted by mail ballot. By the constitutionally mandated first Tuesday after a Monday in November, more than one-third of Americans will have already voted for president.

There are still battleground states that make no provision for early voting—Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Hampshire stand out for their old-fashioned ways—but in those that do it has created a new kind of electoral arms race. Early voting is a particular gift to well-organized, well-funded campaigns, which can extend their turnout operations across as long as six weeks, locking down precise factions of the electorate in domino-like fashion, and sequence their persuasion efforts with a clear view of who has yet to vote.

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