Senator Joe Lieberman Not To Seek Another Term, Very Unpopular With Voters

Good.   Let him go back to private life and ponder his past.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman — deeply unpopular with voters in his home state — is unlikely to seek reelection, a knowledgeable source tells POLITICO ahead of the senator’s announcement on Wednesday.

Lieberman remains a registered Democrat and continues to caucus with Democrats in the Senate.

The Democrats’ 2000 vice presidential nominee on the ticket with Al Gore, Lieberman today is deeply unpopular with Democrats in Connecticut as well as nationally.

They feel betrayed by his strong support of the Iraq war, his opposition to the public option in health-care reform, and his endorsement of GOP nominee John McCain in 2008.

Al Gore: A New Powerful Slideshow About Climate Change

I am not sure how wide spread this video has been distributed, but I feel it is so well done with such a powerful message, that I wanted it here on my site regardless where else it may be posted.  I found Gore’s message so remarkable due to the angle that he takes on climate change.  The ‘democracy crisis’ must be addressed so that the climate changes can be addressed.  A mission of a whole generation is required to do the work to save the planet.  This is worth your time, and I know you will feel rewarded as a result of watching.  I ask that you pass this video around to friends.  Need not be my site….just get the Al Gore video out to the world.

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