Congratulations To Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy For Calling It Like It Is Regarding Guns And Violence

There are times for blunt statements when matters are so serious, and out of control that a more mild rebuke would be a mere waste of time.  That is what Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has done in regards to the epidemic of gun sales and the resulting killings and bloodshed that naturally follows.  While  McCarthy is taking heat for his statements it should be noted that this man has been involved with law enforcement for a long time which has allowed the gritty side of too many guns on the streets to have made a deep impression.

There is no question that gun manufacturers are reaping mountains of money and living lavishly while the inner city poor too often are the victims of these weapons.  It is also a fact that inner city poor are disproportionately from the minority communities.

That the NRA has their undies bunched from too much butt-puckering over the truth is really just too bad.  More members of  law enforcement need to stand up and comment with the same bluntness that Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has demonstrated.

Caffeinated Politics congratulates Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy!

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy earlier this month told parishioners at  St. Sabina’s Church that federal gun laws are akin to “government-sponsored racism.”

“I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of African-American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers, across this country, that are killing black and brown children,”  he said according to an WMAQ-Channel 5 story that aired Thursday.

McCarthy can be heard telling the congregation in the video about the NRA, “The NRA does not like me, and I’m OK with that.”

McCarthy went on to say that in the debate about gun control, there has to be “a recognition of who’s paying the price for gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities.”

McCarthy told parishioners an anecdote about a brutal night of killings in Newark, N.J., where he was previously head of the police department. McCarthy said that after he got home that night, he turn on the TV to relax, and tuned in to Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

“She was caribou-hunting and talking about the right to bear arms,” McCarthy said. “Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”

McCarthy also told parishioners that “everybody is afraid of race. I’m not afraid of race.”

In a statement Thursday, McCarthy said “strong gun laws against illegal firearms are critical in order to maintain public safety and private rights.”