Madison Can Be Proud of WISC-TV’s David Douglas

When I tuned in “Live At Five” on Monday afternoon I found myself taking a step back, breaking into a grin, and clapping.   I found myself feeling a lot of pride that one of Madison’s talented journalists, David Douglas, was reporting live from in front of the White House. 

For David Douglas who is making journalism his career it must have been quite a day.  For those of us who follow Douglas’ stories on WISC-TV we know he earned the right to report about the Medal of Honor from Washington.  

I just know that Douglas would rather folks blog about  U.S. Army Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, the soldier who is honored, or the soldier from McFarland, Sgt. Joshua Brennan, who died from battle wounds.  There is no doubt that both men deserve lots of words and praise.

But if we take a step back from the story about the award to be presented at the White House on Tuesday, there is no way not to feel pride about David Douglas.

Though he has covered a multitude of stories I think Douglas’ best job, and perhaps the toughest, was reporting earlier this year from Sauk County about the little boy who would be found drowned in a river.  He got the facts, reported them with solid writing, and added a dose of humanity.   That is the type of person we want to not only report the news, but also are proud to have live in our city.

It is because of his most remarkable ease in front of the camera, the ability to report authoritatively, while allowing his humanity to show, that makes him the perfect reporter for the story about the people involved with the Medal of Honor.

At one time I  thought about broadcast journalism as a full-time job.  So I can imagine the smile when Douglas with his passes and credentials was allowed into the White House compound today.  I can sense what he must have thought as he stood in the area with major network reporters doing stand-ups from the lawn of the White House.  So tonight I am very happy for this reporter.  

At a time when there are so many awful stories about sports heroes who let us down, singers who spend time in jail, and Hollywood stars hopped up on drugs we have every right to feel pride over the achievement of one who worked hard at his job and is making a difference.

On behalf of a lot of Madisonians, thank you David Douglas.