Wisconsin Train Decision Proves Scott Walker Is No Leader

Politics is at its best when viewed as the art of the possible.  Making policies that open doors to future growth, opportunities, and expanded horizons is really what politicians should aspire to do when given the chance.   It is what citizens desire to hear, and how they wish to be led.

When President Kennedy made it the nation’s cause to have a man land on the moon he pointed in the direction that our country should always face. 

Onwards and upwards. 

The people responded to JFK’s challenge, and the space story remains one of our brightest moments as a country.  The countless products and businesses that flowed from the decision to go to the moon impacted the nation  in ways that can never be fully told.

When the opposite happens, and politicians shy away from bold ideas it not only makes them look small, it makes the public feel defeated.  Such was the case today for the State of Wisconsin when the funds for high-speed rail were removed by the federal government. 

The federal action took place because Governor- elect Scott Walker, a man who never finished college, and only was a “C” student at Marquette, wrongly concluded that trains are somehow a drain on society.  

The action taken by the federal government resulted from Walker’s limited understanding about Wisconsin’s need for high-speed rail.  His political gimmick against the train for the campaign worked in getting him elected.  Sadly there was no way to move past his own rhetoric to insure that the greater needs of the state, both now and into the future, would prevail on this issue once we won office.

It is only proper that the administration of President Obama remove the funds for high-speed rail from Wisconsin and give them to others who are more in tune with the potential good that rail provides. 

Illinois is such a state  where train service is appreciated and understood.    Their economy needs the help, and unemployed people south of our state’s border will be most appreciative that Wisconsin’s new governor is looking out for their needs.

I only wish Scott Walker had thought about the needs of Wisconsin first.

That perhaps as many as 5,000 people who could have been working at various stages of the construction project will remain unemployed makes me think  Walker’s campaign promise of job creation was nothing more than a political gimmick.   Future growth and expansion of business and tourism that would have resulted from this high-speed train in our state has now been ruined by someone who has not even been sworn into office.  All this makes me fear what will happen when Walker has real power come January!

There are times to play to the base of the party to sway voters and incite them with red-meat rhetoric.  That is what, one can argue, elections are for.  Walker clearly did with the train issue this fall to win office.   But once elections are over mere politicians should strive to be more.  They should aspire to be leaders.

Someone might clue Scott Walker into this idea.

We reflect with fondness over JFK making sure the moon landing was a moment our nation would always cherish.  It proved what a leader can do when calling a nation and its people to greatness.

What we saw in Wisconsin today was a moment when a politician named Scott Walker downsized hopes, limited the future, and  broke the tradition of always moving forward in Wisconsin.

This day will be long remembered too.

Civil Unions To Be Voted On In Illinois Today, Catholics Nervous

One more step into the future.

Civil unions would provide legal recognition of gay couples and give them some of the same benefits automatically available to married couples — the right to visit a sick partner in the hospital and make decisions about their medical care, for instance. Backers consider it a matter of fundamental fairness, but critics argue it would amount to gay marriage under another name.

Supporters say they’re close to having the 60 votes needed to pass the measure, SB1716, in the House. If it passes there, backers think the Senate quickly would follow suit and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn would sign it into law.

“I do think this is the time for Illinois to do this,” Quinn said Monday. “This is a good way to show employers — big businesses all across the country — that Illinois treats everyone with tolerance.”

Opponents are fighting to make sure the legislation fails.

One of those opposition groups are the Catholics.

We all know how interested they have been with ensuring civil rights for gay people. I say this as today comes word that Catholics are eager to help make sure there is no bigotry, and that all is fair for gay people.


The Catholic Conference of Illinois is apparently so concerned that the civil unions bill could pass the House today that it has issued a statement offering to compromise…

The statement reiterated that the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

“Accordingly, we stand ready to work with the legislature and other agencies of state government to prevent unjust discrimination and to provide benefits to people judged by the civic authority as deserving — as long as such provision does not include the attempted redefinition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman for the sake of family,” the statement said.