Here Is How We Get 60 Votes Saturday To Repeal DADT

By all accounts we have the votes!  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is on the way to the rubbish pile of history. 

Backers of repeal see this weekend’s vote as the last, best chance to repeal the policy before a more Republican Congress takes over in January. 

Here’s how the Senate gets to 60 votes: There are 58 senators who caucus with Democrats, and all but West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and potentially North Dakota’s Kent Conrad appear poised to back the bill.

That makes 56 votes. There are at least four Republicans who say they will vote for repeal: Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. In addition, Dick Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio are considering voting for repeal. That adds up to 60 to 62 votes, and more Republicans could peel off and back the bill if repeal seems inevitable.

(One side note: Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon will undergo prostate surgery on Monday. But his office says he will be in the Senate for the votes over the weekend.)

In terms of what to expect Saturday: There are two votes scheduled in the Senate, on cloture (to cut off debate) for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the DREAM Act. The votes may begin around 10 am. If “Don’t Ask” gets 60 votes for cloture, a 30-hour debate clock begins before a final vote.

That would set the final vote for Sunday — though lawmakers could agree to give up that time and just get on with the final vote tomorrow afternoon or evening. They could also kick the final vote to Monday to avoid having to work on Sunday.

ACTION ALERT: Call U.S. Senators, Demand Vote To Repeal DADT

There is no room for complacency. 

This is crunch time.  DADT is unconstitutional.  It needs to be thrown onto the trash bin of history.  It can happen.  But not without the grass-roots activists making it happen.

Do your part, and make a simple phone call.  I have made this as easy as possible.

This is a list of key Senators. Please call them if you are one of their constituents. Please feel free to share this event with others who are willing to step up and do their part. Call your senator and thank them if they support repeal.

–Harry Reid (D-NV); (202) 224-3542

–Carl Levin (D-MI); (202) 224-6221

–Susan Collins (R-ME); (202) 224-2523

–Olympia Snowe (R-ME); (202) 224-5344

–Mark Pryor (D-Ark.); (202) 224-2353

–Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark); (202) 224-4843

–Richard Lugar (R-IN); (202) 224-4814

–Judd Gregg (R-NH); (202) 224-3324

–Scott Brown (R-MA) (202) 224-4543

–George Voinovich (R-OH); (202) 224-3353

–Kit Bond (R-MO); (202) 224-5721

–Lisa Murkowski (R-AK); (202) 224-6665

–The Senate Switch Board (202) 224-3121

No Senate Vote Tonight On DADT

Maybe  on Thursday.

What is another day when gay civil rights are involved?

It is said that further negotiations are underway.  I bet if the constitutional rights of the tight-assed Republicans were under attack there would be a vote before midnight.

This blog had been in favor of Senator Lisa Murkowski this past election cycle.    CP is proud of the statement Murkowski made today regarding DADT.


 “After reviewing the DOD report and the testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee by Defense Secretary Gates and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen, I have concluded that it is time to repeal the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law. We expect all who serve to serve with integrity, but under current law gay and lesbian service members may speak about their sexual orientation only at the risk of being discharged from performing the duties they have trained hard to carry out. America is the loser when it denies those who are willing to make the great sacrifices demanded of our men and women in uniform the opportunity do so on grounds of sexual orientation. I agree with Defense Secretary Gates’ view that the military can successfully implement a repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law provided that proper preparations are implemented.”

AP Calls Alaska Senate Race: Lisa Murkowski Wins, Makes History

Joe Miller is defeated.  That is a very important thing to make clear.  Miller’s brand of Tea Party far right-wing, off the deep-end style of politics that was pushed and promoted by Sarah Palin was defeated in ALASKA.  That is no small victory for the forces of sanity in the nation who gave small amounts of cash to Lisa Murkowski.  Palin was smacked in her face by the people who know her best.  There is a message in that political statement for the lower 48.

I predicted the Murkowski outcome on October 30th. 

Lisa Murkowski defeats ‘Hindenberg “Miller and McAdams.  Murkowski wins with high name ID, and the support of the deceased and well-liked Ted Stevens, along with her proven track record.  This race will likely not be called for some time as legal challenges are sure to be raised over the write-in campaign of Murkowski.

Tonight AP made it official.

The Associated Press is calling the Alaska Senate race for Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent Republican who ran a long shot, write-in re-election campaign. 

With just about 700 ballots left to tally, Murkowski has emerged with a large lead over her Republican challenger Joe Miller and is poised to make history by becoming the first victorious write-in candidate in more than 50 years. Murkowski now has 92,715 undisputed votes, according to the Anchorage Daily News, while Miller has 90,468. The state has awarded Murkowski many of the votes challenged by the Miller campaign, giving her a total of 100,868 votes.