Underscoring GOP Concerns About Election Defeat At The Hands Of Donald Trump

From ABC’s Ezra Klein.     (Yesterday I posted my views on the crazy time in the GOP campaign for the White House.)

Policy Trump is a more potent and dangerous version of the original Donald. His announcement of an immigration plan has (again) reordered the politics of the issue, with a series of hardline stances that are putting things back in the mix that had been set aside for months. His proposal to end automatic birthright citizenship — something guaranteed by the Constitution – has no realistic show at happening. Yet Scott Walker came out in favor of it in Trump’s wake. Trump’s plan for deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants may bring back GOP nightmares about Mitt Romney. But it’s now going to be a measuring stick for primary voters. (How will he find them all? “It’s going to be very easy,” Trump told ABC News outside his jury duty assignment.) Ditto Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico, which the other candidates might oppose on policy or fiscal grounds, even as Trump promises to send Mexico the bills.

Can A Mormon Be Elected President?

I just do not see how rock solid Baptists, and evangelicals support a Mormon for President.  While the policy issues that impact the nation and world are separate from the idea of each devout Mormon man getting his own planet to rule with many wives after death, I think many born-again Christians would have a problem voting for someone like Mitt Romney.  Many may not be honest to pollsters about their underlying views, but I think a negative view of Mormons is larger than this poll below presents.  Rightly or wrongly, that is how I think the average voter truly thinks.

While this poll shows liberals have a problem with Mormons it should be noted that the harsh view of woman and gay people in the Mormon church are but two reasons that this religion is highly politicized.  Also the question is generic, but everyone knows this religious matter deals directly with Mitt Romney, and he garners much opposition on his policy views.  As such, there is a blending of views and thoughts when these poll questions were answered.

A substantial majority of Americans (68%) say it would not matter to them if a presidential candidate was Mormon. A quarter (25%) says they would be less likely to support a Mormon, while 5% say they would be more likely to support a Mormon candidate. These opinions are little changed from February 2007 (64% said this would not matter, 30% less likely, 2% more likely).

Politically, more Democrats than Republicans say they would be less likely to support a Mormon candidate. Liberal Democrats stand out, with 41% saying they would be less likely to support a Mormon candidate. Only about a quarter or fewer in other groups say this.

There also are differences by religious affiliation. About a third of white evangelical Protestants (34%) say they would less likely to support a Mormon candidate, compared with 24% of the religiously unaffiliated, and just 19% of white mainline Protestants and about the same percentage of white Catholics (16%). These opinions have changed little since 2007.

Sarah Palin Supporters Less College Educated And Earn Less, Mitt Romney Supporters Smarter And Better Paid

Are we shocked?

Republican college degree holders are more likely than those without a degree to support Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, 21% vs. 13%. Similarly, Romney’s support climbs from 9% of Republicans earning less than $24,000 annually to 21% of those earning $90,000 or more. The reverse is true for Sarah Palin, who is favored by nearly twice as many Republicans without a college degree as those with one, 16% vs. 9%, and her support decreases by income from 22% among the lowest income group to 7% among the highest.

Which GOP Presidential Candidate Will Break With Sarah Palin After Assassination Attempt In Arizona?

Can you see Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon allowing the likes of Sarah Palin to dictate the image of the Republican Party?  What would Thomas Dewey have said to Glenn Beck?

With that in mind I offer the following to my friends on the other side of the political aisle.

This is what I would do if I were the top advisor for a potential Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination.

I would tell the candidate he/she will be giving a speech on Monday afternoon.  The speech will spell out a demarcation line between common sense and the moral foundations where most Americans  reside, versus the mean-spirited and foul political games that some use to make a name for themselves.

The American public are about to be pulled into a debate about the hostile rhetoric employed by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others.  The Democrats are rightfully going to highlight this issue since they are the targets of these attacks.  The verbal assaults over the past 18 months have now turned into gun shots and death as Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s was the target for an assassination attempt.

This is a time for the likes of a Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty (etc) to make a break with the harsh and unprincipled style exhibited by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.  The sad events of this weekend should be seen as a chance for a responsible and mature Republican to take a stand apart from the outlandish red-meat crowd that seems at times to dominate the Republican Party. 

That there are many within the GOP who want to remove Sarah Palin from the ranks of presidential contenders for the sake of the Republican Party is not in dispute.  Many know they can not win with the Palin baggage.  Many have thought about how to limit her damage.  While the new primary rules for gaining delegates will work against Sarah Palin in the long run should she decide to run, it would serve everyone by marginalizing her now.    Her antics about targeting Democrats with gun sights is what can be used to remove her from the political calendar in 2012.

It would be smart politics for a seasoned presidential contender to split away from Palin now over this very serious matter and work to shape the GOP into a party that can win in 2012 without the bombastic rhetoric and targeting with gun scopes of political opponents.

Can you see Dwight Eisenhower or Richard Nixon allowing the likes of Sarah Palin to dictate the image of the Republican Party?  What would Thomas Dewey have said to Glenn Beck?

It is time for a seasoned, mature, and responsible leader within the GOP to take a stand.