“It’s The New Nixon!”

The best line of the day came from Joe Scarborough on today’s Morning Joe.

“It’s The New Nixon!”

It was in reference to Hillary Clinton and her desire to reinvent herself.  As a Nixon history buff Joe’s comment tickled me.  There was a time when reporters were also asking themselves if a new Nixon was emerging.  There wasn’t of course, but it made for good copy.

The quick backstory took place in 1968, with the help of Madison Avenue and a young show-biz whiz named Roger Ailes–yes the same Ailes as that now directing FAUX NEWS–where Nixon was able to position himself as  “likable enough” to be president.   Nixon was elected twice and was very bright with international concerns, but many would agree he never became likable.

Now Clinton is looking for a new direction from which to be perceived by the voting public.  Problem is that her desire for more spontaneity and authenticity runs up against her quarter century in public life and a previous, epic run for president.  We know who she is.  She might have to end up doing what Richard Nixon needed to resort to—and that is just be yourself.