JUDGE: Wisconsin State Capitol Must Remain Open To Public

As it should be.  

To try to close access to the Wisconsin State Capitol was not only offensive to our democratic ideals, but it demonstrated the anger and fear that is running through the East Wing over this matter concerning unions.  When I heard that the protestors went to court Monday over this matter it was only a matter of time…..

Perhaps the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration should have completed his college studies…..even it they were at Oral Roberts Univeristy…..they must have had one civics course in the curriculum!  It sure would have served him well.

According to court records, Judge Daniel Moeser has issued a temporary restraining order to reopen the Capitol until a trial court can schedule a hearing. The order says the building must be open to the public during business hours and when “governmental matters, such as hearings, listening sessions, or court arguments are being conducted.”  

Attorney Peg Lautenschlager represents the Wisconsin state employees union. She filed a motion for an injunction on Monday to reopen the Capitol. She will submit an amended motion Tuesday.  

Police limited access to the Capitol on Monday after protesters inside refused to comply with police directives. Department of Administration officials didn’t immediately return a message.  

DOA officials said that Capitol police were preventing people from entering the building, saying they need more demonstrators who have stayed inside the Capitol during the past two weeks of protests to leave first.  

Many protesters who arrived Monday morning were intent on packing the Capitol, as the protests there entered the third week, but they were upset to find the Capitol had been closed.  

The only people allowed in Monday were those who had appointments with legislators, officials said. 


Former Wisconsin AG: Gov. Walker’s “Violations” Are Many

More damning news for Governor Scott Walker who is acting more like Richard Nixon than Ronald Reagan.

When Gov. Scott Walker discussed strategies to lay off state employees for political purposes, to coordinate supposedly “independent” political expenditures to aid legislators who support his budget repair bill, and to place agent provocateurs on the streets of Madison in order to disrupt peaceful demonstrations, he engaged in what a former attorney general of Wisconsin says could turn out to be serious ethics, election law and labor violations.

Much of the attention to the “prank” call that the governor took from a blogger who identified himself as billionaire David Koch has focused on the bizarre, at times comic, character of the discussion between a blogger posing as a powerful political player on the right and a governor whose budget repair bill has sparked mass demonstrations in Wisconsin communities and a national outcry. But the state’s former chief law-enforcement officer described the governor’s statements as “deeply troubling” and suggested that they would require inquiry and investigation by watchdog agencies.

“There clearly are potential ethics violations, and there are potential election law violations and there are a lot of what look to me like labor law violations,” said Peg Lautenschlager, a Democrat who served as Wisconsin’s attorney general after serving for many years as a U.S. attorney. “I think that the ethics violations are something the (state) Government Accountability Board should look into because they are considerable. He is on tape talking with someone who he thinks is the funder of an independent political action committee to purchase advertising to benefit Republican legislators who are nervous about taking votes on legislation he sees as critical to his political success.”