Rand Paul Seeking The Bottom

Long time readers to this blog know I have no warmth for Ron Paul or his son Rand. To them government is something just to dismantle and scorn. They always like to make it seem they are so erudite and as such the people should hush, listen, and learn as they tell the story of how once upon a time our nation was stolen from us by unconstitutional means. There is always the sense that black helicopters are lurking just over the horizon.

I follow those who I find adrift from reality but seek public office. (Yes, my days are busy.) As such I am following the campaign of Rand Paul in his quest for the White House.

My first thought on the day he entered the contest is the same I have today.  What is he doing in the Republican Party?

Paul does not agree with Republicans on many matters, such as foreign and military policy, and they do not think him worthy of their time.   There seems no one willing to quench Paul’s thirst which results from Potomac Fever.

The latest story to make the news sums up the pitfalls that is now the Paul campaign.

Something is awry at the Rand Paul campaign. The main super PAC supporting his presidential bid raised just $3.1 million in the first half of 2015, about $100 million less than Right to Rise, a super PAC backing Jeb Bush. In fact, the pro-Paul group’s fundraising total was lower than that of every other major super PAC that is backing a Republican candidate and has announced its totals. On Sunday, a new NBC News/Marist poll showed support for the Kentucky Republican declining to just 4 percent in New Hampshire (compared with 14 percent in February).

The Des Moines Register and Quinnipiac University polls found that Paul’s net favorability had dropped in Iowa by 18 and 14 percentage points, respectively, compared with the beginning of the year. In New Hampshire, Paul’s net favorability rating has sunk by 15 percentage points according to the University of New Hampshire and 11 percentage points according to Suffolk University.

Prediction: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Just Wants To Make Money, Will Not Run In 2012


Former GOP Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, at end of his Fox News show, says ‘my heart says no’ to presidential bid

There is no visible fire in the belly for a White House run from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  In an era when Potomac Fever can be spotted a year before the Iowa caucuses in the eyes of over a dozen wannabes, there is no indication whatsoever that Huckabee has any interest.

The reason this one time squirrel eater is not batting an eye about the White House is that there is money to be mined from packaging a personality who has potential campaign plans.  Like Sarah Palin, the former part-time Governor of Alaska, Huckabee has used his talents to make money.  Lots of it. 

There is nothing wrong with raking in cash, but it does seem to me that it cheapens the process if for no other reason you allow yourself to be a possible candidate just to make a dollar.  Or many hundreds of thousands of dollars as is the case with Huckabee.

Yet that is exactly what Huckabee has done.  Now that he is rich and has a mansion to call his own in Florida, some book deals, and that rambling show on FAUX News there is no need to choke down another chicken dinner in New Hampshire, or debate with Ron Paul about the latest lunacy that was beamed into his tin-foil hat.

While I do not like the way Huckabee used the process, I can fully understand why one would not want to be placed in the midst of the grueling presidential election process.

Ron Paul Shows Racist Colors In Washington Hearing

Hat tip to James

This is not the first time I have posted on the truly ugly side of Congressman Ron Paul.  That Ron Paul is a despicable racist is without question.  That Paul is now allowed to showcase that racism from a leadership position in the Republican House of Representatives is maddening.

Ron Paul is chairman of a House subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve.  Anyone who has listened to Paul speak for five minutes about the Fed knows he should be on medication.  When you mention the Federal Reserve one can see the ‘black helicopters’ start to fly in the head of Ron Paul.

The problem is that Ron Paul has a problem with anything that is black.

Which leads me to the Civil War……and would you believe back to the hearing that Paul chaired.

Stick with me.

At one point, when Paul opened up the hearing to questions from committee members, Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) directly took on DiLorenzo for his membership in the League of the South, an organization that has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “neo-Confederate” hate group advocating for Southern secession.

Clay then rattled off a list of some of DiLorenzo’s articles, including “More Lies about the Civil War,” “In Defense of Sedition,” and “The First Dictator-President,” which examines “how Lincoln’s myth has corrupted America.”

“After reviewing your work and the so-called methods you employ, I still cannot understand you being invited to testify today on the unemployment crisis, but I do know that I have no questions for you,” Clay concluded.

 The reason a racist was called to testify is because there was a racist chairing the committee.   The League of the South called slavery “God-ordained” and described segregation as necessary to the racial “integrity”. 

There was no reason that DiLorenzo should have been at the congressional hearing to speak about job creation and the unemployment rate.  He claims to be an economist but instead is best known for his life’s work of rewriting the history of the Civil War and Lincoln’s role in it.  DiLorenzo was at the hearing to make a point about the volume of hate that we can come to expect with the vile Ron Paul in charge of this subcommittee.

Question is how will the GOP, who hopes to court more of the black vote, deal with the in-your-face racism of Ron Paul?