Ron Johnson Voters Must Love Kool-Aid

Many angry white men in Wisconsin were duped in November 2010.

But it was not like they were not told in advance that they were about to make a huge mistake.

So many of those Wisconsin guys who carry a lunch box to work, struggle to make ends meet with paying the mortgage, feeding the kids, and putting gas in the car voted for Ron Johnson. 

Republican Ron  Johnson.

Millionaire Republican Ron Johnson.

Today it was noted that in this Congress nearly half of the 535 members– 261 of them — are millionaires.  For those keeping track that is a bit of an increase from the previous year.  To make the number more easy to reflect on there are only about 1%  of all Americans who can call themselves millionaires.

So while the Wisconsin male voter is wondering if he can afford a new bowling ball this season, millionaire Ron Johnson and his pals are going to make sure that tax breaks for the most wealthy in this nation are kept in place.

Meanwhile Russ Feingold….who is not a millionaira….and nowhere close to being one….can only wonder how so many voters drank the kool-aid.

After Ron Johnson gets done in Washington  kool-aid is just about all the angry white men in Wisconsin will be able to afford!