Sarah Palin’s Version Of The Paul Revere Story

History is/was not the strong suit of Sarah Palin.  No matter how you slice or dice this one it still just is stunning to see how little Sarah Palin knows about history.  These comments were taken after a tour of the North Church, which makes this even more outlandish.  Either Sarah Palin did not have a tour guide at the historic site, or was not paying attention.  In addition to the spectacle caught on tape is that fact she has one of her children with her and seems unfazed at being totally uninformed about our history and not the slightest bit embarrassed for being stupid……just amazing the whole way around.

Sarah Palin Causes Strong Words To Be Made

Let me remind my readers the following statements are made from solid folks who are not leftists.  What the bulk of the analytical class are saying about Sarah Palin is no different from what is being stated in churches, bowling allies, and barber shops all over America.  Sarah Palin is a national joke, and nowhere near competent enough to even entertain the idea of running for president.

George Will says  it’s common knowledge she shouldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Andrew Sullivan says  he’s afraid she will run because there’s a possibility she could beat  Obama.

David Brooks essentially thinks she’s a joke.

Yeah. But, you know, being president is waking  up, somebody hands you the crisis and said, “There’s a crisis in Venezuela. What  are you going to do about it?” Does any, does anybody think Sarah Palin’s ready  for that? I don’t think so. So she can manage her brand.

But running for president is not “American Idol.”  And I, I think people may agree with her, they may like her, but that doesn’t  mean they’re going to vote for her. And so I–you know, the other thing is she’s  just not a team player. This is a team sport. Just take one little thing she did  this week. She’s taking her bus up to  New Hampshire.

She doesn’t call the Republican Party in New  Hampshire, tell, tell them where she’s going to appear, what she’s going to  do.  So you got to play as part of the party, you got to play as part of  the team.

She’s not a team player.  I don’t think  people are going to think she’s qualified.

Might Sarah Palin Run For U.S. Senate In Arizona?

Has Sarah Palin down-scaled her political ambitions?  Wasn’t she promising America she could save us from President Obama? 

Asked if she can beat Obama, Palin tells Walters, “I believe so.”

So why the expensive house in Arizona, Sarah?  Is she sincere about the needs of America, or are just out to make big bucks in her boots and short skirts?  And what does Sarah Palin’s church think about her image?

At a speech at the Wasilla Assembly of God on June 8 , 2008, Palin described how Thomas Muthee had laid his hands on her when he visited the church as a guest preacher in late 2005, prior to her successful gubernatorial bid. Did Sarah Palin wear her tight short skirt and big boots for the laying on of hands too?  Or did that Assembly of God thing get left behind when the idea to make lots of money conning Republicans take root?

So now Sarah Palin is rumored to be thinking about the U.S. Senate!  There must be a way for Sarah Palin to rake in some more cash from lonely, conservative middle-aged men in Arizona  who want to see her take the stage in black boots.  Stick a pole into the floor of the stage and I have a feeling Sarah Palin would be right at home.  She is out to make money!  Sarah Palin is using the Republican Party to do it, and there are enough silly conservatives who are falling for her game.

For months, rumors have circulated in Arizona political circles that the former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential contender either was shopping for homes in Scottsdale or had already bought one.

A just-closed deal on a secluded luxury home in far north Scottsdale might fit the bill, and talk has begun that this may be the one. It’s an 8,000-square-foot, dark-brown stucco home with a guard gate that can keep unwanted visitors away. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, a swimming pool and spa, and a full basement with a home theater, billiards room and wine cellar.

Safari Investments LLC paid $1.695 million cash for the home in a deal that appears designed to cloak the identity of a high-profile buyer.

Palin has been rumored to be considering headquartering her 2012 White House campaign, if there is one, in Scottsdale. She also has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

Palin has made multiple visits to Arizona since the night in November 2008 when, at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, McCain conceded the presidential election to Democratic rival Barack Obama. Palin’s daughter, former “Dancing With the Stars” celebrity finalist Bristol Palin, last year purchased a five-bedroom house in Maricopa.  (All high school dropouts with a child out of wedlock buy 5-bedroom homes!)

Palin’s name started coming up in Arizona in March, when state Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, repeated a rumor of a possible Palin bid for the U.S. Senate in his weekly newsletter to constituents. Farley told The Republic at the time that he heard the rumor from two Republican lobbyists whom he declined to name. The same week, a Politico blogger quoted an anonymous source as saying Palin might base a potential presidential campaign in Scottsdale.

Cover Design Revealed: Levi Johnston Has Fun With Book That Will Expose Sarah Palin

I thought at first the Onion had done the work for the cover of this book by Levi Johnston.  But when I searched Amazon and found this is for real.  This is not the way I would have approached the project, but then Levi is Levi.  Having said that I bet there will be pages in the book that will make Sarah Palin squirm right out of her tramp-like boots.

Here’s the cover to Levi Johnston’s new book, “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.” You can pre-order the book on Amazon, which describes the literary masterpiece as this:

“Levi Johnston sets out to clear his name, shed light on the Palins, and take us all up to Wasilla to see what it is like to grow up in Alaska.”

Sarah Palin Supporters Less College Educated And Earn Less, Mitt Romney Supporters Smarter And Better Paid

Are we shocked?

Republican college degree holders are more likely than those without a degree to support Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, 21% vs. 13%. Similarly, Romney’s support climbs from 9% of Republicans earning less than $24,000 annually to 21% of those earning $90,000 or more. The reverse is true for Sarah Palin, who is favored by nearly twice as many Republicans without a college degree as those with one, 16% vs. 9%, and her support decreases by income from 22% among the lowest income group to 7% among the highest.

Sarah Palin Says President Obama Should Not Be “Pussy-Footing” Over Osama Bin Laden Photos

Looks to me that Sarah Palin feels she has not had enough attention given all the news about the killing of Osama bin Laden.  So in her usual Wasilla-Hillbilly way Palin makes a play for the headlines. 

What Palin does not understand is that the last few days have demonstrated the amount of intellect and fortitude required to be President of the United States.  President Obama has been masterful in his job, and we are well aware that the last many months have been one long series of manuevers to make for the events that unfolded Sunday. 

There is no doubt Palin does not have the  mental skills required for the Oval Office.  In addition, Palin’s track record of  quitting in the middle of an elected term underscores her lack of resolve.   What would the men of the SEAL unit have done had Palin decided to quit and go shoe shopping on the day the tapping of bin Laden was to take place?

No one has ever accused Palin of being ‘Stable-Mable’.  Therefore to have her enter into any discussion at all about the events that this nation is now watching unfold is just amusing.  It goes to show Palin’s inordinate fascination with herself has no bounds, and that headlines are about all she can create.

Sarah Palin, on Twitter:

“Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama;it’s part of the mission”

FAUX News Unable To Find Palm Trees For Sarah Palin’s Madison Speech

I just saw a report on FAUX NEWS about Sarah Palin in Madison.  The problem was NO footage of the crowd  was shown.  I guess they were embarrassed about being out numbered at their rally with mostly anti-Walker and anti-Palin signs.  No footage of that, just a close up of Sarah on stage!!!  Couldn’t they find fake footage again with palm trees in the background??

Was the anemic crowd in Madison for Sarah Palin just another sign her star is fading?  Her poll numbers are dreadful, and the only one that seems not be aware of all this is Palin herself.

Sarah Palin Shows Mental Ability In Madison

One paragraph jumped out as the best way to sum up the appearance by Sarah Palin in Madison this weekend.  Palin got paid handsomely for a mere 16 minute speech of pure red meat political claptrap.  What was missing however was any real substance in Palin’s message.

But then there is no real substance to any of the utterances from Palin…ever.  Still this nugget from the Wisconsin State Journal only underscores for all of us the shortcomings of Palin, and would seem to again dash any hopes from her supporters that she might run in 2012.

Palin lit into Obama, calling his financial stimulus package “useless” and several of his initiatives, including “really fast trains” and solar shingles, “cockamamie and harebrained.” She mentioned 2012 repeatedly, at one point saying, “The 2012 election begins here.”

“Really fast trains”?

Did Bristol’s kid write Palin’s remarks?